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Li Yalin was very worried about otherworld visitors. Red Queen knew this well, and because of this, she understood even more that after he gained control of the door, maybe even she could not resist the other’s expulsion.

After all, that is the law of space that contains the supreme might, even if she’s in charge of the law of flame, she might not be able to resist the expulsion of space.

Is she going to be expelled?

As one of the 6 pillars, as the world guardian Dragon God, she have just arrived in another world and will be driven back?

It was a funny idea, but Red Queen couldn’t laugh at all, because she knew it was not a joke, but a fact.

In other words…

The delicious cake she have eaten before will never be eaten in the future?

The food that contains rich meaty aroma she haven’t taste yet?

She’s going to leave now?

If Li Yalin knew what Red Queen was thinking at the moment, he would probably be dumbfounded.

Sure enough, she is a foodie queen!

“No, Queen, you think too much. There is an old saying in my hometown that the visitor is a guest. To meet here is our fate. You are also my guest. The most important thing is… you have not eaten yet. Isn’t there a special dish made for you?”

Of course he won’t expel Red Queen. It’s better to say that Li Yalin has treated her as his first guest.

She’s an important figure in the otherworld. Currying favor aside, it’s always okay to make friends, right?

“Visitor is a guest? I like this sentence!”

After hearing what Li Yalin said, Red Queen, who was still a little nervous, finally relieved. At least she could feel Li Yalin’s kindness and understand that she would definitely be able to eat the meat that smelled so good.

This humankind, he treats her as a guest.

Seriously, this feeling is really strange, but… not bad.

“Speaking of which, I don’t know your name yet.”

For Red Queen, the humans in her eyes are like ants in the eyes of humans. Although she will not kill lives indiscriminately, nor will she put on a high attitude, she will never put humans in her eyes.

Unless it’s a human being approved by her.

But looking at the world where she lives, how many human beings can truly be recognized by her?

Obviously, Li Yalin has enjoyed this honor.

“Sorry for not introducing myself yet, my name is Li Yalin, this is my imouto Kafuu Chino, Hoto Cocoa…”

Introducing each other is a good start, and looking at Red Queen’s attitude, she is obviously starting to value themselves, of course he won’t miss such a good opportunity.

In addition to himself, Li Yalin also revealed the names of the girls around him one by one, and looking at Red Queen, she did not show any impatience at all.

“Brother Yalin… don’t you feel scared?”

The conversation between Li Yalin and Red Queen, the girls all listened to it. But because of this, the more they listened, the more terrified they became.

That big red-haired sister who is full of majesty, turned out to be a dragon? And it’s the Dragon God who guards the world?

Looking at the black horns on her head, she thought it was a weird decoration from otherworld, but she didn’t expect it to be a real dragon horn?

So scary, why can Li Yalin communicate with her peacefully?

The girls were completely dumbfounded. Seeing Makoto’s cute face pulling Li Yalin, whispering softly for fear of being heard by the Red Queen, Li Yalin felt amused with her behaviour.

“Why would you be afraid?”

A rhetorical question left Makoto completely not knowing how to answer.

Why are you afraid?

Still need to ask?

That’s a dragon! But also a Dragon God!

It’s impossible not to be afraid of it, right?

“Actually, I think it’s a pretty cool thing to have a guardian Dragon God as a friend, at least we should give her some face, isn’t it?”

Looking at Makoto with a dull face, Li Yalin couldn’t help but laughed out, stretched out his hand and rubbed the girl’s head, his expression was a confident expression.

There’s no way he won’t feel confident now.

Dragon God of the otherworld guardian?

With just a thought, he could drive her away from this world in minutes.

What’s more, this guardian Dragon God is still a foodie queen. As the saying goes, to grab a woman’s heart, one must first grab her stomach.

Get Red Queen’s stomach, what does he have to fear?


Although the dialogue between Li Yalin and Makoto is not loud, it can’t hide from the Red Queen.

Seriously, when she heard the word friend in Li Yalin’s mouth, she cant help but stunned.

But soon, a playful look appeared on her face.

Being a friend with humankind?

This seems to be a good experience.

“Li Yalin special-braised beef complete!”

Before long, the beef stewed in the kitchen was ready, and he was busy in the kitchen alone. Soon, Li Yalin brought a small pot with a lid to it.

No other choice, according to this Queen’s appetite, ordinary portion size is definitely not enough for her. Compared to a dinner plate, it’s more economical to serve her with the pot.

“Smell good!”

Although the lid covered it, the scent of the pot permeates the coffee shop, not to mention the Red Queen from otherworld, even the girls at home couldn’t help sniffing.

This scent is too tempting.

“Queen, can you use chopsticks?”

“Chopsticks? What is that?”

“I see, I will get you a spoon.”

Before opening the lid, Li Yalin realized after he asked Red Queen. After all, he had no knowledge of the food culture of the other world, and he did not know what tableware was used in the other world.

Speaking of eating Chinese cuisine, chopsticks are naturally the most practical, but looking at this Queen’s appearance, I am afraid that only a spoon is the most suitable for her.

After returning to the kitchen to take out a spoon and hand it to Red Queen, Li Yalin finally put his hand on the lid of the pot.

Next, is the moment to witness the miracle!

The sky was getting dark, and the lights in the shop had been turned on early, but even so, with the opening of the lid, a golden light still shone on the coffee shop.

Cooking… glowing?

All the girls who don’t know the truth are all dumbfounded, they have never heard of shiny dishes.

Subconsciously, the girls raised their hands to shield the golden light from the pot, and Red Queen, who was completely unafraid of the light, had already focused all of her attention on the braised beef.

Should one say… as expected of a foodie queen?

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