Cafe 216

“She’s leaving so quickly.”

It didn’t take long for the Red Queen to enter the store to eat and leave with package. Especially for the foodie queen who can taste the food in the state of her dragon body, it was for the first time that the foodie queen can’t wait to leave.

Seeing her hurriedly leaving, Li Yalin was speechless.

“Today… there shouldn’t be any guests anymore.”

There was still only Red Queen as the customer on the second day of the opening of the otherworld restaurant. If everyone had a little expectation yesterday, then today, the girls are not so excited.

Although there are quite a few of otherworld gates, the number is definitely not large, and no one knows where those gates will open.

It needs luck to find them, in most cases, it was not something easy to find.

What’s more, the opening time of the store is only two short hours. After it past the appointed time, the store will be closed and the connection to the Otherword gate will also be closed.

The conditions are too harsh. With the current situation, it is estimated that a guest can come in ten days and a half, which is quite good already.

Fortunately, now everyone actually does not expect to make money on the shop. The gold coins given by Red Queen before are still stored in the warehouse in the backyard, and will not be used for a while.

The reason why everyone expects customers to come to the door is mostly to see otherworld visitors with their own eyes, that’s all.

Unfortunately, it seems that no one will come today.

Lying on the table, Cocoa was boringly drawing circles on the table while muttering softly.

There are no customers, this restaurant feel really desolate.

Should one say what you wish is what you get? Soon after Cocoa’s voice fell, the store door was opened with a creak as the copper bell rang at the door.

Somebody is coming?

Is it… a guest?

Only otherworld visitors who can enter this store during business hours, and because of this, the opening of the store door attracted everyone’s attention in an instant.

Even Cocoa, who was very lazy just now, sits up very nervously.

Who will the guest be?

Is it the Red Queen who just left?

She hasn’t eaten enough and is going to have another meal before the store is closed?

No… it’s not Red Queen. In fact, when the store door was opened, the person who appears in front of everyone is a ronin warrior dressed in a cape, a sword hanging from his waist, sandals on his feet, a middle-aged uncle with a long hair tied into a messy ponytail.

This is…

Unforgiven Yasuo?

Seeing this middle-aged uncle’s at first glance, this idea flashed through Li Yalin’s mind.

Really Yasuo?

Why he’s so old?

Well, although he look almost the same, but the other party is definitely not Yasuo, at least Li Yalin does not think that Unforgiven in his heart will be a middle-aged uncle with a patchy beard.

Otherwise, his three views would be ruined.

“Where is this place?”

The middle-aged samurai uncle who opened the door was obviously very vigilant, seeing that his right hand was always hanging on the hilt of the sword around his waist while looking at the decoration of the shop after entering the door.

This is a person from the otherworld?

Was it really not a ronin warrior crossing over from ancient times?

According to Red Queen, her otherworld is a world of swords and magic, similar to the world in Western fantasy legends, with elves, dwarves, and various fantasy creatures.

Before that, everyone had made all kinds of psychological preparations, and would not feel surprised even if an orc opened the door.

But unfortunately, the imaginary guest did not show up. Instead, an ancient ronin warrior uncle who looked like crossed the time and space came.

This huge contrast is naturally hard to accept.

“Don’t be so nervous, this is a restaurant, a place for people to eat.”

Not to mention that the appearance of a middle-aged ronin warrior is very difficult for everyone to accept, and the cautious attitude of the other party holding a weapon is enough to shock the girls.

That uncle…

He looks formidable!

In this case, it seems that Li Yalin can only come forward to entertain him.

After all, the other party is the first guest to arrive besides Red Queen, so he should serve him personally.


Right at this moment, the middle-aged uncle on the other side had already seen the environment of the store clearly, and also saw the unarmed Li Yalin group. It was until this time, he was slightly relaxed.

At least in his eyes, a few children and teenagers who has not gone through hardship wouldn’t be able to threaten him.

But as for what Li Yalin just said, he still maintains a dubious attitude.

“What the hell is this place?”

It’s no wonder that he didn’t believe it. After all, he just saw the otherworld gate in a remote corner of the forest after cutting a few monsters with his own hands.

Originally, a door appeared in the forest. This thing was strange from the inside out. After opening that door, he walked into a room like this, which is even more incredible!


Teleport magic?

“I’ve already said that this is a restaurant, according to your words… a restaurant in another world. If the guests are interested, they can order and eat here. If the guests are not interested, just leave through the door.”

It can be felt that the middle-aged uncle dressed as a ronin warrior on the opposite side may seem sloppy, but he has considerable strength.

He was indeed a visitor from otherworld, not ordinary people.

But even so, Li Yalin doesn’t need to fear the other party. So what if he is powerful? What about holding a weapon?

With just one thought, he can be expelled from the store immediately and can’t even resist it.

So… is he going to leave or stay?

Li Yalin has given the other party the right to choose.

“Otherworld’s restaurant? Interesting… since it’s a restaurant, let me taste otherworld’s cuisine!”

There are many otherworld concepts in the world where Red Queen is located. For example, worlds such as hell, heaven, or the country of fairy can be counted as the category of otherworld.

This middle-aged uncle looked like a kind of person with stronger receptivity, and must have heard of the existence of otherworld a long time ago. Because of this, he reacted very quickly, and went straight to find a seat and sit down.

“This is the menu.”

Seeing the middle-aged uncle chose to stay, Li Yalin’s corners of the mouth also raised into a smile.

Facing this customer, the girls were somewhat restrained, so he must become the waiter again.

“So expensive?”

The text on the menu is written by Red Queen and contains the common text on the two continents of the other world. The middle-aged uncle can definitely understand it.

But even if he can read the text and see the pictures, he still doesn’t quite know what the dishes listed on this menu are.

Most importantly, the price is too shocking for him!

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