Cafe 198

As he was in deep thoughts, Li Yalin didn’t pay attention to Red Queen’s reaction, but the girls on the side saw this scene with their own eyes.

My goodness… Is she eating cake or just stuffing it into her mouth?

Her mouth is obviously very normal, how can she put such a big cake in all of a sudden?

It takes more than a dozen mouthfuls for the girls to eat such a piece of cake, but this Red Queen just swallowed it in one mouthful.

Is this too exaggerated?

“Very good taste, a little bit satisfying, but only a little bit.”

After eating all the cakes in a few seconds, the Red Queen’s face showed a satisfied expression, but the expression was only fleeting, and soon returned to normal. She also emphasized on the word ‘a little bit’.

Is that right?

Red Queen opened her mouth, and Li Yalin was finally come to his senses. Good heavens, this Queen really eat a lot.

How long he’s been thinking? Did she eat all the cake? She just a little bit satisfied, is this a queen with a big stomach?

Well, anyway, since she is satisfied with the cake, it proves that her sense of taste is the same as that of people in this world. As long as he can come up with delicious food, she can be satisfied.

So… what kind of dishes he should serve her?

Main task: Cooking save the otherworld, the six pillar capture ①.
Task content: Bring out the best dishes to satisfy Red Queen’s stomach.
Task reward: Adept level Chinese cuisine option, special recipe-braised beef (luminous version).
Task tips: For unexpected tasks, rewards will be issued in advance, if not completed, the rewards will be withdrawn afterwards.

Well, with the arrival of the system prompt, Li Yalin knew that the system’s assist had arrived.

Looking at the task, it’s quite surprising, it turned out to be a Main task, and… Cuisine save the otherworld? Why does this filled with tsukomi?

But this time the task is quite impressive. He can get the reward early. Although the reward will be withdrawn if it is not completed, from a practical point of view, it’s simply impossible.

After receiving the task, the Chinese cuisine option in the cooking branch of the housekeeping category was immediately turned on, and as soon as it was turned on, Li Yalin had countless cooking skills about Chinese cuisine in his mind.

Speaking of cooking, before transmigrated, as a single middle aged otaku and a foodie, Li Yalin’s craftsmanship is still quite good, but that is only good in ordinary families. If we follow the system settings, it will be at best entry level.

And adept level elevated his craft to chefs stage in an instant. With his current strength, he can be a chef in a five-star hotel without any problems.

This is the power of the system!

What’s more, with the adept level Chinese cuisine option, he also get a special bonus of +3 for the deliciousness of the cuisine. This is an advantage that no one else can have anyway.

If this still doesn’t satisfy Red Queen’s stomach, then he should quickly find a girl and get married back to his hometown.

Now let’s talk about the special recipe for braised beef.

Due to the addition of a special recipe, the system has also deliberately opened a brand new module. The introduction of this recipe is also recorded in detail.

Braised beef (luminous version) – has the effect of slowly restoring the health value, the better the ingredients are used, the faster the health value will be restored, the deliciousness will be increased randomly, and it can glow.

Food that restores life effect? Is this food or medicine?

Also… what the hell is that luminous? Chūka Ichiban?

Well, now is not tsukomi time.

“What are you in a daze? I said, I’m just a little bit satisfied, don’t think I’m really satisfied!”

Li Yalin is checking the system and was misunderstood by Red Queen as being in a daze, which made her quite dissatisfied.

Who is Red Queen?

Simply put, she is one of the six Dragon Gods who manage another world. Let alone ordinary human beings ignoring her, they had no chance to stand in front of her to speak.

But unfortunately, the person selected by the door, the person who just brought her delicious food, ignored her words.

Didn’t he hear her?

She wasn’t satisfied!

Isn’t he afraid of her getting angry?

“Ugh… I understand, please wait a moment.”

Pulled back by Red Queen’s words, Li Yalin also discovered the Queen’s dissatisfaction. Although he was not scared, he could not allow himself to falter now.

Not to mention that the task alone must be completed.

Cake can’t satisfy her, so the illuminated version of braised beef should be no problem, right?

Humph, now… it’s time to reveal his real skills!

“I’ll go out first.”

Informed the girls in the shop, Li Yalin hurriedly left the coffee shop. As for what he is going to do, of course he must go shopping.

Although he don’t know how much appetite that Red Queen really has, from how she swallowed a few cakes in a few seconds, the usual amount of food is definitely not enough to satisfy her. In that case, it’s better to prepare a super large portion of braised beef.

Anyway, Li Yalin is not lacking money now. After arriving at the supermarket, he immediately wiped out all the high-quality beef, and bought a lot of the ingredients used.

When he returned to the shop with big bags and small wraps, the girls at home were completely stunned.

“Onii-chan, this is…”

Before Li Yalin went out in a hurry, everyone thought he was going to a cake shop to buy cakes. After all, looking at the Red Queen, she should also like cakes, otherwise she won’t eat the cake that way.

But what Li Yalin brought back, obviously all meat and various seasonings, where’s the cake?

Upon seeing this, Cocoa who was completely unclear about the situation, asked nervously, because everyone is now quite worried about the Red Queen!

No way, that Queen’s aura of majesty is too strong, even if she deliberately restrained it, it’s not something ordinary people can bear.

“Of course for cooking.”

Li Yalin is a little accustomed to the coercion that Red Queen comes with, and he is quite confident in himself now, so naturally he doesn’t care too much.


Li Yalin’s answer made Cocoa stunned. Why didn’t she know that her own onii-chan can also cook?

It’s no wonder that although Li Yalin can cook, since he came to Kafuu’s house, Chino has taken care of all the meals at home.

With such imouto, he certainly doesn’t want to do it himself. It’s inevitable that he will give people the illusion that he can’t cook.

So now he suddenly says to do cooking, it would be really strange if everyone is not surprised.

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