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For the girls in the family, Chino is the only one who cares about her height the most, and she is often annoyed by her stature, but even so, her height has reached 1.4 meters.

On the other hand, Hagimura Suzu, as a high school student, even if she is a freshman this year, her height is still not higher than Chino.

Around 1.3 meters?

Should be around that.

A hidden weapons!

Comparing the heights of Hagimura Suzu and Chino secretly in his mind, Li Yalin’s heart alert sounded suddenly and unconsciously, a black shadow flew across the sky in a flash.

Thanks to Tippy’s bunny heads, Li Yalin has a certain degree of immunity to flying objects, and his own speed is not slow. Moving sideways, he then stretched out his hand and grabbed the hidden weapon that was about to hit him.

This is… a shoe?

The size of this shoe is too small, right?


A series of sudden changes instantly attracted everyone’s attention. Although the shoes in Li Yalin’s hand felt weird, Hagimura Suzu, who was wearing only one shoe while doing a throwing action, make people even more speechless.

What the hell happened?

“What a rude look! You must slander my height in your heart, right!”

You don’t say, although Hagimura Suzu is small, her acuteness
is first-class, the rumbling in Li Yalin’s heart can’t be hidden from her.

What is this?

The sixth sense of a girl?

“Hagimura-san, right? Although I don’t know why you said I’m slandering your height, I feel that your behavior seems to be even more rude.”

Everyone would be angry if they were inexplicably thrown a shoes, but if the object was Hagimura Suzu…

Well, no problem at all!

The topic of height has always been a taboo for Hagimura Suzu. Whenever it was mentioned, she will lose control. Li Yalin is very clear about this setting.

So, how to solve the current dilemma?

Under the watchful eyes of the two dirty joke student presidents and terrible ojou-sama, how can Suzu-chan’s anger be calmed?

After a bit of pondering, Li Yalin’s corner of mouth curled up to a smile.

It’s time to start the actor mode!

A few steps forward, he came to the opposite side of Hagimura Suzu and squatted down. Li Yalin put the indoor shoes in his hand by the girl’s feet.

“Although it’s summer, standing barefoot on the ground is still easy to catch a cold, especially for girl, which is bad for your health.”

At this moment, Li Yalin seems to be a gentle and considerate onii-chan, which looks like Hagimura Suzu is acting like a child.


Hagimura Suzu determined to continue to get angry, but faced with Li Yalin’s considerate smile, and then looked down at the shoes at her feet, all she wanted to say was choked in her throat.

Did she make a mistake just now?

He wasn’t laughing at her height?

Yes, the height problem is always a pain that Suzu-chan can’t care about. She is also very sensitive to the eyes of others.

If not, she would not subconsciously lose control and throw her shoes, but now it seems that she was too impulsive.

Not good… I made a bad impression for the first meeting.

Silently put the shoes on her feet, Hagimura Suzu’s face was flushed at this moment, and now she didn’t know what to say to remedy.

“So it was just a misunderstanding. That’s great.”

The blushing Hagimura Suzu kept staring at her own feet without saying a word, and there was no more words on Li Yalin’s side. The scene was getting quite awkward.

Of course, this awkwardness is limited to the four girls present. Li Yalin didn’t really care. Anyway, he has already turned on the actor mode. He has long achieve a positive state of mind, so he is extremely calm.

Amakusa Shino and the others met Li Yalin for the first time. They didn’t know anything about him, but Uomi was very familiar with him as the ‘partners’ who often quarreled together.

As an actor of the same level, Uomi has already seen through the truth, Hagimura-san must be right, and throwing the shoe is not wrong either.

But since they are a companion, Uomi certainly cannot expose Li Yalin, the only thing she can do right now is to break the awkward atmosphere.

“Yes, just a misunderstanding.”

Uomi spoke, Amakusa Shino also showed a smile. At this time, she hadn’t started to discard her integrity, at least she still looked serious now.

So in other words, can this exchange and meeting go on smoothly?

“Cough, the two came from afar, let me introduce Ousai Academy to both of you.”

Although the awkward atmosphere was broken, it was obviously difficult to return to the topic in a short time. After a soft cough, an idea comes into Amakusa Shino mind.

As the host, she felt it necessary to introduce her own school to the two of Eiryou High School.


Introducing Ousai Academy?

Li Yalin, who just thought the meeting would go on smoothly, suddenly had a bad feeling.

“This is school infirmary.”

Neither Li Yalin nor Uomi had any opinion on Amakusa Shino’s decision. Hagimura Suzu blushed without saying a word. Shichijou Aria smiled and clapped her hands in favor.

In that case, let’s go strolling.

However, the first stop to introduce Ousai Academy was to choose the health care classroom in the school. Li Yalin had already subconsciously pressed his temple.

It didn’t surprise him at all.

This short period of time. Is dirty joke student president about to start throwing her integrity?

Sure enough, he underestimated her too much!

“I see.”

Li Yalin rubbed his temples, but Uomi was very interested in school infirmary. Not only was she interested, she also went to bed to experience it in person.

“Yalin-kun, wanna sleep together?”

Lying on the school infirmary bed, Uomi gently lifted the corner of the sheet, as if she was inviting Li Yalin to share the bed, and immediately made the three Ousai student council mouths open.

But… Amakusa Shino and Shichijou Aria both showed excitement in their eyes, obviously not surprised.

Rather… they are very excited now!

You have said that you will not lose your integrity!

“Uomi student president, do you remember what we talekd about when we were at the school gate?”

“Tsk… Yalin-kun is really boring. No girl will like you at this rate.”

Under Li Yalin’s stern gaze, Uomi got up with regret, but her whisper… not so much a whisper, as it was deliberately let everyone hear it!

“Amakusa student president, can we continue?”

Ignoring Uomi’s whisper, Li Yalin turned his gaze to Amakusa Shino. At this time, the expression on his face was already slightly stiff.

“Oh, this is the women’s locker room.”

Amakusa Shino flinched slightly when Li Yalin stared at her, but even so, her chosen itinerary remained the same.

“I seem to smell the fragrance of a girl.”

Uomi student president! Don’t cooperate at this time!

Besides, you are also a girl, OK? Don’t say the lines of the dirty middle-aged man!

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