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As members of the Eastern Schools Alliance, Eiryou High School and Ousai Academy located in the neighbourhood should actually belong to the category of competitors. In fact, before the establishment of the schools alliance, the student battle between schools was actually quite fierce.

But now after the establishment of the schools alliance, this struggle of internal friction finally came to an end. Everyone began to join hands and unanimously externally, and the enrollment scope was extended to the entire Japan district.

The reason for this is actually the general trend. After all, the number of students is already declining. If the internal struggle continues, I am afraid that it will only hurt both sides.

For this reason, it was very common for schools that have joined the alliance to help each other.

It’s a pity that Eiryou High School, who joined the alliance in the later stage, has not yet found a true ally, and is still in the stage of fighting alone. If not, Uomi would not attach such importance to this exchange meeting.

Making friends with Ousai Academy and forming a firm ally is the top priority now.

Of course, the more important reason is that since the school idol combination of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari became popular on the internet, after Eiryou High School rushed to the first place in the alliance’s internal popularity rankings, Uomi keenly produced a sense of crisis.

It was good that they improve the school’s reputation, but it is also easy to become a target of public criticism. This crisis not only comes from the outside, but also within the alliance which is not too secure.

Therefore, this exchange meeting between the two schools must produce some results.

Because of this, Uomi needs Li Yalin’s help even more.

Li Yalin, naturally won’t disappoint Uomi.

“Amakusa student president is very interested in the school idol project?”

Although Uomi is the students president of Eiryou High School, she is not the protagonist of this exchange meeting. Li Yalin himself is the one who really dominates the topic.

The success of Eiryou High School is naturally because of the launch of school idol, so the topic of this exchange is naturally around school idol.

“Yes, if possible, I would also like to try to launch school idol.”

Facing Li Yalin, Amakusa Shino did not hide her thoughts. In fact, she was very excited about this plan.

Although not optimistic at the beginning, Li Yalin proved the feasibility of this plan with facts.

With the vigorous promotion of the empire, the rapid development of culture and entertainment has become a general trend. Taking this opportunity to board this big ship will definitely increase the popularity of Ousai Academy by a level.

“I see, Amakusa student president, do you have any ideas or suggestions for the school idol candidates your school launched?”

The launch of school idol is not that simple. Good works and suitable candidates are all very important links and factors. Li Yalin’s understanding of Ousai Academy is limited to the anime he watched back then. As for the specific situation after switching to this world, it can be said that he had no clue at all.

As the student council student president of Ousai Academy, now that Amakusa Shino put forth her thoughts, she must have already worked hard on it.

Li Yalin would think this way, it was completely normal, but unfortunately, he seemed to have guessed wrong.


When asked by Li Yalin, Amakusa Shino suddenly got stuck. What are the ideas and suggestions of school idol candidates?

Looks like… she didn’t come up with anything yet.

Yes, Ousai Academy launched the school idol plan, which was completely by Amakusa Shino’s impulsiveness and suddenly decided. As for what should be done, she had no consideration at all.

In this case, Li Yalin was also quite speechless.

“Otherwise, if there is no suitable candidate, how about the student council of your school as the school idol?”

It took a long time to give an answer. He would be too stupid if he still doesn’t know what’s going on.

But it doesn’t matter if there is no suitable candidate. In his opinion, the Ousai Academy student council trio in front of him is pretty attractive girls with selling points. With the three of them, it would be very easy to promote them as a school idol.

It’s better to say that he is very excited now.

The idol road of dirty joke students president?

This sounds very enticing, doesn’t it?


Clearly is the idea that she put forward, but she had no plan, which makes Amakusa Shino very ashamed.

However, hearing Li Yalin’s bold remarks suddenly made her eyes widen in the next moment.

Be an idol yourself?

Is that possible?

“Ara, this seems like a good proposal.”

Amakusa Shino was shocked by Li Yalin’s proposal, but ojou-sama Shichijou Aria seemed to be very interested when she slap her hands with a longing look on her face.

As an ojou-sama, she is very interested in things that she can’t get in touch with, such as instant noodles, such as… idols.

“No! Absolutely not!”

It’s a pity that as the only normal person in the trio, Suzu-chan stood up and the foremost to expressed her opposition.

There’s a blush all over her face, perhaps because of excitement or shyness, but in any case, she will definitely not agree.

“The three of us are members of the student council, and we have a lot of work. Where can we still have time to engage in idol activities! If we give up the job of the student council because of the launch of school idol, isn’t that the cart before the horse?”

Have to admit that Hagimura Suzu’s statement is completely correct.

The job of student council is far more than expected. It’s only the three of them and they occasionally feel powerless. If they also do the school idol job, it will be biting off more than one can chew, it just self-defeating.


Suzu-chan’s words of righteous, but Li Yalin feels that things are not that simple at all.

Admittedly, it is undeniable that this is one aspect of it, but the more critical issue…

Sure enough, she still resisted becoming a school idol.

After all, her height is flawed.

It’s just that he can’t say this in front of her, otherwise the degree of goodwill that is finally improved, would soon return to zero or even drop to a negative value.

“Hagimura is right. If we become a school idol, it will indeed hinder the work of the student council.”

In the end, Amakusa Shino, on behalf of the Ousai Academy student council trio, rejected Li Yalin’s proposal.

Having said that, Li Yalin still saw a little regret in her eyes.

Actually, this student president-sama still wants to be a school idol.

Unfortunately, in her eyes, the work of the student council is more than anything else.

In this case, it seems that he can’t force it.

“You are right. In this case, I think your school must initiate a school idol recruitment activity in the school to attract students who are willing to become school idol. However, this will take a certain amount of time. I hope you can be mentally prepared.”

No other way, can only use plan B.

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