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“Cough… some of your have flaws in your performance, probably because you guys have just formed a group and haven’t practiced well.”

Urged by Uomi, Li Yalin is actually a little awkward. After all, he and the four girls in light music club are also the first to meet, and are not familiar with each other yet.

Seeing Akiyama Mio fall into self-escaping mode, he certainly wants to comfort her, but in what capacity does he comfort?

It’s better to say… it will have the opposite effect if he comfort her.

But he can’t keep silent in this situation. He coughed lightly. There was no other way but to attract everyone’s attention from another angle.

“Hirasawa-san should have only been in the guitar for a long time, right? Although I can see that you are very talented in guitar, but you obviously have not exercised enough, and as the lead singer of a band, your singing skills are still slightly inferior. This is what you need to work hard to make up for later.”

Comment on these four girls in the light music club are what Li Yalin must do. Since he’s ready to help them, naturally he cannot be perfunctory now.

Anyway, he intend to attract everyone’s attention, so just put all the questions out.

“For Tainaka Ritsu-san. You should have been playing drums for a while. You are very skilled, but maybe because of your energetic nature, you are too fast. This is not a good habit, tried to correct them.”

First speak to dumb Yui, and then turn to Ritsu. The problems of these two girls are obvious. Even if Li Yalin doesn’t say it now, they can find it themselves.

“As for Kotobuki-san, your foundation is very good. You must have experienced relative system training. I hope you can make persistent efforts in this direction and improve your understanding with the group.”

Next, Kotobuki ojou-sama’s problem is not big, it can basically be covered in one stroke, but when he finally faced MIO, he was hesitant.

And this also attracted everyone’s attention, especially Akiyama Mio, who was still squatting on the ground.

It’s her turn?

Just lost such a big face…

She really don’t want to listen! She really want to find a seam to drill in!

But… she really want to hear it…

“Akiyama-san has good skills but too nervous. You should not be good at facing the audience? This problem must be solved if you want to become a school idol.”

Under Akiyama Mio’s ambivalence, Li Yalin explained her shortcomings. In fact, it should be everyone’s problem.

It’s precisely because of this that his comments are in exchange for the overall surprise of Ousai Academy light music club.

“Amazing… he see through everything.”

Hirasawa Yui covered her mouth with a dull face, her face was full of disbelief.

In fact, everyone has not talked about the light music club in private, but they didn’t care much. After all, it’s a club that plays ‘light and simple music’. Eating, drinking, playing and have fun every day is enough.

But after being heard once, it was immediately pointed out.

“So… Li-kun, you see…”

After listening to the comment given by Li Yalin, the dirty joke student president Amakusa Shino’s face was a bit ugly. It was completely different from what she had planned before.

She thought that for school idol, as long as she find a few beautiful girls who can play musical instruments, it should be all right?

But it wasn’t as simple as she thought!

They are beautiful girls and can indeed play instruments, and they can even form a band, but their level…

The folk song played by the light music club was so different from what she had imagined, it was too amateurish.

Even if she don’t know much about the entertainment industry, Amakusa Shino also knows that even if the four girls, light music club, are forced to launch, it will be difficult for them to gain support from fans.

“Take it slowly. This school idol has to come step by step. Just finding a few people to become a school idol, wouldn’t the school idol be too easy?”

Li Yalin knows what Amakusa Shino is worried about, but in fact, how could school idol be that easy?

Just after he and Kohinata Yukari released their first song, and successfully sparked heated discussions, all kinds of school idols sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, and the submissions of various school idol combinations on ANC videos are not uncommon.

But the result?

Except for some of the school idols with higher looks, which can barely gain some support, all of them disappear with no hope of returning.

After all, excellent works and a solid foundation are the real prerequisites for success.

The four girls of Ousai Academy light music club can become school idol, but not now.

“As you said… I was too impatient.”

Under Li Yalin’s reminder, Amakusa Shino finally realize this.

Yes, how could school idol be so easy to launch?

She was dazzled by the success of others, her thoughts is too shallow…

“Amakusa student president, don’t be too disappointed. I think these students have good potential. As long as they are trained a little, they will definitely be successful.”

Being poured a basin of cold water, the hot heart of the dirty joke student president immediately cooled halfway.

But if you hit someone with a stick, you always have to give some sweet for them to eat, right? At least it can’t make people feel depressed.

“Really? Can it really succeed?”

After hearing Li Yalin’s words, Amakusa Shino, who was already depressed, opened her eyes wide immediately.

The ups and downs are too much for her!

“Surely no problem!”

Listening to the conversation between Li Yalin and Amakusa Shino, Uomi is still the usual expressionless face, which makes people unable to figure out what she is thinking, but in fact, she has already laughed in her heart.

It was hard to be a school idol?

Is this plan difficult to implement?

Yes, as Yalin-san said, the school idol project is really difficult to succeed. No matter how hard the Ousai Academy works, they will need to spend a lot of time, and with unknown outcome.

Uomi knows very well that she is very similar to the Amakusa student president of Ousai Academy. She not only has the same hobbies, but also has the same identity, and is even striving for the same goals.

But the only difference is that she has Li Yalin and Amakusa Shino does not.

But it was just the only difference that immediately made them distinguish between the superior and the inferior.

Amakusa student president is worried about launching school idol, but she has a smooth journey.

The establishment of the school idol, the launch of the work, the soaring clicks views, and the hot discussion on online social media.

All of this is something Amakusa student president wants very much, but cannot have.

And for herself, just have a person with her.


Yalin-kun, it’s great that I can have you at my side.

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