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The interview on the ANC website is to be rejected. As for how to reject it, Li Yalin certainly does not need to worry about it. Uomi will respond in a more tactful way.

However, the rejection of the interview does not mean that there is no need to plan for the next step. The release of several songs has already accumulated some popularity for Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, so it’s time to consider the next release.

Judging from the voiced opinion on the internet, Li Yalin’s popularity is significantly higher than that of Kohinata Yukari, not only because the female fans are much more powerful than the male fans, but the more critical reason is because of singing skills.

Although Kohinata Yukari has worked hard to practice her singing skills, her efforts are not as good as Li Yalin’s system support.

Before the next work is released, he have to find a way to make Kohinata senpai’s singing skills further.

“Yes, Kohinata senpai is getting better and better.”

Li Yalin is good at coaxing. He had no problem praising people, but he had a hard time playing the bad guy.

So in the clubroom after school, he still praised Kohinata Yukari’s singing skills as always. Even if he heard a few flaws, he didn’t immediately point it out, but prepared to help this beautiful senpai solve it later without notice.

“I still have a lot of shortcomings, I would like to ask the club president for advice.”

Although Li Yalin is not good at coercing, Kohinata Yukari is very self-aware of herself. She has not been dazzled by the praise of fans on the internet. In fact, she knows where her shortcomings are.

Many comments on the internet was very pertinent. The club president as the male vocal can interpret the essence of a song perfectly, but she not only has a weak sense of immersion, but also has too many problems in the conversion of tones.

But she was not the kind of glass heart that fell down because of negative comments, on the contrary, it also aroused her fighting spirit.

She knew that the boy in front of her, who was one year younger than her, possessed a talent beyond her imagination.

To make progress, she must rely on his help instead of just listening to that kind of praise.

“Okay, let’s work together.”

Kohinata Yukari’s eyes are very firm, which surprised Li Yalin a little bit, but… girl who works hard is always the most beautiful scenery, since Kohinata senpai hopes so, he must answer her, no?

So… let’s work hard together!

“Yalin-kun, I’m bringing you guests.”

Just when Li Yalin made up his mind, with a creak sound, the club room door was opened. Uomi student president hadn’t arrived yet, but her voice came to everyone’s ears.

Why did she run over again?

And… guest?

Turning his gaze to the door, Li Yalin found that besides Uomi, there were indeed several figures standing there.

Dirty joke student council trio?

Why are they here?

For the Amakusa Shino group, although Li Yalin has only met once, they can be regarded as an acquaintance.

But he didn’t expect that after having a meeting together the day before yesterday, and today they went to Eiryou High School.

And listening to what Uomi said, they are coming for him?

“Amakusa student president, Shichijou-san, Hagimura-san, welcome everyone.”

Although wondering, Li Yalin greeted them quickly.

“Excuse me.”

When they came to Eiryou High School, the Ousai Academy student council trio was somewhat restrained. After seeing Li Yalin, the dirty joke student president Amakusa Shino also bowed a little.

“They are…”

After welcoming them, Li Yalin realized that they were not the only visitors this time. There were four girls standing behind the trio.

What he saw was a four girls all wearing Ousai Academy uniforms, with different expressions, excitement and yearning, and the most remarkable one is the long straight black haired girl with a light blush on her face.

Shy long straight black hair?

Having said that, that girl with a very ojou-sama temperament, her eyebrows are really distinctive, semi-circular thick eyebrows, ordinary people can’t control this type of eyebrow, it’s easy to give people a kind of funny characters.

But when it comes to this girl, it doesn’t make people feel funny, on the contrary, her appearance makes her look cute.

Hold on…

Shy long straight black hair?

Thick eyebrows ojou-sama?

The other two girls… one of them has a headband that shows her forehead, and the other has a cute face. These four people are added together…



K-On actually joined Ousai Academy?

Yes, this is that light music club.

Li Yalin may not recognize it at a glance when it was another group, but the characteristics of the four K-On girls are too clear, especially when standing together, even in the real world, Li Yalin can say their names in one go.

“These are the school idol groups that our school will launch soon. Although they have always regarded themselves as light music clubs, it didn’t difference much.”

Just as Li Yalin was surprised, the dirty joke student president had already started to introduce them.

The cute Hirasawa Yui as the guitarist and vocalist.

The long straight black haired Akiyama Mio as the bassist and backing singer.

The carefree Tainaka Ritsu as the drummer and club president’s.

The ojou-sama Kotobuki Tsumugi as the keyboardist and black tea pastry eater.

Well, this is without a doubt the light music club. It’s better to say that in his eyes, the four of them combined together are the true completeness of light music club!

Unfortunately, according to the introduction of Amakusa student president, Hirasawa Yui and the others are first-year students who have just enrolled in Ousai Academy this year. In other words, the fifth person in the light music club four group – Azu-nyan has not officially appeared yet.

With some calculations, should she still a 3rd year junior student now?

It’s somewhat regretful not to see the five people gathered in the light music club.


The light music club appeared in Ousai Academy, and it was not formed just recently. Why did the dirty joke student president say that Ousai does not have a suitable school idol?

The light music club that had just met for the first time won’t be able to answer him since they just meet.

The one who can answer him is the Amakusa student president who is in charge of Ousai Academy!

“It’s nothing much, mainly using a little power to identify the light music fan club as a club. While I helped them to finalize the club’s adviser, and then solve the musical instrument problem, they are willing to become school idols.”

According to the dirty joke student president, the main reason why light music club is willing to become a school idol is because she has provided enough help in the name of student council.

But the problem is…

Why it doesn’t sounds as simple as it seems?

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