Cafe 215

Daily task: Save light music club (3).
Task content: Help Ousai Academy light music club make a successful debut and release a competitive song.
Task reward: Selected Japanese songs encyclopaedia (2).
Task tips: A song for fifty songs, what a a bargain.

Just when Li Yalin was communicating with the girls in the light music club, the system released a task for him. What is worth tsukomi is that the mission to save the light music club is not limited to Eiryou High School, even Ousai Academy High school was also added together.

But this task content, in Li Yalin reflection, even if the system did not release this task, he plans to pick a song to help the girls of light music club debut.

Now with the task, he had more reason to.

As for task reward, a selection of Japanese songs encyclopaedia (2). This means that it’s the follow-up of (1), (1) had fifty songs, so (2) would have the same amount.

The fact is despite tsukomied the system, it was really a bargain trading one song for fifty songs.

But things like task can’t be explained to student president-sama, and she won’t know who the light music club is.

There is really nothing to be jealousy for.

So how should he persuade this student president-sama to let her give up that strong jealousy?

Just as Li Yalin had a headache about this, he didn’t realize that the student president-sama opposite whispered on her own.

“Forget it, let him take fancy of them. Anyway, I’m also quite interested in NTR, I can NTR back if I get NTRed first…”


Was it an hallucination? Why he seem to hear something terrible?

“Uomi student president…”

“Nothing, Yalin-kun can pursue those girls if you like them!”

Originally, Li Yalin thought he had auditory hallucinations. But before he could say anything, he saw Uomi student president suddenly smiled, and patted him on the shoulder very heartily, and even give him a thumbs up, showing her support.

Support him?

Go after those girls?

What’s this all about?

Oh, almost forgot. The student president-sama in front of him is extremely lacking in integrity. Not only does she speak freely with people close to her, she is also very interested in various ero plots.

Topics like NTR, seem to be her favorite.


Get NTRed first, and then NTRed back?

Student president-sama, I really underestimated your integrity…


Regarding Uomi student president’s astonishing remarks, Li Yalin expressed no comment in this topic.

Forget it, let’s retreat as soon as possible. He wasted a lot of time because of the arrival of the dirty joke student council and light music four members. Don’t forget, there is still a big stomach queen at home that needs to be solved in a while.

Come back home!

With yesterday’s experience, Li Yalin has realized that the Queen’s appetite is almost unlimited. Basically, she eats as much as she can. No matter how much food is put into her mouth, it seems to be poured into a black hole.

So this time, he plans to give Red Queen a big meal!

The braised beef with 50 catties of beef will make her full!

After returning home, Li Yalin immediately entered a state of intense work. He plunged into the kitchen and not coming out. The girls in the house looked at each other.

“What happens?”

Cocoa looked in the direction of the kitchen in surprise, completely unaware of what happened to Li Yalin.

“Onii-chan is cooking.”

With a slight frown, Chino went to the kitchen and looked around, then came back to announce the situation to everyone.

“Cooking? So early? We obviously not open yet.”

Generally speaking, restaurants start making food after customers order. Previously, it was at best to get some auxiliary materials to speed up cooking.

But now…

“Good smell! It’s braised beef!”

Kowata Akane’s eyes lit up while sniffing the fragrance in the air.

As an authentic foodie, she obviously can’t stop imagining the braised beef she had eaten the day before yesterday.

Although the other dishes are also very delicious, they are still not as good as the luminous dish…

Can she eat that again?

That braised beef…

Special dishes are different from ordinary dishes in that they not only have special attributes, but also have an extra delicacy bonus.

Because of this, Red Queen as well as the girls loves this dish.

“Broiled beef!”

At 5pm, the otherworld restaurant officially opened. Needless to say, the first one to arrive is definitely Red Queen.

She just opened the door, and the scent in the air made her feel refreshed.

Such a wonderful smell.

Sure enough, all the waiting is worth it!


Seeing Red Queen arriving as scheduled, Li Yalin also came out of the kitchen and welcomed her into the store with a smile.

“It will be served in a while, special version of braised beef.”

“I want a lot of braised beef! A lot of meat!”

How should one put it, Red Queen at this moment is really not like the guardian Dragon God of otherworld, but more like a kid looking forward to feeding.

Facing such a Queen, what can Li Yalin say?

Just use action!

Because he had enough preparations today, Red Queen was very happy to eat. A whole big pot of braised beef went into her belly. In contrast, the rest of the girls ate the small amount of beef, which just one part of hers.

Not only that, before leaving, Li Yalin deliberately brought out another big pot and asked her to take it away.

Seeing the full braised beef in the pot, Red Queen was so moved that she almost shed tears.

Although she can transform into a human form, the body of Red Queen is still a giant dragon. In contrast, she certainly likes to use her dragon body to taste delicious food.

It’s a pity that the space of this store is too small. If she changes back to her main body, not only it will not fit, it will also scare the girls in the store.

But now with this pot, she can take away the braised beef and return to her territory. She eats whatever she wants, no problem at all.

Even after becoming a dragon body, this seemingly big pot of braised beef will look small, but it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t mind.

That’s okay.

Rather, it was really great.

This human is very considerate, he always think about her.

Sure enough, to conquer a woman, one must first conquer her stomach. This sentence is also fully applicable to otherword Dragon God.

Through two pots of braised beef, Red Queen’s favorability for Li Yalin has risen rapidly. With this trend, it’s really hard to say how high it will reach.

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