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Executing the second step of the school idol plan is not because Li Yalin has a change of mind, but because the opening of the otherworld restaurant completely isolates ordinary customers. The coffee shop business will naturally come to an end for the time being.

As for whether or not to restart the coffee shop in the future, that’s all for the future. At least for the time being, Li Yalin doesn’t need to worry about the interruption of fans, naturally there is no need to worry too much.

After so long delay, they can finally continue the school idol project!

It turns out that Uomi student president is really decisive. Li Yalin just made a decision, and she immediately uploaded the new work.

The speed is really fast.

As for the effect, it was exactly as previously expected, and the reaction of fans was unprecedentedly explosive!

In just one night, the two songs Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu and Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu -Another-Story- were topped on the video homepage, and related topics were also hot searches on social media.

They are obviously a school idol group that has just debuted, and even the face is not exposed. The popularity of launching new works is even incomparable to many established celebrities and idols. This scene has broken the perception of many people in the industry.

But it comes as no surprise as 永远はただの一秒から song has already conquered a lot of fans. The quality of the music in this world vary, and the overall level is lower than average.

Even in the best of a bad bunch, the works of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari can stand out, not to mention that their works are good.

Even if it was not an everlasting classic, it can completely touch the hearts of fans.

“ANC sent a message that they want to launch an interview with the school idol. I wonder if Yalin-kun are interested?”

When he came to school the next day and saw Uomi again, this student president-sama’s expression was already not calm.

There’s no way she wasn’t excited by this, even if she can foreseen the popularity of the new song, but it reached the top of the click list of ANC video network as soon as it is launched, and also been on the hot search list of social media. Even ANC want to conduct an exclusive interview with Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari.

With this series of surprises, who can keep calm?

“I had to show my face?”

ANC’s school idol interview. This is a good opportunity. After all, it is an official interview launched by online video platform. It must be prioritized. Once launched, it will definitely increase the reputation of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari.

But when Uomi told Li Yalin about the news, he was very calm and even asked back.

“It seems that you need to show your face, while doing live broadcast.”

Seeing him so calm, Uomi’s original excitement also calmed down a bit.

This time, ANC’s interview was conducted on the internet. Not only did he need to show up, but it also needed to be broadcast live on ANC’s live page.

As the largest video website in the empire, people not only able to watch videos on ANC, but the live page is also a project being actively developed by them.

With the development of the internet, watching live broadcasts has gradually become one of the pastimes of netizens. Games can be broadcast live, singing can be broadcast live, and even eating and sleeping can be broadcast live.

Although it has not yet reached the point where there is a live broadcast with a monthly salary of one million, the business of live broadcast has considerable potential to be tapped, and even many entertainment companies have turned their attention to this emerging industry.

After all, there are already a considerable number of anchors on the internet that have gained a lot of fans, even if they are not as good as traditional veteran entertainment stars, they will not be inferior.

This time ANC invited the live broadcast interview, it’s estimated that they are also planning to use Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari fame to increase the publicity of the live broadcast industry.

It can be said that this is a win-win plan.

“Push it for now if they want me to show my face.”

Admittedly, this is indeed a win-win plan, but Li Yalin did not intend to show his face on the internet so quickly.

It’s not that he was afraid of the pressure after becoming famous. Although it was some part of it, but more importantly, the timing is still wrong.

Yes, in his opinion, it’s not a good opportunity to show up publicly.

He and Kohinata Yukari have indeed accumulated a considerable number of fans now, and the successive releases of several works are also quite popular, but similarly, their debut time is still too short and the background is too low.

In fact, the reason why the internet now treats the two of them with a very enthusiastic attitude is more because of the mystery at work.

Once the mystery is broken, it might give them some boost for their appearance, but in the same way, many fans will tend to lost interest.

In that case, it’s better to use this sense of mystery and continue to maintain this popularity.

The most important thing is that if he show his face live now, would all the benefits be given to the ANC website?

The first appearance of the mysterious Eiryou High School idol group, is such a big news sent to others for no reason?

What a jokes!

There would be many chance to show his face in public later, why should he send out the benefits for no reason?

“Yalin-kun… I just found out for the first time that you are a profiteer.”

After listening to Li Yalin’s thoughts, Uomi is now in daze.

It’s like she just re-recognize Li Yalin.

“Hehe, I’m all for school considerations. Otherwise, do you think I am willing to show up and do school idol? Wouldn’t it be better to draw manga to make money easily?”

To Uomi’s surprise, Li Yalin rolled his eyes.

Isn’t it all for you that I have worked so hard?

Although uh… it’s also for completing the task, but there is no need to mention the details.

Well, no need to say more!

“That said, I really want to thank Yalin-kun.”

Li Yalin rolled his eyes made Uomi come to her senses. She didn’t know Li Yalin’s task, and naturally she subconsciously believed that all he did was for school.

No, more precisely, for her.

If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t work so hard.

“Then… how should I thank Yalin-kun? There is no one in my house tonight, Yalin-kun should… come to my house as a guest?”

While no one was around, Uomi stepped forward and gently took Li Yalin’s arm.

Leaning over and whispering in his ear, this sentence definitely makes the young man’s blood boil!

No one at home?

Visit Uomi’s house?

Having said that, this seems to be the second invitation of student president-sama, right?

What should he do?

Going or not?

Sure enough, still can’t go…

Although it’s indeed very exciting, but there is still a big stomach queen at home to entertain tonight. He can’t just go!

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