Cafe 199

“Yalin… would it be okay? Don’t irritate that person.”

Although Kowata Akane doesn’t know if Li Yalin can cook, she is very worried about Red Queen. As a witch, she knows how terrifying that existence is. She’s an existence that makes her trembles in her heart.

In case the other party is a murderous and frightening demon king, she might kill everyone once she get upset.

So even if Kowata Akane has a carefree character, she has to be cautious, frowning rather rarely.

“No worries, leave everything to me.”

Hearing Kowata Akane’s reminder, Li Yalin with ready plans, smiled very confidently, did not explain too much, and walked towards the kitchen with various ingredients.

“Chino… does onii-chan really know how to cook?”

Li Yalin was gone, looking at his back, the girls looked at each other.

After a while, Cocoa quietly leaned over Chino’s ear and asked her carefully.

“I don’t know, but onii-chan… should be fine.”

Regarding whether Li Yalin can cook, Chino is also at a loss, but she is very confident about it, not only because the two spend the most time together, but because she has never seen Li Yalin fail.

In Chino’s impression, her own onii-chan can draw beautiful manga, can write wonderful novels, can make fun games, and can also play wonderful music.

So… he can cook just fine, right?

“I think… it’s better to go and see.”

Cooking can’t be done instantly. It need time to prepare, and the waiting time is precisely the most tormenting.

Finally, Rize couldn’t sit still, she felt that she should go and see the situation, otherwise she really couldn’t feel relieved.

“Let’s go see it together.”

With Rize’s proposal, Cocoa also chime in. The next moment, Chino and Kowata Akane followed closely, all rushing towards the kitchen.

Only Makoto is left, she hasn’t been able to figure out the current situation, sitting on her seat and looking around, with a little dazed face.

After a while, she finally reacted, why only she and the Red Queen left?

“Wait for me guys!”

No matter how slow Makoto’s reaction was, she felt the subtle breath in the air, and subconsciously looked at Red Queen. Although the other party was just sitting on a chair and resting, she still shivered unconsciously.

No way!

She can’t be left behind!

So Makoto hurriedly followed the large group, and even Chito took Kowata Akane familiar Kenny along, also run away together.

There is only Red Queen left in the huge coffee shop.

“Haha… really a bunch of funny little guys.”

Seeing this scene, Red Queen was not angry. Although humans are a group of small existences to her, there are many interesting guys among humans.

In her long life, Red Queen has experienced too much, of course she won’t care about a group of little girls.

Rather, these little girls reaction looks cute in her eyes.

At least they didn’t kneel and shiver when they saw herself, didn’t they?


What about delicious food…

Thinking back to the food called cake that she had just eaten, the rich and delicate taste was really tempting. It can be said that in her long life, it was the first time she had tasted such a delicious food.

She said before that she was a little satisfied, but in fact she lied. She is not just a little satisfied, but quite satisfied. The only regret is that there is too little to fill her stomach.

It will probably fill her if there’s about a thousand more.

It’s a pity that the little guy didn’t understand her, and instead got a bunch of meat back.

So, what kind of meat will he make?

Will it be as delicious as that cake?

For the first time, Red Queen felt the suffering of waiting.

She subconsciously licked her lips.

She really look forward to it.

So, while this Red Queen is waiting, what happens on Li Yalin’s side?

In Kafuu’s kitchen, Li Yalin is processing the ingredients in an orderly manner. After washing the beef, he cuts into pieces and blanchs them. He prepares spring onions, ginger, star anise, cinnamon and other materials. With the blessing of system’s cooking in his body, his every move as if thoroughly tempered, with no extra movement at all.

“Onii-chan is… so amazing…”

Standing at the door of the kitchen, Cocoa was completely dumbfounded. As a cook beginner who can fry steaks into coke, she found that her admiration for her own onii-chan at this moment was like a torrent of rivers.

Little stars already flashed in her eyes!

“Really amazing.”

Not only Cocoa, Chino looked at Li Yalin’s busy figure in the kitchen, and her eyes also showed admiration.

Chino is very good at cooking, and because of this, she can better see the gap between herself and Li Yalin.

The level of onii-chan… is not what she can compare…

“Why are you all here?”

After sautéing the beef with sugar and seasoning, next is to boil on a low fire, and Li Yalin can also spare some time.

When he turned his gaze to the door of the kitchen, he was taken aback by those little girls. He was too focused just now and didn’t pay attention. Why did they all run over?

What about the Red Queen?

“Onii-chan, you know how to cook, you haven’t cooked for us before!”

Facing Li Yalin’s surprise, Cocoa wrinkled her little nose and ran up to him all the way, with an angry expression, but then she slung his arm and shook it coquettishly.

“Because I want to eat Chino’s food even more.”

Smiling at Cocoa, Li Yalin would not hesitate to answer this question.

In comparison, he certainly prefers to eat dishes made by his imouto. As for why, it’s still need an explanation?

“Or… Cocoa, you don’t want to eat Chino’s food?”

Without waiting for Cocoa to refute, Li Yalin said another sentence, which immediately prevented Cocoa from speaking.

If she say no, then there is nothing wrong with it, but if she say yes, wouldn’t it reduce her favorability with Chino?

“You are so mean onii-chan!”

It was clear that this was a trap, and Cocoa didn’t want to fall into it. She let go of Li Yalin’s hand with a pout, and gave this unscrupulous onii-chan a supercilious look.

And just as Li Yalin and Cocoa were teasing each other, looking at Chino, there was a blush on her face.

Onii-chan… he like to eat my cooking…

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