Cafe 208

The otherworld restaurant was opened for two hours, serving one diners. It turns out that the otherworld gate is indeed not that easy to open, especially only two short hours a day.

But even if there is only one customer, Red Queen, the gain is definitely not small. After all, she was the otherworld Dragon God. She paid with gold coins for the meal fees.

Yesterday, she had a meal of braised beef. Not only did she give the girls small gifts, she also took out a bag of gold coins as a reward. Today she have a big meal, and she gave out a bag of gold coins like before.

She is too generous, right?

The main reason for letting Red Queen try those dishes is to hope that she can help write otherworld text, at least mainstream otherworld text should be written, otherwise it would be hard to introduce them to the coming diners.

Red Queen did not let him down. Although the ten dishes were not as good as the special braised beef, she was smiling and obviously very satisfied. Writing a few otherword texts is but a trivial matter.

As for the price, Li Yalin also asked her seriously. After all, he doesn’t know what otherworld’s spending power is. It’s not good if the price is too high. If it is too low, he will suffer.

But Red Queen said that such delicious food is invaluable! If she is asked to set a price, one hundred gold coins per dish will be fine!

You local tyrant, Dragon God, of course think it’s okay, but one dish for one hundred gold coins… it wasn’t a price of a normal meal no matter what you think!

You are so rich, and have never worried about gold coins, okay?

In the end, Li Yalin couldn’t follow Red Queen’s price and didn’t set the dish for one hundred gold coins. The meat dish was tentatively set for one gold coin and vegetarian dishes were fifty silver coins. This should be fine.

As for whether or not to modify it in the future, it depends on the future, anyway, he can change it again later.

“That Queen… is too generous? Is it really okay for us to do this?”

After a meal, Red Queen left with satisfaction, but before leaving, she told Li Yalin a thousand times that when she came tomorrow, he must prepare braised beef for her.

Regarding the reminder of the foodie queen, Li Yalin of course promised her, but the girls in the family looked at each other for the Queen’s boldness.

It’s not common sense to open a store based on honesty. Now that the price is set, it is sold at the price.

But in the end, this kind of common sense is not for Red Queen. She will send out bags of gold coins without care.

This shop… is opened this way?

Chino is very confused.

“I will talk to her when she comes back tomorrow.”

Li Yalin was also quite speechless about Red Queen’s spending. In fact, he also mentioned to Red Queen today. Just follow the pricing on the menu. There is really no need to give too much at one go.

But in the end, she don’t care at all, with the appearance of don’t look down on me.

Although he knew that she did this deliberately to eat braised beef tomorrow, she was overdoing it.

Li Yalin understood Chino’s meaning, so he also decided to talk to Red Queen when she came back tomorrow.

Even if she’s a local tyrant. It’s better to do business in good faith, so that it can last long. Otherwise, if she keep giving a bags of gold coins, and it accumulate over a long period of time, wouldn’t this change their friendship?

“Then, I’ll leave it to onii-chan.”

Chino was a little uneasy from receiving too many gold coins. She finally felt relieved that Li Yalin’s promise to discuss things with Red Queen.

This is actually a loss for Chino. If it was a profiteer, they would be more than happy for Red Queen to come and send money every day.

After the business closed, Rize said goodbye to everyone and went home. Chino, Cocoa and the others also rested separately, and Li Yalin naturally returned to his room.

It was just past 7pm, and still not bedtime. He was wondering whether to continue writing about Sword Art Online or drawing Cat Eye. But suddenly his phone rang.


Why is she calling him at this time?

Pulling out the phone and seeing the caller ID on it, Li Yalin found it strange.

Student president-sama would call him at this time is not what he expected. It’s better to say that he got almost no friends, and rarely use the phone.

So… what is Uomi calling him for?

Although he wasn’t sure, Li Yalin quickly connected the call.

“Uomi student president?”

“Yalin-kun, I heard that you didn’t come to school because of something at home today?”

As soon as the phone was connected, Uomi’s voice was heard in Li Yalin’s ears. Looks like she was very concerned about Li Yalin’s request for leave today.

“Well, the house need to be renovated to open the store. It need my help so I’m asking for leave today.”

Although it cannot be stated truthfully, there is no need to conceal all of it. At least the shop renovation is true, so he didn’t really deceive Uomi.

“Is there anything I can help?”

Uomi seemed to feel a little relieved after hearing his answer. It seems it was indeed out of concern that she made the call.

“In fact, it wasn’t that busy. We are done today. I can go to school tomorrow.”

Feeling Uomi’s concern, Li Yalin is actually a little bit embarrassed. He didn’t really any help whatsoever.

Otherwise, when she come over and couldn’t find the store at all. He has to find another excuse.

“Is that so…”

Uomi was a little disappointed being rejected, the tone between her words stretched slightly.

She wants to help?

Or… she wants to come to his house?

This is not a good idea!

“By the way, Uomi student president, I have good news to tell you.”

With this thoughts, Li Yalin feels that it is better to change the subject as soon as possible. Otherwise, God knows if Uomi will actually come to his home.

Without a doubt, Uomi student president would really do such a thing.

“Good news?”

Uomi was a little surprised to his words.

What good news he can tell her at this time?

“We can officially proceed the second step of our school idol project!”

“Huh? Are you really planning to implement the second step plan?”

Li Yalin said there was good news. Uomi hadn’t figured out the situation too much. Our student president-sama was stunned after hearing his explanation.

The second step of the school idol plan should have already started, but because of the situation in Li Yalin’s family, the plan has to be temporarily terminated.

But now…

Why he suddenly changed his mind?

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