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“So you actually used concealment magic. No wonder I wasn’t able to find out the location of this coffee shop.”

After bidding farewell to Uomi, Li Yalin returned to Rabbit House with Kowata Akane. She is indeed a well-known witch in the witch world. Just standing in front of the store, she has seen the truth of the concealment magic.

“Actually, I am a little puzzled, how did you know that I know Makoto?”

Kowata Akane can see through the concealment magic, which is not beyond Li Yalin’s expectation, but what surprised him is why Kowata Akane can find himself accurately.

From a factual point of view, the other party should not know him.

“It’s because of the smell.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s question, Kowata Akane smiled slightly.


This answer makes Li Yalin stunned. Is it because he still has the smell of Makoto?

He can’t remember any close contact he had with Makoto.

“A little trick, don’t mind too much.”

Kowata Akane is a girl with a more carefree personality. To put it nicely she’s easy-going, or she’s a cheerful fool when put bluntly. He expect her to respond normally, but Li Yalin thinks too much.

However, this is just a small detail, there is no need to care. In any case, she’s witch, she must have her own unique trick.


She had a nonchalant attitude, and Li Yalin didn’t do a lot of questioning. After taking her into the store, it naturally attracted everyone’s attention.

Chino and Cocoa are all wondering why onii-chan still brought a beautiful mature onee-san when he came home, but Makoto’s response with an exclamation, her face were filled with pleasant surprise.

After all, she must be very happy to see her sister again.

“Yo, long time no see Makoto.”

When the sisters met, the scene was not as exciting as imagined. Kowata Akane just raised her hand as greeting, nothing more.

Originally, Li Yalin thought they would staged a sisters hug after reunion after a long absence, but in the end, he thought too much.

“Why did sister come back with Yalin?”

Everyone knows Li Yalin’s itinerary today. Didn’t he go to Ousai Academy for a meeting?

How did these two meet together?

“I happened to encounter him on the road, and speaking of Makoto, you have really grown up, you can even use concealment magic now.”

Coming to Makoto, Kowata Akane stretched out her hand and rubbed her imouto’s head. Although she was a carefree character, she cared about imouto after all.

Imouto can become a unique witch, as an older sister, she will also feel very pleased.


“No… this concealment magic was not done by me, but by Yalin.”

Seeing her sister’s relieved gaze, Makoto’s face immediately showed a big blush. There is no way, as a witch, she is completely immature, she didn’t deserve her sister praise.

“Eh? It was not made by Makoto? You are… a magician?.”

Makoto’s answer surprised Kowata Akane. At this time, she turning her gaze back to Li Yalin, seemed to be surprised by the new world.

“Not right, I don’t feel any magic power at all in you.”

As witches or magicians, they will have a certain sense of each other. Of course, there is no absoluteness in the world. Many witches also like to cover up their magic power and integrate themselves into ordinary people, even their same kind can hardly find them.

But as a powerful witch, Kowata Akane’s vision is very precise. In her opinion, Li Yalin should be an ordinary person.

Can he use magecraft?

Can he hide magic power in front of her?
Could it be that… he is a hidden and powerful magician?

“Actually, I’m just a half-assed. I don’t know if I can be considered a magician.”

Waving his hand, Li Yalin didn’t intend to talk nonsense in front of Kowata Akane. He is not a real magician. He can use magecraft only with the help of the system.

“Oh? That’s quite interesting.”

Li Yalin didn’t intend to reveal the truth, but Kowata Akane’s eyes showed a profound expression, standing in front of him and looking up and down, as if she was very interested in him.

This is a little schoolboy with a hidden secret.

Looks like something interesting is going to happens.

“By the way, sister, why are you here?”

In front of her sister, Makoto is somewhat restrained, which is inevitable.
Witches have to live independently after the age of fifteen. This is the case for Makoto and the same for Kowata Akane. Since leaving home at the age of fifteen, Kowata Akane has started a wandering life with the goal of traveling around the world.

In a year, Makoto can only see her sister a few times, so it will inevitably lead to strangeness and a sense of distance.

“My lovely imouto has also grown up, of course I am worried as a sister. But now it looks like you have a very good life, you have met a good family.”

Hearing Makoto’s question, Kowata Akane finally took her gaze away from Li Yalin.

Cracking a smile, she said this in an easy manner, but it made Makoto blush.

Cute imouto or something…

Had to say that although Kowata Akane’s personality is carefree, she can easily integrate into the environment. Although she has only come to Kafuu’s house not long ago, she quickly integrate with everyone.

“Well, Chino-chan is so cute, hurry up and call me onee-san.”

“Cocoa-chan is not bad too. Such vitality is very much like me.”

“Rize-chan, don’t be so serious, take it easy.”

The arrival of Kowata Akane did not make people feel a sense of disobedience, as if she was a member of this big family.

But how to put it, he always feel that… his imouto seems to be divided into half.

“By the way, I brought a gift for everyone. It is a specialty from my travel to africa.”

After integrating into Kafuu’s family, Kowata Akane became more casual, taking off the heavy robe, wearing a T-shirt and hot pants, this dress is really quite home friendly, without the conscious of being a guest.

By the way, the specialty gifts she took out were also very interesting.

Cocoa fruit, crude oil of petroleum, and coffee beans that have not yet been roasted are all raw materials. Can this also be called a gift?


“A coffee beans from africa?”

Seeing the coffee beans in Kowata Akane’s hand, Chino’s eyes suddenly lit up. She already liked coffee, and naturally she was also very interested in coffee beans. Even if she didn’t roast it, she liked it very much.

After all, this is the coffee beans produced by africa, it’s the raw material!

By the way… his imouto is really going to be robbed!


As onii-chan, Li Yalin suddenly felt that he should do something to show his presence.

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