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“Speaking of gifts, I also bring back good things for everyone.”

Thankfully he bought a cake ahead of time, otherwise Li Yalin doesn’t know how to fight back. The cake shop Uomi introduced tastes quite good, and girls must also like sweets.

“It’s a cake!”

Seeing the cake that Li Yalin took out, Cocoa was the first to cheer. As the daughter of a bakery, of course she also liked cakes.

“This is the cake from the station. The price is very expensive, but it’s really delicious.”

Unexpectedly, Cocoa also knew that cake shop.

It seems like the store is really well-known, but as Cocoa said, the price is indeed a bit expensive, ordinary people may only occasionally be extravagant.

But as far as Li Yalin is concerned, he has no financial burden at all. The huge sales of games on the internet have continuously increased his personal assets. Not only that, he will have a fortune once Cat Eye and Sword Art Online are listed.

As long as everyone likes it, he can treat them to cakes every day.


“Wow, it’s really delicious, Yalin, you have great taste.”

Kowata Akane is really easy going. she just met Li Yalin for less than an hour, and she has already called him name directly. Not only that, she even picked up the cake and tasted it.

While eating, she still praised him loudly.

Seeing how delicious she eats, it can arouse everyone’s appetite. Well, Cocoa, Makoto, and Rize couldn’t bear it and picked up the cake one after another.

Only Chino, after she glanced at the cake, immediately forced herself to turn back.

This girl still cares so much about her figure.

At this time, it’s time for onii-chan to show up!

As a girl, she should face the love of sweets directly!

Well, persuading Chino to eat cake is indeed a tough job. Although it took a lot of words and tongues, in the end he can only let Chino eat a small piece, but it was successful after all, making Li Yalin feel self-confident.

In this way, he won’t lose to Kowata Akane.

“By the way, Makoto, I had a big discovery when I went to africa.”

Seeing Chino eating the cake in small bites, Li Yalin proudly turned his gaze to Kowata Akane, but at this time Kowata Akane didn’t pay attention to him at all. Instead, she digs in her backpack with great interest. Finally, she took out a book that looked very primitive.

Did he got worked up for nothing…

Seeing that Kowata Akane didn’t care at all, Li Yalin couldn’t help feeling frustrated.

Yes, from the beginning to the end, he was alone in the competition. From a factual point of view, Kowata Akane did not intend to compete with him at all.

The imouto being robbed is nothing but his imagination.


In every sense, it was his grand defeat!

“What is this?”

While Li Yalin was complaining to himself, Makoto was already attracted by the quaint books that her sister took out.

On the cover of this book, there are totally unknown characters written on it, not only that, but also a strange magic array printed on it.

Is this a magic book?

“Hehe, according to legend, this is a grimoire from otherworld!”

Seeing Makoto’s curious look, Kowata Akane immediately showed a mysterious smile, and her words not only attracted Makoto, but also attracted everyone’s attention.

Including Li Yalin.

“Otherworld grimoire?”

Kowata Akane’s words surprised Makoto, not to mention the so-called otherworld, just the word grimoire is enough to shock the entire witch world!

One must know, the magic book records the use of magecraft, while grimoire, the use of magic!

Magic, that is a miracle that magecraft cannot achieve, for the witches, it is a taboo in the legend!

Why does her sister have grimoire?

If this news spreads, it will definitely cause a huge wave in the witch world!

“Otherworld… that is, this book is from another world?”

The difference between magic book and grimoire, only Makoto can understand the true meaning. For other girls, the word of otherworld are more attractive.

Especially Rize, this kind of topic can attract her attention.

“Yes! It’s another world!”

Kowata Akane is very proud that the grimoire she took out can attract everyone’s attention.

“Another world, that means… are there really aliens?”

Unfortunately, the direction that Rize cares about is completely different from what Kowata Akane had imagined. In fact, what she wants to know more is whether there is an aliens or not.

If there are aliens, it seems to be very interesting.

This is what Rize really thinks at the moment.

“To call them as an alien… was not wrong…”

Suddenly hearing the word alien from Rize. Kowata Akane was dazed. From all angles, it’s true that otherworld people can be regarded as aliens.

But the problem is… the focus of attention shouldn’t be here, okay!

“Eh? Why can’t this book be opened?”

Compared to Rize, Cocoa is obviously more activist. When she curiously picked up the grimoire in front of her and wanted to open it, she found that the pages of this book seemed to be welded to death and could not be opened at all.


Seeing that Cocoa couldn’t open the grimoire, Rize thought she was too weak, but after she took it and tried it herself, she found that with her own strength, the book still did not budge an inch.

“Haha, you can’t open this grimoire by brute force, let alone you, even I can’t open it at all.”

The scene where Cocoa and Rize tried to open the page was seen by Kowata Akane, which made her laugh.

Yes, as she said, this grimoire from otherworld cannot be opened at all, let alone ordinary people, even as a witch, she can’t open this book at all.

If one can open it, one may be able to discover the secret of this grimoire, but unfortunately, no one can do it.

Therefore, even the grimoire from otherworld is nothing but a collection of relatively valuable collection for Kowata Akane.

Otherwise, it has no use whatsoever.

“This is quite interesting.”

The interaction between the girls was seen by Li Yalin. To be honest, he was also very interested in this grimoire from otherworld.

Is it a grimoire that can’t be opened?

Is there any secret in this?

Seeing that everyone tried to no avail, Li Yalin was also very interested in taking it in his hands and taking a closer look.


Isn’t it easy to open it?

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