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It was recognized by the door, which seemed to be a source of blessing, but also a crisis.

Through the information disclosed by Red Queen, Li Yalin can clearly recognize this.

Since this door is opened, several teleportation channels will be opened in the world where Red Queen is located. As the former holder of that door, Red Queen controls one of the teleportation channels, which is just one door, but no one knows where the rest lead to.

Even Red Queen could not interfere.

In other words, today Red Queen can come to this world through this door, then later on, maybe another person will come through another teleportation channel.

Red Queen is not hostile, but who knows whether the next person is good or bad?

According to the Red Queen, Li Yalin has been recognized by the door and has become the owner of the door, but in fact, Li Yalin did not feel any control over the door.

He has nothing to do with that door at all!

The inability to control that door means that there is no restriction. In another world, anyone who finds the teleportation channel may open that door.

Faced with such a situation, how can Li Yalin not feel a sense of crisis?

“Can I close that door?”

After listening to Red Queen’s narration, Li Yalin pondered for a while before finally speaking.

In his opinion, the existence of this door is absolutely a curse rather than a blessing. If possible, he hopes to close this door permanently.

“So you don’t want someone to disturb your life.”

As expected of the patron saint of another world, as soon as Li Yalin spoke, Red Queen understood what he meant.

“Yes, your world is too dangerous, and I don’t want to put my family in danger.”

Nodding slightly, Li Yalin spoke bluntly when facing Red Queen.

To be honest, he is very interested in the world where Red Queen is located. According to the other party’s description, it should be a fantasy world of swords and magic. The fantasy creatures that only existed in books are all real in that world.

Such as elves, orcs and… dragons!

He would really like to see that world.

It was a fantasy world, but also a dangerous world. Li Yalin is not afraid if he was alone. He’s not someone without experiences, and has seen some gruesome scene.

But the problem is that he is not alone. There are family members beside him, so he dare not and don’t want to take the risk!

“It’s good to be willing to consider for your family, but unfortunately, I can’t help you, because only you are recognized by that door, and the only one that can close that door.”

Hearing Li Yalin, Red Queen showed admiration in her eyes, but she show appreciation, and she could not help Li Yalin in the matter of closing the door.

Even if she had studied that door for thousands of years, she couldn’t completely control that door, and only the real owner of that door could close the door.

Unfortunately, LiYalin can’t do it yet.

Such a headache.

Li Yalin frowned subconsciously.

Whould they have to spend their days in anxiety? Pray that no one will find the doors scattered all over the otherworld?

What a shitty situation!

Why this safe everyday world suddenly became crisis-ridden?

In contrast, he feel that the world of Gakkou Gurashi with zombies is going to be safer?

Will the days of peace be gone forever?

Main task: Cooking save otherworld, otherworld restaurant (1).
Task content: Entertain three diners from otherworld and satisfy the diners physically and mentally.
Task reward: Adept level Japanese cuisine option.
Task tips: The gate of time and space has been controlled by the system, and the restaurant mode is automatically generated. The store manager can set the business hours independently. In addition, if necessary, the system can also expel diners.

Just as Li Yalin frowned, a task notification sent from the system instantly make him stretched his brows.

No wonder Red Queen said that he was recognized by the door, but he did not feel the control of that door at all. It turned out that the control of the door had been obtained by the system.

This is actually a good thing, at least for Li Yalin, he is relieved.

His current strength is still very weak, let alone facing the Red Queen, one of the 6 pillars, he’ll get beaten up even if it was a swordsman or a magician from otherworld.

Even if he can control that door, he probably won’t get much permission, but more restrictions.

On the contrary, it was completely a different matter with the system taking control. Even if the Red Queen as Dragon God cannot cross the space, the system can send Li Yalin to another world to complete the task.

By comparison, it’s obvious which one is better, isn’t it?

At least in his eyes, his system is much stronger than that of the Red Queen. With the system, he can rest assured.

Through the system prompt of the otherworld restaurant task, he knew that he already had great control. In a literal sense, the otherworld diners will come should he chooses to open the restaurant and once he closed the business, the doors will also be closed.

The most important thing is that through the system, he will get the right to expel diners, that is, as long as he wants, he can expel diners who come to the store at any time, including the Red Queen in front of him.

Of course, the Red Queen in front of him was not hostile to him, and the idea of ​​expelling her only rose for a while, and then disappeared.

In fact, he has to thank this Red Queen. If it weren’t for her, maybe he wouldn’t have been able to learn so much about the truth.

“You seem to… suddenly relaxed?”

As one of the 6 pillars, Red Queen has a very keen sense. She could still feel the worries of the humankind in front of her before, but now he suddenly relaxed.

What happened, why is he so relaxed?

Red Queen was very curious about Li Yalin’s change of attitude.

“Actually, it’s not a big deal. I just found out that I seem to be able to drive back visitors from your world.”

Li Yalin said while smiling at Red Queen. Although he could not reveal the whole truth, he can still tell her some of the facts.

And this is what makes Red Queen looks changed.

“You can control that door?”

What does it mean to be able to expel visitors from her own world?

Red Queen knew very well.

She have studied the door she haven’t been able to control for thousands of years. Now, in a short period of time, it has been used by the humankind in front of her and he has obtained the true control of that door!

Not only that, Red Queen also thought of another very critical issue.

“Are you going to expel me?”

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