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“Well, let’s start a training plan now and use a week for crash training.”

“If your training meets my psychological expectations, I will write a song specifically for you guys to use for debut, how about it?”

Ousai Academy light music club has so many problems that they can only start from the basics. After all, everything is difficult at the beginning. As long as the foundation is solid, growth will be easier in the future.

In order to inspire the four girls in front of him, Li Yalin also made a deliberate promise.

As long as they are willing to work hard, he will write a song for them.

“Really? Are you really willing to write songs for us?”

As soon as Li Yalin said this, Tainaka Ritsu, the club president, immediately opened her eyes wide.

This is not asking for experience, this is totally a dream come true, isn’t it?

Just look at how popular the songs of Li Yalin are. It was said that even many entertainment companies are very excited and even willing to pay a lot of money for his songs.

But those big entertainment companies couldn’t get them, but a small light music club could.

How can this be?

“Well, as long as you work hard.”

Seeing Ritsu’s unbelievable expression, Li Yalin smiled and nodded, let alone a song for these girls, even if he took out ten, he would never frown.

They deserve it!

“Mio-chan… pinch me to see if I am dreaming…”

Although she saw Li Yalin nod his head and heard his affirmation, but right now, Tainaka Ritsu still seemed to be in a dream and couldn’t believe it.

Subconsciously, she grabbed Hirasawa Yui’s face, pinched it back and forth, but looked at Akiyama Mio blankly, hoping that her childhood friend could pinch her.

“You asked Mio-chan to pinch you, but why are you pinching me?”

The cheeks pinched by Tainaka Ritsu hurt, Hirasawa Yui did not hesitate to fight back. These two cute girls actually played a pinch game in front of Li Yalin.

It’s a pity that dumb Yui is still the dumb Yui, which is completely inferior to Ritsu’s force. Although she fought back, she was quickly suppressed.

“Stop making trouble!”

In the presence of so many people, the two friends argued unscrupulously, which made Akiyama Mio blush.

He saw their shameful side again.


It’s all Ritsu-chan and Yui-chan’s fault!

“Thank you very much.”

In contrast, ojou-sama Kotobuki Tsumugi is still the most reliable in the light music club. She is neither look unbelievable like Tainaka Ritsu nor blushing like Akiyama Mio.

She knew that the boy in front of them gave them something that was hard to buy, and that his songs were not something that could be obtained with money.

Although she is not particularly concerned about becoming a school idol, her love of music is not bad at all.

She also likes Li Yalin’s songs very much. If she can get his songs, she will be very happy too.

Therefore, she would like to express her gratitude.

“You’re welcome, this is all I should do.”

Thanks to Kotobuki ojou-sama, Li Yalin waved his hand gently, it was just a song, he didn’t care.

“No! We really appreciate it, thank you for your generosity, Li-kun!”

Li Yalin just finished speaking, and dirty joke student president Amakusa Shino came to him very solemnly and bowed solemnly.

Compared with the carefree light music club, she thinks more and knows more about what Li Yalin’s song represents.

This is a great favor, but she can’t refuse it anyway.

Shichijou ojou-sama and Suzu-chan have the same attitude as the dirty joke student president. They also know what Li Yalin has brought to Ousai Academy, and they are naturally very grateful.

“Why are you so generous, saying that you will give them a song? When those entertainment companies contacted you before, you refused without thinking.”

“Tell me! Did you like those little girls?”

After arranged for the next meeting with the four girls in the light music club, Li Yalin smiled and sent the girls out of Eiryou High School.

But just after he sent the girls away, Uomi student president’s expression suddenly changed color.

She can’t berated Li Yalin in front of outsider, no matter what he said or did, she showed a supportive attitude.

But when the outsider left, she didn’t have to pretend, the dissatisfaction in her heart was naturally exposed.

It’s no wonder that with the popularity of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, they have not only gained the love of fans, but also the attention of entertainment companies.

For this new-generation school idol group to show great potential, naturally entertainment companies will throw an olive branch, hoping that the two can become their official contract artists.

Regarding the official debut of an artist, Li Yalin had discussed with Kohinata Yukari. Both of them felt that now they should focus on their studies. Becoming a school idol is just to promote the school. If they officially debut as an artist, it will put the cart before the horse.

So for the entertainment companies goodwill, they all chose to refuse.

Signed artists failed, and those entertainment companies did not give up. In fact, what they really value is not the two themselves, but the creative ‘talent’ of Li Yalin.

The combination of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari has released three songs in succession. The songwriters are all Li Yalin. What does this mean?

This is definitely a creative genius of lyrics and music!

Anyone that can sing those few songs can become popular, so naturally, those entertainment companies place their expectations on inviting the song writer.

Some entertainment companies even offer a sky-high price of 2 million Japan currency, hoping for Li Yalin to join them.

Unfortunately, Li Yalin still chose to refuse.

Li Yalin was not tempted by the financial temptation of entertainment companies, but when faced with a few high school girls, he agreed to write songs for them.

If there is no reason behind this, would Uomi believe it?

“How can that be…”

Facing Uomi’s jealous questioning, Li Yalin smiled bitterly.

Taking a fancy on those little girls?

My student president-sama, you’re too jealous, right?

It’s true that Li Yalin did reject the solicitation of those big companies. Instead, he was willing to write songs for a few unknown high school girls, which seemed incredible.

But the issue is, who are they?

That’s the famous K-On!

What’s wrong with writing songs for them?

Isn’t that a normal thing?

The most important thing is that he’s not writing songs for no reason. Didn’t the system sent him a task? He can’t just give up the task, right?

However, Uomi really doesn’t know about the system tasks…

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