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In Li Yalin’s view, the most ideal school idol is naturally the trio of the Ousai student council, but they are unwilling and he can’t force them, so can only step back and recruit school idol in the school.

However, the success of the school recruitment method depends on whether the students of Ousai Academy are interested in school idol. They can’t do anything if no one was willing.

In any case, he helped Amakusa Shino decide this direction. As for the result, it depends on luck.

“I’m very grateful to both of you, I hope we can communicate more in the future.”

This time the exchange meeting between the two schools went smoothly. At least for Li Yalin, successfully getting to know the Ousai student council trio is already a big gain.

The most important thing is that there are three more phone numbers on his mobile phone, especially Amakusa Shino. She has said more than once that she will ask him more and hope he will not mind.

Girls call for advice, what is there to care about?

Rather, he is infinitely welcome!

Well, he didn’t mind as long as she don’t speak dirty jokes.

“We’ll be helping each other, please give us more advice in the future.”

Waving to say goodbye to the trio of Ousai student council, Li Yalin and Uomi set off on their return journey. It can be seen that our student president-sama is in a pretty good mood due to the smooth progress of the exchange meeting.

“Yalin-kun, I’ll treat you to ice cream.”

Yes, if it’s not in a good mood, how could she suddenly treat him.

“Okay, I want chocolate flavor.”

Although he was not in the sweets party, but for student president-sama treats, Li Yalin will certainly not be polite.

“Not bad, it’s really delicious.”

This ice cream shop was recommended by Uomi. In fact, it is indeed a taste that Li Yalin expected. Even if he doesn’t eat sweets very often, he can’t help himself at the moment.

“Humph, what can I recommend wrong?”

“By the way, not only this ice cream shop, but the cake shop next door is also very good.”

“Oh? Then I really want to give it a try.”

Now that Uomi had an ice cream treat, Li Yalin was naturally reciprocated. So he invited Uomi to eat the cake from the cake shop next door. Not only that, he also packed a few servings and prepared to take them home for the girls.

“You like sweets?”

Seeing that Li Yalin not only eats, but even packs it, Uomi suddenly seems to have discovered the new world.

“No, I just brought it to imouto at home.”

Shaking his head, Li Yalin is not interested in sweets, but the girls at home will definitely like it.

Oh, by the way, Chino is an exception. She is very concerned about her figure recently. Even if she likes it, she will definitely resist to eat them. If he wants her to eat it, he’ll need to invest some effort.

“So you are a siscon.”

After getting Li Yalin’s answer, Uomi shook her head and defined him.

Only when she spoke, the black line on Li Yalin’s forehead appeared immediately.

Bringing cake to imouto is siscon?

What kind of argument is this?


I really am a siscon, what about it?

“Look! That person is strange!”

The topic of siscon did not last long, because just after Li Yalin and Uomi walked out of the cake shop, a strange figure on the street immediately attracted their attention.

It’s not just the two of them. In fact, the pedestrians on this street basically cast their eyes on that person.

No way, in this hot weather, the person was covered in a thick robe, with the head was also wrapped in a white scarf, not even be able to see clearly if not looking carefully.

Not afraid of the prickly heat?

“A criminal?”

“No matter who it is, it’s better not to get close anyway.”

Although he was very curious about the person’s clothes, Li Yalin pulled Uomi a bit and didn’t intend to get involved.

No matter who it is, whether it is mentally problematic or engaging in performance art, he doesn’t intend to bother about it anyway.

There are too many mavericks these days that provoke trouble.


“Found it!”

Li Yalin didn’t want to make trouble, but trouble took the initiative to find him. He clearly planned to pull Uomi away. But at the moment he was about to turn around, the person who was shrouded in robes whispered and ran all the way to his front.

This voice… it was a young girl?

“You know Makoto, right?”

Before Li Yalin could speak, the girl who stood in front of him said Makoto’s name.

And this is what makes Li Yalin cant help stunned.

“Excuse me, you are…”

She was acquainted with Makoto, and this weird outfit. Eh? There is a white cat beside her?

Could it be…

“I am Makoto’s older sister and my name is Kowata Akane.”

As the other party’s headscarf fell off, a delicate face also caught Li Yalin’s eyes.

Yes, it can be concluded from her seven-point similar face to Makoto, she is definitely Makoto’s sister, but unlike Makoto’s fair skin, this Kowata Akane’s complexion turned out to be a healthy wheat color, and her hair is also white completely different from Makoto.

It turned out to be Makoto’s sister.

Although it was the first meeting, from the physical appearance of the other party, this Kowata Akane is definitely Makoto’s sister. After all, the other party is also a character that appeared in anime, and the impression left by Li Yalin is also very deep.

But he didn’t expect that she would appear in this way.

“Sorry Uomi student president, I’m afraid I can’t accompany you.”

Although he don’t know how Kowata Akane found him, since she has appeared, Li Yalin must send her first to meet Makoto.

He originally wanted to send student president-sama home, but now it seems that it wasn’t possible.

Like Makoto, Kowata Akane is also a witch and a well-known witch in the industry. As an ordinary person, it is better for Uomi to keep a certain distance from her.

It is not that Kowata Akane will harm Uomi, but there is indeed a gap between witch and ordinary people. If it is not necessary, it is best not to touch it lightly.

After all, after encountering witch, Uomi whole worldview would change.

“It doesn’t matter, then Yalin-kun, see you tomorrow.”

Of course Uomi knew who Makoto was. In other words, the person in front of her who claimed to be Makoto’s sister should also be Yalin-kun’s distant relative.

However, looking at the two of them like this, they seem to have never meet before. Under such circumstances, curiosity will inevitably arise.

But no matter how curious, Uomi understands that it’s not the time to ask questions, so after Li Yalin said sorry, she immediately chose to say goodbye.

Not being able to ask now does not mean that she can’t ask in the future. It’s better to say that the student president-sama mind had already occupied with something.

Looks like… Yalin-kun has more and more beautiful girls around him…

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