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What is the real reason why light music club became a school idol?

Everything starts with the establishment of light music club.

The encounter of the four girls in the light music club is actually similar to the original plot. It was basically Tainaka Ritsu who started it with Akiyama Mio, incidentally scammed ojou-sama Kotobuki Tsumugi, and finally lured Hirasawa Yui with food.

It’s just that the place where everyone met was changed to Ousai Academy.

However, the club formed by the four members of the light music club has not been officially certified by the Ousai Academy student council. At this point, Amakusa Shino, the students president, is still very old-fashioned.

A club cannot be established with a member less than five. It can only be handled as a fan club. What’s more, light music club has not found a sensei as adviser, so they are not recognized.

At this point, Tainaka Ritsu, the club president, had a lot of ‘fights’ with Amakusa Shino. However, all ended in failure.

She wants to fight the dirty joke student president who has no integrity, she’s too naive.

So without the recognition from the school, the light music club can only act as a fan club. Without a club room, they occupy classrooms that are usually unused. Without club activity funds, they had to do a part time job.

Although since the establishment of the light music club, they spend most of their time in the classroom, drinking black tea and eating pastry, but more or less, they are also working hard.

Well, probably still working hard.

As for Amakusa Shino, since the success of Li Yalin’s school idol plan, she has been very concerned about it. The student council can’t engage in idol activities, so it can only be found among students.

Picking and choosing, she thought of light music fan club.

Not to mention the strength of the four girls, just with their looks alone is already very eye-catching, after all, they are all very cute girls.

Especially among them, Akiyama Mio, in Amakusa Shino’s view, her looks are not inferior to those idol stars on TV.

In this way, her cautious thinking became active.

Want your light music fan club become an official club?

Want to have enough club funds?

Want a sensei as club adviser?

Want to get a formal club room?

If you wish, just sign a contract with us and become a mahou shou… wrong one, school idol!

After a series of temptations, the girls in the light music club was hooked. Of course, it was Tainaka Ritsu, the club president that really interested.

As for Akiyama Mio, she was extremely resistant to becoming a school idol from the beginning.

She is a shy girl after all, because she is shy, she does not want to be a dazzling star on the stage, otherwise, she would not be a bassist.

It’s a pity that Akiyama Mio’s resistance could not last long. Aside from the strength of Tainaka Ritsu, even Kotobuki Tsumugi and Hirasawa Yui stand on her opposite…

Who makes the official club recognition too tempting for them?

Of course, the so-called formal club temptation, Tainaka Ritsu also contributed a lot in the back.

Although she had a conflict with Amakusa Shino about the club, they had colluded secretly because of Akiyama Mio.

Poor Akiyama Mio, was taken on the pirate ship just like that, and still couldn’t get off at all.

Just yesterday, Ousai Academy light music club was officially recognized. In order to vigorously develop school idol, that is, light music club, the dirty joke student president has paid the money, not only provides the best club room, but also wins the best adviser sensei, even invested a lot in the purchase of musical instruments.

Anyway, it’s all reimbursement by the school. For the development of the school, some money must be spent!

In this regard, Amakusa Shino’s idea is very decisive.

As for today, why she took the light music club to Eiryou High School, naturally, she was also seeking experience.

She knows how powerful the light music club of Eiryou High School is, especially the hot discussion caused by the release of the two versions of Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu on the internet, which made her see the feasibility of school idol.

For the school’s future, their own light music club must learn more.

“Hello, my name is Li Yalin, club president of Eiryou High School light music club. Nice to meet you.”

How Amakusa Shino wins light music club, it certainly can’t be talked in detail, and he know he can’t ask too much.

However, he is very clear about the purpose of the dirty joke student president. It is nothing more than coming to ask for experience and help.

It’s impossible for him to refuse such a thing.

Not to mention that he really likes the dirty joke student council, and he has a good impression of the dirty joke student president. He won’t refuse her even if she brings in different people.

Not to mention the four member of K-On standing in front of him at the moment!

Guide the four member of the light music?

Who would refuse such a great thing?

Unless they are braindead!

“Please take care of us!”

Before coming, Amakusa Shino had already introduced the identity of Li Yalin to everyone in advance, and because of this, the four girls in the light music club has various expression.

Hirasawa Yui, who has always been cute, is a look of admiration, because she likes Li Yalin’s songs very much, and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that she is his fan.

As for ojou-sama Kotobuki Tsumugi, she has a curious expression, because Li Yalin can write lyrics and music as a high school student, and has such great singing skills, not everyone can do it.

As the club president, Tainaka Ritsu, her eyes are longing with excitement. In her opinion, what Li Yalin can do, they may also be able to do in the future. Even if they cannot reach that height, they may be able to have a concert and have a fan support.

As for the last Akiyama Mio…

She was really the shy long straight black haired girl. She didn’t dare to look up when facing Li Yalin. Her eyes were always evasive, and the blush on her face never disappeared.

Li Yalin was not surprised by the reactions of these girls. After all, he really likes K-On, and naturally familiar with the characters of these girls.

Rather, this is the light music club he knows.

Faced with the unanimous responses from the girls, Li Yalin’s mouth corner was raised slightly.

This feeling is really good.

“Li-kun, please teach them well.”

As for Amakusa Shino, she also bowed very solemnly to Li Yalin.

She knows exactly how important Li Yalin is. If he is willing to share some of his experience for the light music club, it will definitely save Ousai Academy’s school idol a lot of detours.

However, she also knows that even if they are in an alliance, it’s normally impossible to help each other without reservation. Since they are not in the same school, and there is more or less competition.

Precisely because of this her attitude was filled with sincerity.

She hopes her sincerity can impress Li Yalin!

She really needs help!

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