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What is the consumption level of otherworld?

Although Li Yalin wanted to know more about it, it was a pity that he met a Red Queen who didn’t know the people’s suffering. In the eyes of that Queen, the least valuable thing was probably gold coins. For her, gold coins were all used for trading.

Because of this, Li Yalin somewhat referred to the opinions of Red Queen and formulated a menu of one meat dish for a gold coins and a vegetarian dish for fifty silver coins.

As for why the prices are unified, he is too lazy to calculate, at least it was very convenient, isn’t it?

It was convenient for him, but the first customer in front of him besides Red Queen frowned because of the price of the dishes on the menu.

What does a gold coin represent?

One gold coin is equal to one hundred silver coins equal to one thousand copper coins. It can be said that one gold coin can give an ordinary family of three a relatively abundant life for one month. Living for a couple of month wouln’t be a problem if used sparingly.

Of course, that is only relative to ordinary people.

For the rich and nobles, a gold coin is nothing in their eyes, they had no problem using it to eat dishes.

But… it must also worth the money.

In other words, is the cuisine of this otherworld restaurant worthy of the price of that gold coin?

Although he was very skeptical in his heart, the middle-aged uncle sitting in his seat remained silent, and his creased brows quickly stretched out.

Anyway, at least try it first, right?

“Then… I’ll have a braised pork ribs first.”

“OK, just a second.”

After reading the menu for a long time, the middle-aged uncle finally made a decision, but he didn’t order a lot, just a braised pork ribs.

Is it just a dish?

Is the price of a gold coin expensive?

Standing next to the middle-aged uncle, Li Yalin had already seen his performance. He knew what he thinks with just his sigh and frown.

Sure enough, Red Queen’s economic concept cannot be placed on ordinary people. Even with the hundred gold coins she said are reduced by a hundred times, this menu is still expensive.


It doesn’t matter!

That’s Chinese cuisine!

The essence of taste that has been passed down for thousands of years!

If he really customize the price to be the same as otherworld’s cheap restaurants, Li Yalin will feel like he was disgracing the food.

To enjoy the food, one must not care about the price.

It might feel expensive now, but after the food conquered your mind and body, you won’t feel that way anymore!


Let’s start!

After receiving the order, Li Yalin turned around and went back to the kitchen. It took some time to make braised pork ribs, something that can’t be done fast.

“I’ll send the water!”

Li Yalin has taken the order, but the girls hiding behind the bar counter are still in discussions.

Whether it was a restaurant or a coffee shop, it still need a free glass of white water. Ice water in summer and hot water in winter. Although it’s only a small detail, it can reflect the sincerity of the business.

Right now, the girls are still undecided about who will deliver the water.

In the end, Cocoa plucked up the courage to put the already prepared ice water on the dinner plate.

Although the uncle looks scary, she is a waiter, so she must not treat guests differently!

“No! Let me do it.”

Cocoa was about to come forward, but didn’t realize that Rize on the side has grabbed the tray.

To be fair, the uncle who is a ronin warrior no matter how she looks at it does not fit her image of an alien in her mind at all, but how to say, she is actually quite interested in something like samurai.

She doesn’t want to miss such a good opportunity to contact otherworld samurai.

“Or… let me try it?”

Before Rize could move, Kowata Akane also come to live up the excitement.

No way, her personality is carefree. Although she is not someone who likes to create more troubles in an already chaotic situation, she still likes to add fire when facing interesting things.

“No, let me do it.”

“I’ll do it.”

“Hello, this is free ice water, please drink it slowly.”

Just as the girls were arguing, no one thought that Chino had filled another glass of ice water and sent it to the middle-aged uncle.

“Oh? Is it free? Thank you.”

The middle-aged uncle sitting in the seat was pretending to be oblivious. The argument behind the bar couldn’t escape his ears, but he didn’t understand why those weak-looking girls would argue about such a trivial matter.

As for the ice water sent by Chino, he also nodded slightly, and then drank the ice water in the glass.

“Thank you very much.”

After drinking it in one breath, the middle-aged uncle thanked Chino. Facing the gratitude from the otherworld guests, Chino immediately shook her head gently.

“It doesn’t matter, do you want a refill?”

“Is it still free?”

“Yes, it’s free.”

“Then give me another.”

After adding another glass of ice water for the middle-aged uncle, Chino returned to the bar counter. Here, Cocoa was waiting to pounces on her!

“So cunning! Chino, you sneaked away alone! Obviously as your onee-chan, I should be the one to give a model example!”

For Chino’s sneaking behavior, Cocoa was very unwilling.

She has already made up her mind to serve otherworld guests with ice water in a very handsome posture, showing her perfect sister’s true qualities.

But her plan was all disrupted.

“You are neglecting the guest.”

Chino is very resistant to Cocoa’s intimacy. It’s not that she hates Cocoa, but that she is not good at such intimacy.

The most important thing is that when opening a store to welcome customers, we must be customer-oriented. Cocoa, Rize and the others are competing here, but they put the customers aside. Obviously neglecting others.

That something you must not do in business.

“How could this be…”

With Chino’s pointer, Cocoa quickly realized her mistake.

Big mistake, big mistake…

Why a perfect onee-chan like me would make such a big mistake?

“You guys seem to have a great time.”

It seems that there will always be endless topics with a few girls got together. Li Yalin has already cooked the braised pork ribs out of the pot before they finished their talks.

“One braised pork ribs, please eat it slowly.”

After hearing Li Yalin’s ridicule, the girls behind the bar immediately stopped, which made him smile, but now is not the time to tease the girls. He must deliver the dishes to the guests!


When the braised pork ribs were served on the table, the eyes of the middle-aged uncle flashed suddenly. In fact, when the dish was brought out of the kitchen, he was already attracted by the alluring fragrance.

The fragrance that he have never smelled before, is that the cuisine of otherworld?

Seeing the otherworld cuisine in front of him, the middle-aged uncle couldn’t help moving his index finger.

A dish worth a gold coin.

It seems it was worth the money…

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