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“Don’t need to hurry about the school idol plan. I want to try out their works first. What do you think?”

Li Yalin can understand the urgency of dirty joke student president. In all senses, Amakusa and Uomi are very similar, whether the characters, position, or situation.

As Uomi cares about Eiryou High School, Amakusa Shino attaches much importance to Ousai Academy.

However, no matter how anxious you are, you have to do it one at a time. School idol can’t be successful casually. Even more as K-On just recently formed.

In fact, they formed only the most common high school club. No matter how famous they are in anime in another world, their achievements are actually limited.

At least in the original plot, they did not become idols in the end.

Therefore, it was impossible for them to make their debut as school idol immediately. Li Yalin still has this preparation in mind.

So… let’s take a look at the level of the light music club!

“Of course, no problem!”

In the eyes of Amakusa Shino, Li Yalin’s proposal is to comment on the strength of the light music club. Of course, she cannot refuse.

In fact, for this, she has asked the four girls in the light music club to bring a full set of equipment.

Guitar, bass, electronic organ and drums.

All are properly configured!

“Then please start your performance.”

Li Yalin’s club room is large enough, and the placement of musical instruments wasn’t a problem. The next step is the playing time of the light music club.

As the main reviewer, Li Yalin must be at the forefront, and Kohinata Yukari, who is his partner, will also be listening. In addition, Aoba and Nene this two small followers, Ousai Academy student council trio, together with Uomi student president formed as the spectators.

For the performance of the light music club, everyone expressed some expectations, but…

“Hmm… not bad.”

At the end of the song, Li Yalin took the lead in giving applause to the four girls of light music club. In any case, he is not the kind of judge with poisonous tongue, of course he can’t just give a bad review at the beginning.

With his lead, there were sparse applause in the classroom, but everyone could see it. This was just everyone’s spiritual encouragement.

This is not to say that the performance of the light music club is particularly bad, but from the beginning, everyone’s expectations for their performance were too high, and hard to accept when the result was not as they expected.

It just Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari combination are too outstanding. Light music club is just an ordinary clubs, it’s just too far apart.

Especially Amakusa Shino, her disappointment has been written on her face.

No way, the gap is too big.

The four girls in light music club just played a traditional folk song in the Japan district. The performance is just as good as Li Yalin said. From an amateur point of view, it can be rated as quite satisfactory.

But with a sharper evaluation, there are too many problems. First of all, no tacit cooperation. This is probably because they just formed. In addition, as the guitarist and vocalist, Hirasawa Yui also has many problems.

The rest… the drummer Tainaka Ritsu’s drum beat was too fast for the team to keep up with. While the bassist Akiyama Mio, perhaps because of her shyness, she has never been able to face the audience squarely, and she played a few wrong tunes.

Ojou-sama Kotobuki Tsumugi alone was the only one who performed the whole performance without any mistakes and flaws. This is probably related to the fact that she has been learning piano since she was a child, and has a solid foundation.

All in all, light music club has a lot of problems, but it did not surprise Li Yalin.

In fact, he would be more surprised if the girl had a fabolous performances, and would even wonder if it was really the light music club.

“Uh …”

After the performance was over, Akiyama Mio could not help but squatted on the ground after hearing the sparse applause, covering her cheeks with her hands, and began to escape from reality.

As Li Yalin thought, she did make a lot of mistakes in this performance because she was too shy, and even played a few wrong pitches one after another. It was really embarrassing.

At least at this moment, she didn’t want to hear any sound, nor did she want to see anyone.

“Mio… you have worked very hard.”

As Akiyama Mio’s childhood friend, Tainaka Ritsu came to her and patted her on the shoulder.

At this time, it should be her who give Mio comfort!


With tears in her eye sockets, Akiyama Mio moved away her hands unconfidently, and Tainaka Ritsu’s thumb and a smile that flashed with teeth were caught in her eyes.

It looks handsome, but it’s not convincing at all. Let’s say… Tainaka Ritsu is acting like an idiot at the moment.


“I don’t believe you!”

Akiyama Mio, who didn’t believe in the comfort of her childhood friend, covered her face again and entered the escape mode again.

She clearly playing very badly, so what can she do even if she work hard!

It’s nothing more than embarrassing in front of outsiders, but putting an embarrassing performance in front of him…

For a long time, Akiyama Mio has a secret that has not been told to others, even Tainaka Ritsu her childhood friend does not know it.

She liked a song and the male voice in that song. After just hearing it once, she was fascinated by that voice, because she felt that it was the voice she had been longing for.

Akiyama Mio’s love for music is not inferior to anyone, but because of her shy personality, she rarely shows them in front of others.

For this reason, after she fell in love with the song, she immediately collected information about the song online, followed the official social media of Eiryou High School light music club, and even joined the fan club.

She thought that she could only like this song silently, like the author of this song, the songwriter and singer named Li Yalin.

In her heart, she has completely treated him as an idol.

She had never imagined that one day she would actually see that person, and even play in front of him.

It’s a pity that this day has arrived, but she messed up.

How can she accept this?

“Yalin-kun, it’s time for you to play.”

Akiyama Mio fell into self-escaping mode, Tainaka Ritsu didn’t know what to do, the cute Hirasawa Yui looked dazed, and Kotobuki Tsumugi look worried at the side.

The situation of Ousai Academy light music club is really something.

Seeing this, Uomi stepped forward and patted Li Yalin on the shoulder.

At this time, can only let him come out in person, right?

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