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After walking around Ousai Academy, the itinerary did not surprise Li Yalin anymore. Some abandoned unmanned classrooms and music rooms, as long as it had a touch of ero, they are within the scope of Amakusa Shino’s introduction.

And Uomi student president is obviously also quite interested in this. After a while, the two have reached an agreement on common interests.

Oh, by the way, Shichijou Aria is also talking on the side. These three people stand together, like-minded is to put it nicely, otherwise it just a bad people cater to each other’s style!

By the way, the two dirty joke student presidents have established a friendship. that doesn’t mean Li Yalin has no gain. At least after this tour, he and Hagimura Suzu are getting much closer.

There is no way, facing the common tsukomi object, there are too many topics that can be talked between the two, especially when they are both serving as a straight man, this friendship is involuntarily appearing.

Of course, it is limited to the birth of friendship.

Well, after talking about miscellaneous matters, it’s time to turn back to business.

“I didn’t expect that the school idol project actually succeeded. Uomi student president, you have to teach us some of your experience.”

As a computer novice, dirty joke student president Amakusa Shino rarely touches the internet, but even so, rumors about the Eiryou High School idol combination flowed into her ears.

When formulating the district high school revival plan, Amakusa Shino also participated and made a lot of suggestions, but the school idol project was really not favored by her.

At least before this, many school attempts have ended in failure.

Unexpectedly, Eiryou High School, a school taking the route of sports clubs, has completed a sudden rise and successfully used school idol to counterattack.

In the recent Eastern Schools Alliance’s ranking of thirteen schools in popularity, Eiryou High School unexpectedly topped the list, which is absolutely inseparable from the great popularity of 永远はただの一秒から!


Or strength?

Amakusa Shino and Uomi did not have a deep friendship. They had only met several times before. This is the first time that they have had a real conversation.

For the other party really come on invitation, in fact, quite beyond her expectations.

But in any case, they must show respect since they have come. And if possible, she hopes to learn more from Uomi. Whether it was useful or not, it was one way or the other, isn’t it?

“Experience… speaking of experience, I only have one experience.”

Ousai Academy, as a girls’ school, the issue of declining enrollment rate of new students has actually become more serious, and because of this, Amakusa Shino is more urgent.

Unfortunately, Uomi did not have the experience Amakusa Shino expected, because at the next moment, her eyes were completely focused on Li Yalin.

“I have Yalin-kun by my side, he is all my experience.”

In a word, Uomi focused everyone’s eyes on Li Yalin.

Because of him?

He is the experience?

What does this mean?

The Ousai student council trio didn’t understand the meaning of Uomi’s words very well. Rather, it made them quite puzzled.

Regarding the identity of Li Yalin, Uomi did not give a specific introduction. In the eyes of Amakusa Shino, his job should be vice student president, Uomi’s right and left hand, nothing more.

But now it seems that it’s not that simple?

“Let me give you a rundown, after Yalin-kun transferred to our school this year, he acted as the student council vice student president, gaming club club president and light music club president. In addition, the recent popular game ‘Generation XTH’ on the internet was made by Yalin-kun.”

“The most important thing is that the songwriter of the song 永远はただの一秒から, plus the male singer, are Yalin-kun.”

“That’s why I said Yalin-kun is all my experience.”

Fortunately, Uomi come clean to everything, but even so, what she said was enough to shock the trio of Ousai student council.

A vice student president plus two club presidents?

Did he make a game alone?

He created the love song that detonated the internet?

Such a powerful person is now in front of them?


Looking at Li Yalin, Shichijou Aria couldn’t help muttering to herself, as an ojou-sama of the Shichijou consortium, she had seen too many so-called outstanding young people.

But no matter which one, it seems that it can’t be compared with the person in front of her.

Not only Aria, but Suzu-chan is also dumbfounded now. Although she is proficient in multiple languages, with an IQ of up to 180, she had no problem with mental arithmetic within ten digits, but her excellence is limited to higher than ordinary students.

She knows very well that no matter how smart she is and how many languages ​​she is proficient in, it’s impossible to make such an excellent game, let alone make such a beautiful song.

Yes, she already bought it when the Generation XTH was on sale. Although she abandoned it later because of the horror elements in the game, she had to admit that it was an excellent game.

In addition, that song is also a work she likes which she often listens to recently.

Now, the authors of these two works are standing in front of her, and she just threw shoes at him not long ago.

Thinking of this, Suzu-chan couldn’t help blushing.

“Uomi student president is praising me too much. It was thanks to everyone’s joint efforts that the gaming club and light music club can achieve today’s results, I won’t be able to achieve it by myself.”

Complimented by his own student president-sama, Li Yalin of course has to be self-effacing, otherwise he will look complacent in front of the girls and will only leave a bad impression on others.

“Li-kun… please help our school!”

While he was being modest, not to get ahead of himself. At this moment, Amakusa Shino suddenly took a step forward, holding his hands with excitement.

So bold?

Before Li Yalin could react, Amakusa Shino’s words had already reached his ears.

Well, he was regarded as a savior.

“Amakusa student president, calm down and listen to me.”

At the moment when his hands were held by the dirty joke student president, Li Yalin keenly sensed that a ray of sight locked him firmly, without even looking at it, it was definitely his student president-sama.

What is this?

Are you jealous when you show off others yourself?

Okay, okay, isn’t it just convergence? I know this better than you!

Although he doesn’t have a linked mind with Uomi, Li Yalin can definitely understand what the student president-sama is thinking.

Because of this, he was very calm when faced with Amakusa Shino’s request for help.

“If there is a problem, let’s discuss and solve it together. Didn’t we come for this?”

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