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After eating barbecue, Li Yalin not only successfully joined a magazine that is about to be published, but also has a blonde bishoujo editor. This bishoujo editor, expect the very disappointing AA level chest, he is very satisfied with the rest.

This is like becoming CEO then married an ideal woman to the peak of life?

No, in fact everything had just begun.

Elite publisher’s new magazine is called Weekly Young GONGON. According to Minano Matome, she originally wanted to run a monthly or semi-monthly magazine. But because of the bet agreement with the publisher higher up, she had to change it to weekly magazine.

Because of this, it is very difficult to get a manga for a weekly magazine. It is even more difficult to get a high-quality manga. Fortunately they get Cat Eye. Otherwise they had to admit defeat in this bet agreement.

As for now, everything is arranged properly. From Minano Matome’s mouth, Weekly Young GONGON will release the inaugural issue one week later and Cat’s Eye will also be published in the magazine.

Because Cat’s Eye has published two chapters on the internet, if the first two chapters are still published on the first issue, people may have suspect that the author is cheating. In this case, Minano Matome made a decisive decision.

The serialization of Cat’s Eye has been suspended on the internet. When Weekly Young GONGON’s release the first issue, Cat Eye chapter 3 will be published as the official content. Chapter 1 and chapter 2 will accompanied the first issue in the form of a free issue.

In Minano Matome statement, since she wants to make the new magazine bigger and bigger, she has to give up the initial capital. Now she must pay the appropriate price for her purpose. For the two chapter’s free issue, she must pay not a small price.

Not to mention they had to pay for the manuscript of the manga published in this magazine. Even the cost of printing a free issue is a large expenditure of funds. If the first issue of the new magazine are not successful, can Weekly Young GONGON have the second issue?

Sure enough, she is quite bold!

It’s a pity that Li Yalin’s current identity is mangaka. Even if Minano Matome’s acting style is more bold, he can only sighs. He can’t say anything on this matter. After all, the magazine is not his. To what extent this new magazine can develop in the future, it would not affect him much.

What he needs to do now is to draw the next plot of Cat Eye with peace of mind, because he has discussed with Minano Matome. When the number of pages published for Cat Eye reaches the requirement of publishing tankōbon, Cat Eye’s get the first priority to be published as tankōbon with Minano Matome’s publisher resources.

Cat Eye’s first tankōbon requires at least six chapters, that is to say, even if a new chapter is published three weeks at a time, the tankōbon will not be considered until the next three issues are issued.

Even so, Li Yalin can’t bear the excitement in his heart, and wants to draw all the plots of the first tankōbon at the fastest speed!

No way, he has been completely stimulated by the manuscript fee.

In order to win over Li Yalin, Minano Matome is very generous in terms of royalty. One page is 50,000 Japan currency. Forty pages on the first issue plus more than eighty pages of two chapters on the free issue. Together, this is one hundred and twenty pages equivalent to half a manga book!

For this reason, Li Yalin’s manuscript fee has reached more than 5 million Japan currency after paying taxes.

More than 5 million Japan currency in hand, which is equivalent to saying that Chino’s one hundred million debt has been completed by one-twentieth. As long as he can earn another nineteen-twentieth, this task will be completed!

How can Li Yalin not be excited?

“Yalin sensei… you are too fast… “

The preparation work before the release of the first issue is very busy. He can’t even see the newcomer editor like Otosuna Mihari for several days.

But as Li Yalin’s editor, Otosuna Mihari is still very competent. After the preparations for the magazine are almost completed, she immediately come to Li Yalin when she become free.

She is very concerned of Li Yalin as her first mangaka.

It was just that she never had thought when she come to Li Yalin side, she had a huge surprise. Li Yalin had drawn all the six chapters of Cat’s Eye in just a few days.

This is not a storyboard, but a manuscript that can be directly published in a magazine!

Otosuna Mihari is very clear that when she was separated from Li Yalin a few days ago, she and Minano chief editor had just read Cat Eye’s chapter 3 plot. Not only excellent as always but also further expanded the relationship between the main characters. Certainly can attract the reader’s attention.

But just a few days later, she actually saw the next three chapter plot. What kind of speed is this? Tentacle monster?

Even a veteran mangaka with the help of assistants can’t this fast!

Is this Li Yalin sensei?

Genius boy mangaka, godlike drawing speed?

After receiving the manuscript handed by Li Yalin, Otosuna Mihari didn’t read them but cast a strong worship towards Li Yalin.

“Well, I’m quite used to this speed anyway.”

Against her strong worship, Li Yalin’s first impression is dazzling. If this is in anime, Otosuna Mihari may have let out light from her body.

Fortunately, 2D has become reality so there is no such exaggerated scene. But he is not adjusted to her worship look.

“After make up the number of pages in the first tankōbon. I will take a break for a while. The previous high-intensity work made me exhausted and my family Chino had warned me several times.”

After drawing all the plot in one breath, Li Yalin next course is to take a good rest. In fact, he had no choice but to rest. After all, Chino has mentioned this matter more than once.

He didn’t want Chino worry too much, so he’ll listen to hes words.

What’s more important is that as Weekly Young GONGON is about to be released, he also has to face a very awkward issues — According to the system’s settings for him, he was living in Chino’s home in order to transfer school to this city. Now calculating the time, the first semester is coming soon.

In other words, he must go to school!

Isn’t this just too awkward?

As a self-proclaimed otaku nearly thirty years before being transmigrated. But after transmigrating he has to repeat as a high school students. Regardless what others thought, he feels quite awkward.

If he could, he really want to stay at home.

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