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This grimoire from otherworld cannot be opened, whether it was an ordinary person or a witch, no one can do it for thousands of years.

As the current owner of this grimoire, Kowata Akane is very aware of this fact.

However, the moment grimoire fell into the hands of Li Yalin, a miracle happened. Grimoire, which could not be opened anyway, was opened with ease at this moment, just like a normal book.

Seeing this scene, Kowata Akane couldn’t help but open her mouth wide.

God… what did she see?

“Isn’t it easy to open it?”
As the one who opened the otherworld grimoire, Li Yalin himself did not have any consciousness at all. On the contrary, he felt that the girls was teasing him.

The book obviously can be opened easily. Why is it so difficult for everyone to understand?

“You said it easy…”

Hearing Li Yalin, Kowata Akane had no idea what to say.

If this book can be opened so simply, it will not become one of the greatest secrets of the witch world, let alone fall into her hands so easily.


It really opened.

“There isn’t a word on it, is this really grimoire?”

The pages of grimoire’s book were opened, but there was no written record on the white pages, let alone words, even a picture could not be seen.

Wordless Bible?

Or is this a book to make fun of people?

At this moment, Li Yalin couldn’t help but raise this thought.

However, just as his words fell, a white light burst out of this grimoire, and everyone couldn’t open their eyes because of the glare.


The sudden glare made everyone subconsciously blocked their sight, including Li Yalin, not only that, but he almost lost the grimoire in his hand.

What the hell is this?

Before the grimoire slip out of his hands, a light blue magic circle halo emerged from Li Yalin’s feet.

This magic circle slowly rising from under his feet, and then disappeared quietly after reaching the top of his head. After a while, another magic circle halo appeared, and then went up to the top of his head and disappeared.

After repeating this a few times, the magic circle finally ceased to appear, and at the same time the white glare also quietly disappeared.

This is…

“After a thousand years of waiting, has anyone finally opened this door?”

Without waiting for everyone to find out, a noble and majestic female voice suddenly filled the coffee shop, and the appearance of this voice also made the girls in the shop shiver subconsciously.

“Who is speaking?”

Facing this anomalies, Cocoa’s body couldn’t help but trembled. Where did this voice come from?

Could it be… a ghost?

“It’s the sound from this book.”

In comparison, Li Yalin is a man who has experiences a great storms. Although he was also shocked by the majesty contained in that voice, it did not make him fearful like a little girl.

With his attentiveness, he has discovered that the source of the sound is the grimoire in his hand.

Is Kowata Akane’s words true?

Is this really a grimoire from otherworld?

“Interesting. As the opener of this door, you are more interesting than I thought.”

As if hearing Li Yalin, the female voice in the grimoire sounded again.

“Be prepared to welcome the arrival of this Red Queen!”

Red Queen?

Although he was not clear of what happened, from a practical point of view, the other party should not have any malice towards him. Even though she is full of majesty, Li Yalin did not feel hostility in the other party’s voice.

It’s just… Red Queen, this name seems to be the first time he have heard of it.

What is it?

Without waiting for Li Yalin’s question, the atmosphere in the store suddenly condensed, as if there was a qualitative change in the air, even breathing would make people feel difficult.

Fortunately, this feeling didn’t last long. After only a moment, everything returned to normal.

What just happened?

Without waiting for everyone to figure out the situation, the bell at the door suddenly rang, and the store door, which had been tightly closed, was opened at this moment.

Someone is coming?

How can that be?

The Rabbit House was given a concealment magic, and ordinary people could not find it at all. Even Kowata Akane, who is a witch, could not hack this magecraft at will without knowing the truth.

But now, the store door was opened like this, and a figure appeared from the store door.

Is it a human?

Yes, it was indeed a human figure that appeared at the entrance of the store, but after Li Yalin saw that figure, he couldn’t help but stunned for a while.


What the hell is this?

There’s no way he wasn’t surprised by what happens in front of him, because the figure standing at the door at this moment, that exquisite plump body is presented in front of everyone in this way.

It was a mature woman with tanned skin and long fiery red hair. With body exuded all kinds of charm.

But the problem is…

Why doesn’t she wear clothes!

He hurriedly turned his back, but at this time, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, do no evil. It’s not that he is a gentleman, but the appearance of this woman really brought him too much pressure.

It can be said with certainty that this woman without clothes is definitely the owner of the majestic voice just now, that is, the so-called Red Queen.

Although he don’t know how she appeared here, sure enough, at this time, he must maintain maximum restraint.

“She… why doesn’t she wear clothes?”

Li Yalin is the first to turned around, but the girls around didn’t have to worry like him, but even so, the appearance of the Red Queen brought a huge shock to the girls.

Not to mention where she came from, just not wearing clothes, let everyone flushed, busy covering their eyes.

Even if they are both girls, they shouldn’t show their body unscrupulously!

“Oh? It’s really rude of me, in your human way, I should really wear clothes.”

The reaction of the people in the store was seen by the Red Queen. After experiencing a little confusion, she immediately understood the cause of the situation.

Nodded gently, a flame then appeared out of thin air, surrounding her, as if bathing her whole body in fire.

Without waiting for everyone to show their surprises, the flame was quickly extinguished, and when the flame disappeared, a fiery red dress appeared on Red Queen’s body.

That’s how she put her clothes?

It’s like magic!

But having said that, this is already magic!

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