Cafe 197

Today there is an incredible important figure in the store, and it is also an important figure from otherworld!

When Red Queen got dressed, Li Yalin turned around.

He clearly realized that he was lucky today, an event of a billion chance appeared in this small coffee shop, which he did not know whether it was a blessing or a curse.

“Are you the opener who made me wait for a thousand years?”

Without paying attention to the surrounding gaze, Red Queen walked straight to Li Yalin, stared into his eyes with interest, and asked him this.

“Excuse me, what does the opener in your mouth mean?”

Red Queen deserves to be Red Queen. Although he don’t know what her identity is, the majesty in her words makes people unable to help but produce a heart of submission. Even Li Yalin, he is now forcibly suppressing the pressure in his heart and had to put his best to deal with her.

Fortunately, after experiencing the world of Gakkou Gurashi, his mental endurance has skyrocketed. Otherwise, he would have been kneeling in front of the opponent if it was the former him.

“The opener, as in the literal meaning, is the person who opened the door and the person chosen by me.”

Although she’s the Red Queen, she never act haughty. The majesty in her words is inherent and not deliberately imposed on Li Yalin.

In fact, when she answered Li Yalin’s question, she actually used a very equal attitude.

This feeling can be felt by Li Yalin.

“The one you chose?”

Since the other party was not malicious, Li Yalin relaxed even more, but he didn’t understand the meaning of the other party’s words.

“No, to be precise, you are the one chosen by this door.”

Lightly shaking her head, Red Queen said something puzzling, was selected by the door? But why should she put her eyes on that grimoire?

Just when Li Yalin was surprised, the grimoire in his hand had another anomalies.

Accompanied by bursts of pale white halo, it unexpectedly got out of Li Yalin’s hands uncontrollably.

Grimoire floats in the air, and after a while, it rushes towards the store door like an arrow!

Is it going to escape?

Is it conscious?

Seeing this scene, Li Yalin had this idea subconsciously in his mind. However, to his surprise, Grimoire did not knock open the store door, but disappeared at the moment of contact with the store door.


No… not disappear!

With the store door glowing exactly the same as the previous grimoire, Li Yalin came up with an idea.

Is it… it is integrated with the store door?

This is what Red Queen said… the door?

“Excuse me… what the hell is going on?”

From the opening of grimoire to the emergence of Red Queen, to the integration of grimoire and the store door now, everything is incomprehensible.

And the only person who can explain all this is the noble and majestic queen in front of him.

So… can this Red Queen give Li Yalin the answer he wants?

Although not very sure, from the attitude of the other party, Li Yalin felt that she would not turn him down.

“Want to know the answer? It depends on whether you can satisfy me.”

Faced with Li Yalin’s question, Red Queen suddenly smiled, her index finger lightly resting on her lips. The words that were full of majesty also became seductive at this moment.

Satisfy her?

With this sentence and this action, no matter how you look at it, it’s too erotic!

Could it be… she wants to fight him in the bed?

Will his road of job transfer be completed today?

Well, now is not the time for random thoughts.

“So, how can I satisfy you?”

Although her words is quite ambiguous, Li Yalin has to ask back. There are many ways to be satisfied. He doesn’t think this Red Queen really fancy him, and wants to have a fierce physical collision with him.

“Let me think… well, I haven’t eaten for a long time, so let me see if you can satisfy my appetite.”

Pretending to be thinking, Red Queen pondered for a moment, and what she said next made Li Yalin very speechless.

Satisfy… appetite?

Although there is nothing wrong with satisfaction in various senses, it can make people feel really disappointed in various senses.


This is indeed a very good problem-solving.

“I see, that’s easy.”

Although he don’t know how different the cuisine of otherworld is from this world, or how different the taste bud of this Red Queen is from human beings, it shouldn’t be a problem to satisfy her appetite.

He just don’t know how many opportunities he have to try.

“This kind of cake, I don’t know if you like it.”

Li Yalin had bought a lot of cakes in the cake shop before. Although the girls had just feasted on them, there are still a lot of cakes left. It is the most suitable time to bring them out.

Women, how many do not like sweets?

It depends on whether this cake can conquer the stomach of this Red Queen!

“Oh? Very delicate little thing, it looks delicious.”

Li Yalin took out the cake, which made Red Queen’s eyes lit up. Obviously, the delicate cake attracted her attention greatly.

Picking up a piece of cake, Red Queen was not eager to eat it, but after a closer look, she finally took a bite.

How is it… was it delicious?

Whether this cake suits Red Queen’s taste, Li Yalin has no idea, so at this moment, he is also carefully watching her reaction.

Seeing that she took a bite of the cake, she didn’t move any more, instead she stood still like a stone statue, which immediately made him nervous.

Isn’t the cake good?

If this is the case, in other words, is the taste of this Red Queen different from ordinary humans?

Since it’s an existence related to otherworld grimoire, it’s very likely that the she is from otherworld, having a different taste is not impossible.

What to do?

Should he start asking the other party’s taste first?

What is the taste of otherworld food?

Because of Red Queen’s abnormal situation, Li Yalin cant help fell into contemplation, but what he didn’t expect was that while he was thinking, the opposite Red Queen suddenly had a new action.

She swallowed the cake in her hand in one bite, yes, it was swallowed in one bite, the cake that was almost the size of a palm was swallowed by her.

Not only that, the four pieces of cake left on the table were picked up one after another and swallowed one after another.

How long did she take to do this?

Five seconds?

Should be around this.

Is this… still a human mouth?

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