Cafe 200

“I seem to smell a good smell.”

Although the braised beef has been simmered in the pot, the smell of meat has drifted across the kitchen, and even the Red Queen in the shop can’t help being attracted.

The unprecedented smell of meat, what kind of meat is that?

Just by smelling the smell, her mouth keep salivating, and the stomach can’t help but rumbling.

How many years she have not experienced this feeling?

A thousand years?

Or two thousand years?

Subconsciously came to the door of the kitchen and looked at the stew pot that was constantly emitting the smell of meat. Red Queen’s eyes had already released a dazzling light.

“Well, my special version of braised beef will definitely satisfy your appetite.”

Seeing that Red Queen’s gaze was completely attracted by the braised beef, Li Yalin’s mouth immediately raised a smile.

Can’t stand it just by smelling it?

Such an impatient look, it seems that the so-called otherworld really needs delicious food to save it.

“How long we have to wait?”

Yes, Red Queen really can’t wait, she wants to try the delicacy in that pot now.

“Probably… there is about an hour left.”

Calculating time, Li Yalin gave an answer, and this also disappointed Red Queen.

“Wait so long?”

As the meat’s aroma grew stronger, Red Queen could no longer suppress her appetite.

“Good food is not afraid of late. Chino, help us make some coffee, I have something to talk to this queen.”

Li Yalin can tell that this Red Queen is just a foodie queen. Unfortunately, she used to exude a breath of majesty from her body before, but now, where her majestic go?

Since she’s foodie, she would be much easier to handle.

He’ll get an explanation after satisfying her appetite?

No, he want her to explain first, and then he can satisfy her appetite!

“This is…”

Back in the shop, Chino quickly served coffee for everyone. Looking at the strangely scented black liquid in the cup, Red Queen’s gaze turned to Li Yalin subconsciously.

“This is a kind of drink in our world, called coffee. Queen, the mocha coffee in front of you, I believe it will be to your liking.”

There are many types of coffee, but for newcomers like Red Queen, Li Yalin must consider her ability to adapt. For black coffee with a bitter taste, it directly skipped.

Mocha coffee is a mixture of espresso and milk, supplemented with cream and chocolate sauce, it should be acceptable even for first time coffee drinker.

“Very good taste, another cup!”

In fact, as Li Yalin thought, after taking a sip, Red Queen found that the taste was indeed very good, and drank it all immediately.

This way of drinking with one gulp really surprised the girls present, and even Li Yalin couldn’t help but pat his forehead.

The Queen’s way of eating and drinking… is really informal.

It’s just… isn’t drinking that way is too wasteful?

“Queen, coffee would taste better when drink slowly.”

Very helpless, Li Yalin speak out to remind her. Chino would needs more work if she keep drinking the coffee that way.

Fortunately, Red Queen can be persuaded, at least with Li Yalin’s reminded, she can finally taste it slowly instead of drinking it in one gulp.

So… they can finally start talking about business.

“Queen, can we talk about the door first while the beef is still in the pot?”

Looking at Red Queen sipping coffee, Li Yalin showed a faint smile.

“Well… it seems that before satisfying my appetite, I really need to satisfy your curiosity.”

Li Yalin’s smile had a determined look, which was naturally seen by Red Queen, which stunned her.

Because she knew very well that the humankind in front of her was so sure that she could not refuse him, so he was so confident.

Isn’t he afraid of her wrath?

As one of the 6 pillars, let alone a small shop in such a small area, even a whole world can never bear the Red Queen wrath.

But unfortunately, he is not afraid.

Are the ignorant fearless?

No… he should clearly recognize her strength.

But why does he dare to be so confident?

Because he can certainly satisfy her appetite?

Recalling the taste of the cake and feeling the smell of meat in the air, Red Queen narrowed her eyes slightly.

She was seen through.

Her weakness.

But… this does not disgust her.

That being the case, she’ll satisfy his curiosity a little bit.

Red Queen is a Dragon God from another world and one of the patron saints of that world. However, even with the power of Gods, she cannot crossed the world at will. She does not have the ability to forcibly interfere with the laws of space.

At least she can’t do it now.

The reason why she can cross the world and came to the coffee shop was thanks to Li Yalin’s activation of the grimoire, which is the so-called ‘door’.

Only by using that door can it interfere with the laws of space and open the connecting channel between the two worlds. As for the origin of that door, even the Red Queen herself is not very clear.

She is the owner of the door, but she is not the maker. It’s better to say that how the door appeared, no one can tell.

At the beginning of the birth of the six guardian Dragon Gods in the other world, the so-called 6 pillars, that door already existed.

It can be said that it was a magical thing that coexists with heaven and earth.

In order to discover the law and truth contained in that door, Red Queen has studied for thousands of years, but unfortunately, for thousands of years, she have basically been doing useless work. Although she have some gains from her research, she still can’t get a glimpse of the door secret.

Thousands of years ago, Red Queen finally gave up on research because she knew that she was not recognized by this door. Although she was not reconciled, she could only give up.

In the end, she used her own power to forcibly activate a part of the power of the door, let the door crossed the space by itself, to find a master who can be recognized by it.

And she herself left a mark on that door. As the former holder of that door, she still has this power.

The Red Queen is waiting, waiting for the person who can open that door to appear, and this is a thousand years.

Finally, on this day, Li Yalin inadvertently opened the grimoire and was recognized by the door, so Red Queen crossed time and space through the mark that she left behind to appear in front of everyone.

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