Cafe 207

The otherworld restaurant has opened, and its business hours have been set for two hours. In these two hours, it is still unknown whether anyone can find that door and come to this otherworld restaurant.

Although no one knows how many otherworld gates there are, according to Red Queen’s guess, there should not be too many, and the probability of being discovered is greatly reduced if they are scattered all over the world.

In this case, it was completely normal even if no customers arrive on the opening day. At least Li Yalin is mentally prepared.

But he was ready, but looking at the few girls in the store, they were all engrossed, staring at the store door.

He was dumbfounded by this scene.

Forget it, since everyone is so interested, let’s wait with everyone.

At 5pm, Li Yalin chose to officially open the store. According to his guess, otherword visitors should not arrive so soon.

But to his surprise, at the next moment, the copper bell rang, and soon the door of the store was opened.

The guest come so soon?

Seeing that the store door was pushed open, Li Yalin was a little surprised, but also a little nervous in his heart. After all, this is their first otherword visitor.

Even he is a little nervous, don’t mention the girls next to him, they must be even more nervous.


“So it was you…”

When the store door was completely pushed open, Li Yalin sighed immediately after seeing the figure at the door.

No way, the first customer who opened the store for the first time turned out to be Red Queen who just left yesterday!

Why is she here again?

“What? You don’t seem to welcome me?”

This attitude of Li Yalin made Red Queen raise her eyebrows. She could feel his disappointment, but she did not understand why he was disappointed.

He doesn’t want to see her?

As one of the 6 pillars, the Red Dragon God was given a cold shoulder?

“It’s not that I don’t welcome you, just not the one I expecting. Today is the opening day of the restaurant. I thought it was a costumer, only to run into an acquaintance.”

Waved his hand, Li Yalin hold no reverence at Red Queen now. There was no way. Even if the otherworld’s guardian Dragon God came to this shop, she could still be expelled as he pleases, naturally she wasn’t a threat.

What’s more, in his eyes, this is just a foodie queen. As long as he satisfy her stomach, everything is fine. In this way, how can he be in awe?

He had made up his mind a long time ago to treat this foodie queen as a friend.


Li Yalin decided to open the otherworld restaurant after Red Queen left. Of course, she didn’t know.

“That’s right. Anyway, the door has to be opened, so I simply use this door for small business.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Li Yalin’s answered in a very simple manner, which is what happened anyway.

“I see, it’s a good idea.”

Red Queen has a strong ability to understand. Li Yalin said very simply, she immediately what’s going on, and because of this, her eyes couldn’t help but light up.

“Since it is a restaurant, I want to order a meal!”

What is a restaurant? Isn’t that the place where food is sold? In that case, it’s okay for her to be a diner, right?

Thinking of this, Red Queen immediately found a seat and sat down.

When she thought of the meaty food that made her recall the food yesterday, she subconsciously licked her lips.

Can she eat it again today?

“Then this guest, what would you like to eat today?”

Seeing that Red Queen get into diners status so quickly, Li Yalin almost laughed, but he was serious now and came directly to Red Queen as a temporary waiter.

“Does that still need to be said, braised beef!”

For Red Queen, the most delicious food is nothing more than the braised beef. The attractive taste makes her unforgettable. Even if she eats it forever, she will never get bored.

Braised beef!

Just this!

“Sorry, our restaurant didn’t provide this dish today.”

Red Queen would order the braised beef dish, which did not surprise Li Yalin, but he did not intend to let her keep eating this dish.

To be fair, braised beef is delicious, and it is also a special dish, but she will definitely feel bored if she keep eating just one dish.

Maybe she haven’t felt it yet, but one day she will feel bored if she keep eating it.

It’s the most delicious when eaten less. If the customer wants to eat, he will always give them something. Otherwise, he won’t open this restaurant, right?

The most important thing is that he has finally thought about the opening day dishes. Isn’t it a pity if it get left out?

“No braised beef?”

Li Yalin’s words made Red Queen’s eyes wide open. She had great expectations for the braised beef, and she has been missing it since she left yesterday.

In fact, she has been looking forward to the door’s reappearance since she returned, and even she regretted it very much, she really want to stay.

For her, the waiting time, every minute is extremely suffering.

Now the door finally opened, but the result? No braised beef?

How can Red Queen accept this?

“The braised beef is a reserved dish in our shop and will not be sold often. But Queen, wanna see our other dishes? Although it is not as good as the special braised beef, it will definitely not be inferior. It can still satisfy you.”

Even though he said no braised beef, but if Red Queen keep insisting then, Li Yalin wouldn’t be able to refuse her.

But before that, he still wants to sell his proud work, although it is not as good as the special luminous dishes, but it is also his meticulous work.

At least he want to let Red Queen taste it first, otherwise how will he proceed with his next plan?

“Other… dishes?”

As an Otherword Dragon God, meat is naturally Red Queen’s favorite. Although the cakes she have eaten before taste good, it can’t be compared to meat.

She likes to eat meat. She likes to eat meat the most. It’s absolutely impossible without meat!


If there is no braised beef, other dishes… is there also meat?

She wil consider it if it had meat in it.

“Yes, let me introduce it to Queen.”

Seeing Red Queen’s hesitation, Li Yalin knew she was interested. He smiled and took out a menu, which was just prepared with the help of the girls.

There is no text introduction, only ten-course photos, but even so, it is enough to attract Queen’s full attention!

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