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“Great! We finally have a top-level mangaka!”

With the hands of Li Yalin and Minano Matome held together, Otosuna Mihari’s nerve finally relaxed. She was afraid that Li Yalin would not agree. If they miss such a top-level mangaka, their new issue will not have top-level mangaka.

Now with chief editor… I mean, with chief editor effort a top mangaka finally joined, how can Otosuna Mihari not be excited?

After all, this is an all or nothing situation. With her magazine getting bigger and stronger, even if she just a new editor she will also feel proud, right?

“Minano chief editor, I’m a little curious on why you appoint Otosuna editor to find me? Of course I don’t despise Otosuna editor, but she does not have much power as a newcomer. It’s impossible to make a decision even if she found me, isn’t it?”

Looking at Otosuna Mihari who kept patting her chest, Li Yalin’s eyes turned to Minano Matome with full of doubts.

Minano Matome is very bold and has the means. She can use her own methods to cover up Li Yalin’s contact information and even find him by just his name and bank card. More importantly, she is willing to invest a lot of money to dig him.

In this case, Minano Matome should be more cautious, but she sent a new editor to contact him. What is going on?

Li Yalin would like to know the answer.

“About this issue… “

When Li Yalin asked this question, not only him but it also attracted Otosuna Mihari’s eyes. After all, what Li Yalin said is very reasonable and Otosuna Mihari herself knew that she will screw up if it wasn’t for chief editor arrived in time.

“In fact, it is very simple. Because the magazine has just been established, the female editor who is close to Li Yalin sensei’s age and has a good face is only Otosuna. According to my guess, a schoolboy such as sensei should be easily captured by bishoujo.”

Minano Matome didn’t keep them in suspense. She answered Li Yalin question very quickly, but her answer is quite hard to accept.

At least after she said this, Li Yalin’s expression immediately stiffened and the corner of his mouth twitched subconsciously. What expression should he show now?

What this fake loli chief editor mean is she regarded him as a young teenager who only think and walked with his lower body as soon as he saw bishoujo?

Not only Li Yalin, but Otosuna Mihari opened her mouth subconsciously. Originally, she also speculated whether chief editor’s able to see her ability and wanted to cultivate her. It turned out to be a pure honey trap.

So other than the face, the rest is useless?

Otosuna Mihari really wants to find a corner to calm down.

“Looks like I have miscalculated. I should have came to sensei in person.”

Li Yalin is speechless and Otosuna Mihari is depressed. Minano Matome on the other hand sighed, apparently also understands her mistakes.

“You can’t say that. Although Otosuna editor is still a newcomer and have little experience, I can see her love for this job. Her pleading momentum even startle me. Not everyone can do what she did. “

Li Yalin is not willing to guess more about Minano Matome’s thoughts. What he is focusing now is Otosuna Mihari depressed appearance.

She was hit hard by Minano Matome’s words. Although it was not a major setback, she will get more sad if no one comforted her.

Although they only met for the first time, Li Yalin liked this interesting bishoujo editor when watching the anime. He want her to be his editor if it’s possible.

Maybe now is a good opportunity.

“I appreciate the work attitude of Otosuna editor and I am willing to work with such an editor. Minano chief editor, can I choose Otosuna editor as my editor?”

According to Minano Matome’s attitude, Li Yalin will be an important mangaka for the new magazine in the future. This level of mangaka will have its own right, such as choosing an editor. As long as the demands are not excessive, the magazine will not refuse.

So for this request, Li Yalin was not afraid that Minano Matome would refuse.

“Oh? Li Yalin sensei hopes to work with Otosuna editor? As you can see that Otosuna editor as a newcomer editor is not suitable for Li Yalin sensei’s editor. But if sensei insists… “

“Otosuna editor, are you willing to serve as Li Yalin sensei’s editor?”

Although Minano Matome looks like a loli, she is actually quite thoughtful. Li Yalin’s previous attitude was enough to show that he was not moved by the beauty of Otosuna Mihari, and the so-called beauty trap is actually a whim of Minano Matome.

If not, she would not appear so quickly and even come up with a contract so quickly.

That’s why Li Yalin’s words even surprised Minano Matome. He actually took a fancy of Otosuna Mihari? The beauty trap joke actually worked? Or does he really appreciate this newcomer editor?

No matter what, Minano Matome had no reason to refuse Li Yalin. So her eyes soon turned to Otosuna Mihari and asked her.


Li Yalin would suddenly say this. Otosuna Mihari who was still depressed failed to respond. Now she hears the question of the Minano chief editor. She pointed her nose subconsciously.

Be the editor of Yalin sensei?


“You don’t want to?”

“No no no! Of course I am willing to be Li Yalin sensei editor! It’s better to say… please leave this job to me!”

Originally, Otosuna Mihari was still in a trance and failed to react. But when Minano Matome see her. As she spoke excitedly, she subconsciously shuddered and finally calmed down.

For Otosuna Mihari, the best opportunity is placed before her. From newcomer editor to magazine’s top mangaka editor is simply a rocket-like triple jump!

What’s more, she really likes Li Yalin’s Cat Eye. Being able to serve as his editor is simply her dream job. If she refuses this, she feels that she will regret it for the rest of her life.

Shaking her head again and again, Otosuna Mihari could not miss this opportunity!

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