Cafe 203

“What the… what is going on?”

Kowata Akane, who subconsciously covers her eyes, is already in a stunned state.

As a witch who has been traveling around the world since leaving home at the age of fifteen, she have been through many things. What weird things have never been seen before?

But it’s the first time she saw a glowing dish.

What is this?

Magical cuisine?

“Smell good!”

As the lid of the pot was opened, a more fragrant meat flavor broke out. This unprecedented strong fragrance is just braised beef?

Even the special braised beef cannot be so exaggerated, right?

“Can I eat it?”

The girls are dumbfounded, the fragrant and attractive taste and the golden dishes have completely transcended their cognition.

The Red Queen sitting at the dining table is already completely attracted by the food in front of her. If she wasn’t one of the 6 pillars, she had retained a lot of restraint on herself. She might have dig in without much regards.

“Of course, please.”

Smiling and making an inviting gesture, Li Yalin’s expression was very calm, after all, he was already mentally prepared.

Before he was ready to serve it, he had already seen the glow of the cooking. By the way, he had tried a lot, and he was quite satisfied with it.

The adept level’s deliciousness +3, coupled with the special cooking random effects and +3 deliciousness, it can be said that this is an exclusive level of cuisine, which can be addictive.

“Then I won’t be polite.”

After seeing Li Yalin’s gesture, Red Queen nodded gently, then turned her gaze back to the food in front of her. She couldn’t wait to enjoy the delicacy in front of her!

A piece of beef entered the mouth, the combination of the fragrant meat taste and various spices collided fiercely in the mouth. There’s no need to chew too much as the beef was stewed until it was soft, it almost melted in the mouth, making her almost swallowed her own tongue.

This is a cow!


It’s a cow!

At this moment, Red Queen seemed to be in a vast pasture, lying on the green grass, looking up at the blue sky and white clouds in the sky.

Listen carefully, there are moo-moo sounds of cow around from time to time, just like a music of cows!

This is heaven!

Beef heaven!


The most delicious!

One bite… another bite!

Not enough!

Totally not enough!

What is the feeling of Red Queen eating this special braised beef, only she herself knows. On the other hand, Li Yalin and several girls who were watching her eating were shocked by her performance.

She was flushing on her face, a little bit of sweat began to appear on her forehead, and the evening dress and the long skirt had fallen off the straps and she didn’t care at all. She was completely focused on the cooking right now, completely ignoring her surrounding.

“That exaggerated?”

This is the first time she saw this kind of eating, Rize had already opened her mouth wide and didn’t know what to do.

How delicious is it to make her eat like this?

“So delicious!”

Wiped out clean, yes, it was wiped out clean, a whole pot of special braised beef was wiped out clean, and even the soup was drunk upright.

Look at the time. It has just passed less than two minutes. Is this the eating rate of the foodie queen?

He always feel that… he prepared too little.

Seeing that all the soup was drunk in one breath, then sighed up to the sky, and even spit out the flames of Red Queen, Li Yalin’s forehead was sweating slightly.

Really too little!

“Are there any more? One more pot!”

Facing the gaze of Red Queen, what should Li Yalin say at this time?

“Please wait.”

When making braised beef before, Li Yalin used a large pot. After all, considering the foodie queen’s appetite, he stewed more than ten catties of beef in one go.

When serving her food just now, he used a small pot, which is about three or four catties of beef, plus the side dishes, it’s about five catties.

One more pot, of course there is enough reserved in the kitchen, but even with one more pot, can it satisfy the foodie queen’s stomach?

The answer is obviously negative.

Turning back to the kitchen and filling the little pot again, at the same time, he brought another plate to the girls around.

It’s important to satisfy the foodie queen, but the girls at home can’t be neglected, right?

“Can we eat too?”

Seeing Red Queen happily starting the second pot of braised beef, Cocoa’s forehead was also a little sweaty, although she also wanted to eat the dishes made by onii-chan, the tempting aroma is hard to pass up.

But dining with that Queen…

The pressure is really too great.

Wouldn’t she mistakenly think that she was robbing her food, and get angry and eat herself too?

“Eat, I will prepare another.”

Gently touched Cocoa’s little head, Li Yalin showed a faint smile, thanks to his adequate preparation of materials, otherwise, the task might be really difficult to complete.

To satisfy the stomach of the foodie queen, in addition to quality is important, quantity is also very important!

“Wow! So delicious!”

“I’ve never had such a delicious braised beef!”

“Brother Yalin is amazing!”

Just as the girls exclaimed for the special braised beef, Li Yalin has turned back to the kitchen and started the second pot of cooking.

With the first experience, this time he was more familiar, but unfortunately, it takes time to stew beef, which is inevitable anyway.

“Still some left?”

When Li Yalin returned from the kitchen to the shop, he was greeted by Red Queen’s eager eyes. What was placed in front of her was still a clean pot with no juice left.

“The first pot of braised beef has been eaten.”

When she got Li Yalin’s answer, Red Queen’s exquisite face suddenly collapsed. How to say, she actually gave people a very pitiful feeling at this moment.

The poor Red Queen?

If the residents of otherworld see that their guardian Dragon God will show such an expression, Perhaps even their faith will collapse together.

“But I have simmered the second pot, you can eat it in another hour.”

To be honest, Li Yalin find the disappointed expression on the Red Queen really interesting, but the otherworld’s guardian Dragon God is just teased a little bit, not too much.

With just one sentences, Red Queen’s expression turned from worry to joy in an instant.

Is the second pot already simmered?

This means that she can eat such delicious food again?

The Red Queen that delighted from being able to eat again, are you really the 6 pillar Dragon God of otherworld?

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