Cafe 206

“Wow! The kitchen at home has changed a lot!”

Li Yalin and Kowata Akane had been busy for a day, and it was not until the girls come home from school in the afternoon that it finally over.

And just after the girls went home, they found the changes in the kitchen, and they couldn’t help being surprised.

Especially Cocoa, she rushed into the kitchen and looked around. She obviously couldn’t do anything but bread, but she was still full of interest.

“Wok! This is a wok for making Chinese cuisine! I have seen it on TV!”

Although the Japan district has been incorporated into the empire, the eating habits are still the same as those of Japanese cuisine, and kitchen utensils such as woks are naturally relatively rare.

However, as Li Yalin who is proficient in Chinese cuisine, the wok is an indispensable tool for him. In fact, not only the wok, but also all kinds of Chinese kitchen utensils have been purchased by him.

It’s just that some of them were not used, and they were temporarily taken to the warehouse in the backyard.

Only when it needed it will be taken out again.

These little girls…

Seeing Cocoa pulling Makoto in the kitchen with an adventurous look, Li Yalin smiled and shook his head.

Anyway, it hasn’t officially opened yet, so let them play first.

“Onii-chan… shall we officially open today?”

Although she has made the decision and also looking forward to the official opening of the restaurant, Chino still feels a little worried as it approaches.

She is not sure whether this restaurant would be fine and what kind of customers it will welcome.

“Well, it will officially open today, but before we open, we still need to prepare.”

Li Yalin could feel Chino’s worry, and because of this, he also touched Chino’s head lightly to assure her.

Although everything is ready now, there is one last thing he haven’t been able to prepare.

The restaurant cannot be officially opened until the final preparations are made.

“Still need to prepare?”

When it comes to the opening of the otherworld restaurant, Rize is the one who is most interested. After all, she is very interested in aliens, and she is looking forward to the first customer.

Hearing that preparations are still needed, she naturally asked immediately.

“Of course it is to decide the menu!”

Li Yalin did not hesitate to answer Rize’s question.

Yes, the menu!

This is the biggest premise for the opening of the otherworld restaurant!

As a chef who has opened the adept level Chinese cuisine option, Li Yalin can cook all Chinese cuisine without any problems.

But many dishes need to be prepared in advance, and there are also some cuisines that are not suitable for use. The most important thing is that those guests from otherworld do not know the cuisine of this world at all.

The cultural difference between the two worlds is the most important issue to consider when formulating a menu.

According to Red Queen’s introduction, the world she lives in has many countries and races, and the languages ​​and writing used by countries and races in different regions are also completely different.

Regarding the language problem, this has been solved by the magical otherworld gate, which no one can figure out the specific principle. Anyway, as long as one enter the world through that gate, otherworld people can speak a language that everyone can understand.

According to Red Queen, it is similar to a temporary law of arrival. If there is no such language law, after she arrives in this world, she may not understand what Li Yalin is saying.

However, this language law is not omnipotent, the scope of the rule is limited to this small coffee shop… or the otherworld restaurant in the future.

The most important thing is that this rule is limited to verbal communication, and will not be reflected in writing.

In other words, whether Li Yalin makes menus in Chinese or Japanese, it is impossible for otherword visitors to understand, unless it is in otherworld text.

So the issue is, who understands otherword text?

Anyway, Li Yalin doesn’t understand.

Opening an otherworld restaurant has so many problems. Without any other choice, he has to think a little bit more.

Hmm… it has just opened, so making too many dishes in one breath is not a good thing. After thinking about it carefully, Li Yalin decided to limit the number to ten.

From what he saw from Red Queen, she has always had a soft spot for meat. In this case, these ten dishes should also be meat-based, supplemented by vegetarian food. This should serve her well when she comes again next time.

Meat-based dishes…

Dongpo pork looks good. The braised pork also not bad. The pork tenderloin in sugar crispy and braised pork ribs, this meat diet can also be counted.

For seafood… oiled prawns and boiled fish should be enough.

For poultry, saliva chickens are good, and big plate duck also a good one.

Finally, add a Panlong eggplant and the classic Mapo tofu. Ten dishes are ready!

Said to be carefully selected, in fact Li Yalin also remembered some of his favorite home cooking. Before transmigrated, he occasionally cooked some dishes to reward himself. Now that he has adept level cooking skills, it was easy for him to make them.

“Wow… they look so delicious…”

Li Yalin listed the ten dishes after a little thought. As for how to recommend to otherworld guests, he still needs to think about it.

However, without waiting for him to consider how to recommend the dishes, he saw Cocoa was already salivating.

In the district, she seldom eats Chinese cuisine. Especially when she sees the detailed introduction of the dish, it would be strange if this little foodie can control her cravings.

“Well, I will cook all the dishes on the menu first and take a picture, so the guests can see it.”

Seeing Cocoa’s craving look, Li Yalin knew that he would have to work hard today, let everyone try it out first.

“Long live onii-chan!”

Li Yalin got up and walked towards the kitchen. Cocoa immediately raised her arms and cheered. This was what she was waiting for, but she was embarrassed to speak.

After all, ten dishes, and they all look so delicious, let onii-chan make them, even she would feel shy.

“Hehe, we’ll have a good time.”

Recalling the braised beef that she had eaten yesterday, Kowata Akane’s mouth also exudes a gleam, the unforgettable taste makes her don’t want to stop!

If she can eat such delicious dishes every day, she didn’t mind staying here for the rest of her life!

“By the way, I tentatively set the opening time for the store from 5pm to 7pm. It will only take two hours. If there are customers, we will entertain them. If there are no customers, it does not matter.”

After entering the kitchen, Li Yalin leaned back to remind others that this is the business time he just decided.

After all, it’s a restaurant for otherworld visitors, and he doesn’t want to open it for too long, so as not to be affected.

Two hours should be enough. As for whether to extend business hours in the future, it depends on the future situation.


Who will be the first guest of otherworld restaurant?

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