Cafe 2

“Ok… ”

It’s a pity that Li Yalin hasn’t been in contact with Chino for long, changing her way of calling him from Li-san to Yalin-san is already a biggest achievement. It needs more high favorability to go further.

Coupled with Chino’s awkwardness in interpersonal communication and with her not good at expressing her emotions, she didn’t say that many words.

After receiving a response from Li Yalin, she gently nodded had been regarded as good.

“I went to the store.”

Chino is not good at communicating with people, and Li Yalin is not that easy-going type. This breakfast can be said to be quiet.

After eating breakfast and washing the dishes, Chino went down from the second floor to the first floor to look after the coffee shop like usual.

The Rabbit House coffee shop was open all day when the school hasn’t started yet, and this was the only source of income for the Kafuu family. After the disappearance of Chino’s father Kafuu Takahiro, on the surface, this Kafuu home was left just Chino alone.

Yes, it looks like this on the surface, but it’s not just Li Yalin and Chino who live in this house.

Accurately, that cute and furry angora rabbit also the members of this family.

The angora rabbit name is Tippy. Li Yalin often see it after staying in Kafuu’s house for a few days. But it’s seems Tippy has been listless recently, as if it is seriously ill.

Li Yalin may have propose to take it to a pet hospital if it is just an ordinary angora rabbit. But its true identity is not that simple. If the settings have not changed, it should be Chino’s grandfather.

Although he wasn’t completely sure yet, since human beings turn into rabbits is too magical. But Li Yalin as the one to get transmigrated can’t accept the setting of human beings becoming rabbit?

It can be further guessed that Tippy has been listless recently is also related to the debts. After all, this coffee shop not only carries Chino’s dream, but also all of Tippy.

Sudden debt pressure, the coffee shop may no longer belongs to them. It would be strange if Tippy can accept this blow.

In a sense, Tippy’s grandpa’s ability to resist pressure is not as strong as his granddaughter Chino.

Of course, Li Yalin is just guessing. He hasn’t verified it further. The top priority now is not about this magical things, but how to earn one hundred million Japan currency.

For ordinary people, this is definitely a huge sum of money!

Li Yalin used to be an office worker, the only interest is otaku goods. How can he earn one hundred million?

It seems to be impossible task to complete, but Li Yalin’s careful research has found that this doesn’t seem the case.

In the past few days, he has learned the world in detail through the internet and has made a very gratifying discoveries.

This world is like earth but not really the earth. It should be said that this is another world that is very similar to the world where Li Yalin lived before but very different.

There are not many countries in the world that can be called the hegemonic level. The China Empire in Asia can definitely be regarded as one. In fact, the only country that can compete with the China Empire is the United States Federation from the other side of the globe. Two superpower in the world is in mutual contention and several wars even broke out before. It was not until 10 years ago that peace was finally restored.

Although it is now a peaceful period, Japan in this world has been completely reduced to history due to the previous wars. After the first line army was defeated, the imperial army successfully landed in Japan. Since then, Japan disappeared and the rest is only Japan district.

After conquering Japan, the empire allowed the retention of Japanese as the mother tongue of imperial ethnic minorities and ethnic groups, and also allowed the circulation of the Japan currency in the Japan district, retaining traditional festivals and customs, and vigorously developing economic and cultural industries.

Maybe because of the war, even with the strong support of the empire, the development of Japan district is difficult to improve in a short period of time. The economic aspect is okay. It can be solved with money, but the cultural aspect… can money solve that?

Is not just Japan district, it should be said that the overall cultural and entertainment development of this world is far behind Li Yalin’s imagination!

Take the ACGN that Li Yalin really likes. In Japan, these cultures have basically just begun to develop. The Japan before he was transmigrated is a big country of ACGN. Akihabara is a holy place in the hearts of countless otakus. In this world, Li Yalin couldn’t even bear to tsukomi.

Take a look at the hottest manga today. It’s basically the style of the 60s and 70s of last century. It had a simple storyline and realistic drawing style. Not only that, the plot is also very old-fashioned and blunt. Just read three chapters, and anyone can guess the next plot.

Manga is like this, anime is not much better. After watching one episode of anime, he even began to doubt his life.

Yes, at this time Li Yalin actually felt that Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf are actually quite good.

He really thought so.

