Cafe 205

Opening the otherworld restaurant to receive otherworld guests, this topic immediately aroused great interest among the girls.

Especially Cocoa, she is quite curious about what kind of guests will appear later.

Will it be human?

Or the legendary elves?

The dwarves seem to be interesting too.

As long as it’s not too scary, the Queen is a good person, but she is really strong, she almost fell on the ground in fear.

“Don’t think about it so much. Before our otherworld restaurant opens, there are still a lot of things that need to be prepared in advance, so we will be quite busy.”

Seeing Cocoa’s imaginative appearance, Li Yalin suddenly amused and pulled her back from the fantasy.

Although the shop is ready-made, there is no need to change the tables and chairs, but many necessary things have not been prepared yet, so the next one will be time for a big purchase.

Especially when concealment magic is turned on, moving things will become very troublesome.

“Ms. Kowata, can you provide me with some help?”

At this time, it is necessary for a witch to play. Makoto is still in the trainee stage and is completely unreliable, but Kowata Akane is a very powerful witch.

Although her personality is somewhat carefree, it can also provide enough convenience for Li Yalin.

“Of course no problem, by the way, Yalin, you just call me Akane-ne.”

With a thumbs up, what Kowata Akane promised in a free and easy way.

But… Akane-ne? you sure?

Kowata Akane is already more than 20 years old. Compared to Li Yalin, who was nearly 30 years old before transmigrated, she was several years younger than him.

But compared to Li Yalin after transmigrated, she is a lot older, and it seems that there is nothing wrong with calling her Akane-ne.

Calling her Akane-ne is not an issue.

“Then please, Akane-ne.”

After a moment of indulgence, Li Yalin made a decisive decision. Anyway, he won’t lose a piece of meat after calling her sister. It’s better to say that by calling this out, she will be closer to him.

As for integrity or something, he didn’t care if it get falling, he already get used to it.

“Wrap it on me!”

Sure enough, Kowata Akane smiled when he call her Akane-ne. She has an informal personality and naturally likes this kind of refreshing way of communication.

In her eyes, Li Yalin is Chino’s onii-chan and Makoto’s brother, so naturally he is her younger brother.

Once this formula was established, she took Li Yalin for granted as her own.

Since it was our own, don’t need to care too much!

In this way, Li Yalin received the Witch’s Assistant×1, and the next day he also asked for leave from the school, putting the whole day on purchasing.

Needless to say, pots and pans, all kinds of tableware should be prepared in large quantities. Although there is no plan to vigorously attract customers, but it cannot be screwed up at a critical moment.

Particularly critical is the remodeling of the kitchen. The original home kitchen space is insufficient. This problem is very serious.

Originally, Li Yalin was thinking, if he had to find a renovation company to work overtime to remodel the kitchen, he would first remove the concealment magic, and then turn it on again after the kitchen was remodeled.

It turned out that after hearing about Li Yalin’s difficulties, Kowata Akane actually patted her chest to rest assure him that she took over the kitchen renovation work.

Kowata Akane remodeling kitchen?

He have never heard of her having this skill before.

At first, Li Yalin didn’t understand what was going on, but when Kowata Akane really started, he finally understood.

She didn’t do it by herself at all, but using magecraft to summon a familiar, and transform the kitchen through familiar.

This is much faster than the renovation company. In about an hour, the familiar called by Kowata Akane completed the remodeling of the kitchen. Everything was modified according to Li Yalin’s intention, without any flaw.

This transformation speed can already be called a magic transformation!

Still… the results is really good, Li Yalin wants to give Kowata Akane 10,000 likes!

The kitchen has been remodeled, the kitchen utensils are also fully equipped, all kinds of tableware are stored in the new cabinets, and the large refrigerators and freezers purchased in the department store are all in place.

So next… is the time to restock!

That’s right, restocking!

The seasoning for cooking, this Li Yalin has been prepared in advance, but the problem of ingredients has not been completely resolved.

If this is a normal restaurant, as long as they make a phone call, someone will immediately deliver it to their door. But the problem is, with a concealment magic, who can find the location of this store?

Did he have to buy it personally in the future?

Although in the current situation, there is no need to store too many ingredients like ordinary restaurants, but going out to buy vegetables every day is too bothersome, right?

Is there no solution?

On this issue, Kowata Akane finally gave him an idea.

Since the ordinary purchase channel is not good, then switch to another channel to purchase goods.

In the witch world, there are actually restaurants dedicated to witches. Although there are not many, there are also special channels for this purpose.

As for how to deliver, it’s actually not difficult. As long as they set up a directional transfer magic array, what Li Yalin needs can be transmitted through the magic array immediately after a call.

Just doing so, not only the purchase price is slightly more expensive, but also a considerable cost to maintain the transfer magic array.

Of course, they get what they pay for, and the sources of goods provided by the witch supplier are definitely the best, there won’t be much lose.

The news made Li Yalin quite happy.


As long as it can be solved with money, it’s nothing!

Isn’t it just money? He can pay more as long as it is convenient.

Seriously, he didn’t call her Akane-ne in vain. At least, Kowata Akane really did her best. Not only did she help build the transfer magic array in the backyard, she also personally helped him contact the supplier of the witch’s side.

With Kowata Akane’s reputation in the witch world, even the supplier is very face-saving, permanently giving Li Yalin a 5% discount.

Although not many, it’s enough to prove the sincerity of others.

After a busy day, the preparations of the otherworld restaurant finally came to an end. Looking at the finished kitchen, and then looking at the ingredients stored in the warehouse and freezer, Li Yalin’s heart couldn’t help but rise a sense of accomplishment.

This is his first time opening a store in a true sense.

Having said that, he seems to have read this setting of opening restaurants with otherworld people as customers before transmigrated. He especially heard that a light novel called Restaurant to Another World was also adapted into anime.

Unfortunately, he was transmigrated before he could see them.

So, what kind of customers will this otherworld restaurant opened by him?

Seriously, there are indeed some expectations.

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