Cafe 204

The special version of braised beef is really powerful. It not only conquered the Red Queen from otherworld, but even the girls in the family also praised it.

What is this?

A windfall?

Speaking of harvest, it is actually worth mentioning.

A meal of braised beef has completely conquered the heart of the foodie queen. Looking at her like this, if not for her responsibility as 6 pillars that prevents her from leaving her world for a long time, perhaps she might have thought of staying at Kafuu’s house.

But even if she reluctantly left, she would keep looking back at every step. If it weren’t for Li Yalin’s assurance that he’ll entertain her when she came, she probably would not take the last step.

Although Red Queen is gone, she also left a lot of good things. The gifts for the girls and the big bag of gold coins for the meals aside, just leaving her mark in the store is already for Li Yalin has brought great benefits.

Red Imprint represents the supreme Kamui of Red Dragon God. For people in the world of Li Yalin, they may not know what this means, but if they are visitors from otherworld, once they feel the imprint of Red Queen, they will immediately understand.

This place is protected by Red Queen. If you want to cause trouble here, first consider whether you want to provoke the Queen!

It can be said that with this mark, it will save a lot of trouble for Li Yalin to open the store.

Although he can also expel diners through the system, the force of Red Queen’s deterrence is more useful than forced expulsion, isn’t it?

With this layer of protection, Li Yalin’s worries have been reduced to a minimum, but even if there are no more worries, he has to explain to everyone in advance.

After all, if he want to open a otherworld restaurant, he still have to ask the girls for their opinions.

“Opened an otherworld restaurant?.”

At the family meeting at Kafuu’s family, the girls were all surprised by Li Yalin’s proposal. The arrival of an otherworld Dragon God queen was enough for them to be shocked. Now they are opening otherworld restaurant?

Is this really okay?

“Yes, it’s the otherworld restaurant. The biggest problem we are facing now is that Rabbit House can’t open normally. In that case, why don’t we change our way of thinking and make money from otherworld people?”

Faced with the surprised eyes of the girls, Li Yalin smiled and nodded.

It is indeed one of his ideas to earn money from otherworld people, but more importantly, it was to complete the task of the system.

It’s a pity that he have to hide everyone about the system, and can’t explain it for the time being.

“I disagree!”

Li Yalin’s words made the girls fall into contemplation. After all, it made a lot of sense.

Rabbit House wants to open, but it will be difficult to do so in a short period of time. If it keeps going out of business like this, everyone will come and do nothing.

Since it has been out of business, it is better to transform, and at least we can earn revenue, right?

Unfortunately, while the girls were thinking, as the former shop manager of Rabbit House, Chino’s grandfather, Tippy suddenly got angry.

“Rabbit House is a coffee shop, not a restaurant!”

Well, it can be seen that Tippy has a considerable obsession with coffee shops, and it is indeed unacceptable to transform the coffee shop it has established into a restaurant.

“Who said that changing to a restaurant can’t sell coffee? And even if it is a coffee shop, we will sell some snacks at the same time, right?”

Glancing at Tippy, Li Yalin didn’t care about its opposition at all, because he never considered its opinions from beginning to end. Who made these two deep-seated antagonists of Chino-con?

What he really cares about is Chino’s thoughts, because he knows very well that Chino, like Tippy, has a deep affection for coffee shops. Suddenly turning the coffee shop into a restaurant, Chino still need to think of it thoroughly.

“What’s more, as far as I know, when Uncle Takahiro was still here, Rabbit House was opened as a bar at night? Why do you approve it when it changed to a bar, but disagree when it changed to a restaurant?”

Glancing at Chino and discovering that she didn’t speak, Li Yalin was even more confident towards Tippy.

You can change it to a bar, but not a restaurant. Are you sure that this is because of the obsession of the cafe and not deliberately targeting me?

“Smelly boy! I’ll fight you!”

When did Tippy beat Li Yalin in argument?

However, what can Tippy do besides the bunny head mallet?

In this way, the Kafuu family’s daily harassment is staged again, and Li Yalin is also ready for the outbreak of the rabbit war.

Anyway, he has never suffered.


“Grandpa! Stop making trouble!”

Just as a battle between man and rabbit was about to take place, Chino’s sudden voice attracted everyone’s attention.

Even Tippy, who was flying in mid-air, put an emergency brake, but it was a pity that it couldn’t stop, and it fell to the floor with a thud.

Stop making trouble?

Am I making trouble?

So I was fooling around in Chino’s eyes?

At this moment, Tippy only feels tears are streaming down his face, the old teary rabbit Tippy, this scene… is really entertaining.

“Onii-chan is right. As long as Rabbit House can reopen, it is better than anything else. Whether it’s people from otherworld or this world, they are all guests to us.”

With these words, Chino stood firmly on Li Yalin’s side and supported Li Yalin’s ideas.

Because of this, Tippy is crying even more.

“Thank you, Chino.”

With Chino’s support, Li Yalin is of course very happy. This does not only mean that he won the war with Tippy, but more importantly, he understands Chino’s intentions.

Yes, Chino agrees with otherworld restaurant, not just for the opening of Rabbit House, more importantly, once the restaurant opens, Rabbit House will no longer be open to ordinary people, so concealment magic will continue.

Only in this way can Li Yalin be able to carry out school idol activities with no distraction, and allow him to better promote Eiryou High School and launch more outstanding works.

She was thinking about Li Yalin.

With such a good imouto supporting himself behind his back, how can Li Yalin be unhappy? How can he be upset?

“In fact, I am also looking forward to receiving guests from otherworld.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s comforting and moving smile, Chino couldn’t help but shy, her cheeks blushing.

She could feel that onii-chan saw through her own mind, and he knew what she was thinking.

But the more so, the more embarrassed she become.

In the end, she could only say such a reason stiffly, which was considered to cover up the most true thoughts in her heart.

“Receiving an otherworld guests? Yes, it’s really exciting!”

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