Anime and manga are completely backward, the game is naturally not much better. As for novel… it is even worse, even the concept of novel has not yet appear.

It just not in the ACGN field. Even the mass entertainment industry, such as music or movies is not much better.

Clearly the technological level of this world is very developed, which is better than the world before Li Yalin transmigrated. But why is cultural entertainment so backward?

Because of war?

It seems that this is the case. After all, they have been fighting. It is difficult for everyone to think about what kind of culture and entertainment to develop.

It is precisely because of this that Li Yalin’s mind spawned an idea. Since the world’s ACGN level is so backward, can he start from this aspect and earn that one hundred million Japan currency?

Even if Li Yalin look down on the entertainment culture of this world, that does not mean that the works of this world are unpopular. In fact, with the strong support of the empire, many entertainment preferential policies have been introduced one after another, citizen also very pursuit of these works.

Perhaps this is a good entry point.

According to the usual settings in novel, Li Yalin should now copy the classics of the original world and ‘create’ all the good things in his original world. With the charm of those works, let alone a hundred million Japan currency, even if it is one billion, ten billion, he can definitely earn it easily.

But it need a premise — Li Yalin must have a brain with super memory, plus the ability to copy those excellent works.

It is a pity that Li Yalin before being transmigrated is just an ordinary self-proclaimed otaku. After seeing anime, remembering some of the plot is already pretty good but it’s impossible to remember all the details. The same with novel, he didn’t have confidence to copy every words of those novels, he didn’t have their writing style.

Not to mention manga, as a novice, he doesn’t even know what preparation he needs, how to start drawing manga?

So… does this mean he can’t do anything at all?

No, it is not difficult to solve this problem. The real focus is still the Salvation system in his body.

There is a system in his body, what he cannot do?

Rescue the coffee shop side task: First step in the creative path.
Task content: The art classification – Painting branch – Manga option unlocked. Increase the proficiency of manga option to proficient level.
Task reward: Manga ‘Cat Eye’ script (optimized version)
System tips: After completing the task, it is recommended to increase the proficiency of the manga option to adept level and then draw the ‘Cat Eye’ script, you can get unexpected gains.

Very good, very powerful!

With the opening of this side task, Li Yalin found that the manga option on his property panel had been lighted up. The proficiency at this time was entry level 0. As for how to improve the proficiency, an explanation was also given in the manga option.

Drawing one page can increase the proficiency by 1 point, and when the proficiency reaches 100 points, it will be upgraded to proficient level?

This is quite simple, as long as he spends time, it is not a problem to upgrade this entry level to proficient.

So how much it take to upgrade from proficient to adept level?

Fuck! 500 points proficiency? That is to say, he must draw at least 500 page?

Calm… I need to be calm…

Okay, putting aside the proficiency issue, just this task reward alone can excites him.

Perhaps for young people today, the name Cat Eye will feel strange to them. But for Li Yalin, this name represents his childhood memory.

The calm and considerate big sister Rui, the kind and brave second sister Hitomi, and the lively and lovely three sister Ai, their images still vivid in his mind. Even after seeing so many new series and saw more excellent works, it still cannot erase the status of Cat Eye in his mind.

Of course, what inspires Li Yalin the most is that he thinks the style of Cat Eye’s work is very suitable for this moment in time. Because in the current manga world, the drawing style is generally realistic and the plot are relatively simple. It’s a different matter if some moe type works are published, and whether they can be accepted by readers are two different things.

After all, a half step ahead is a genius, a step ahead is a lunatic.

His main purpose now is to make money. Naturally, he has to consider many things. He felt the task reward that the system gives is very appropriate.

Since this is the case, there’s nothing more to consider, right?

Grinding time!

Having said that, after actually starting the grind, Li Yalin found that drawing manga was far more difficult than expected. Even if the system helped him light up the entry stage by adding a lot of manga drawing skills and knowledge. It still take a lot of his energy to draw a page.

After all, to get proficiency is not just by drawing a graffiti. He must treat each manga drawing strictly and seriously, and finally have to be recognized by the system before it can improve 1 proficiency.

For his current skills, to draw one page or even the relatively simple standing character takes at least half an hour to draw. That is to say, it will take at least fifty hours for him to be promoted to a proficient level, without eating or drinking.

What is this? Mobile game leveling?

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