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What is the cuisine in the world where Red Queen is located?

Although he has not really seen it before, Li Yalin also got some simple concepts from the description of the foodie queen.

In short, the word unpalatable can sum up the whole content of otherworld cuisine. The cooking method is monotonous, the seasoning is scarce, coupled with the prolonged war, most people can’t even eat a meal, let alone eating well.

Especially after eating the food cooked by Li Yalin, Red Queen can’t stomach the food of her own world.

There is no harm if there is no comparison. It’s not an exaggeration to describe those ordinary foods as hard to swallow after eating the real delicacy.

The otherworld’s cooking is just that backward.

So, what about the dishes that make Red Queen so moved in the eyes of ordinary otherworld people?

Just look at the performance of the middle-aged uncle.

The middle-aged uncle was relatively cautious at first. He carefully picked up the knife and fork and carefully observed the braised pork ribs in front of him. After a while, he finally took a bite.

However, just after he ate the first slice of braised pork ribs, it was as if he had been hit by petrified magic, his whole body stopped moving.

His state shocked the few girls who were watching nervously behind the counter.

It was like he was drugged when oblivious people see him.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the middle-aged uncle to return to normal, but it wasn’t quite right to say that it was normal, because then he turned a blind eye to outside matters and focused on eating the pork ribs.

The action of constantly stuffing ribs to his mouth looks really funny.

The girls behind the bar opened their eyes wide one after another seeing the exaggerating way the middle-aged uncle’s eating. Although they also like to eat Li Yalin’s dishes, they won’t stuff their mouths that way, right?

From his appearance, everyone can easily think of another otherworld visitor – Red Queen!

How similar these two states are, are people in the otherworld all hungry?

Have to stuff their mouth this way when eating?

As an honest businessman and chef, Li Yalin’s dishes are very generous. Even if it is just a braised pork ribs, it was enough to fill an adult man.

But this braised pork ribs is obviously not enough for that person.

Are everyone in otherworld such gluttonous?

“One more!”

Not surprisingly, the middle-aged uncle immediately ordered another meal after eating a braised pork ribs.

He has been completely conquered by that delicious cuisine!

“Okay, braised pork ribs, please wait a moment.”

Li Yalin had prepared beforehand like he was expecting it. After turning and returning to the kitchen, almost two minutes later, another braised pork ribs was brought out.

“By the way, we also provide free rice here. I wonder if you need it?”

“There’s rice? Give me some!”

Chinese cuisine is incomplete in Li Yalin’s eyes without rice. He is not obligated to provide it for free, but seeing that middle-aged uncle eats so happily, he can’t help but remind him.

A gold coin and a meat dish are indeed not cheap. In that case, treat the rice as a free service.

Hearing that there is a free rice supply, the middle-aged uncle’s eyes lit up immediately.

In the world he lives in, the Eastern Continent and the Western Continent have completely different diets. The Eastern Continent uses flour as the main food, while the Western Continent where his hometown is located is rice.

After coming to the Eastern Continent for decades, he almost forgot the taste of rice. Suddenly heard that there was still rice in the restaurant in this otherworld. Of course, he would not refuse.

Rather, he is looking forward to it.

“Please wait.”

Not long after, Li Yalin brought the rice to the middle-aged uncle’s table, but after seeing the steaming white rice, the middle-aged uncle was shocked.

“This is… rice?”

Looking at the crystal-like rice grains in disbelief, the middle-aged uncle really doesn’t know whether it was a bowl of rice or a work of art. Obviously, the rice in this otherworld is very different from the rice in his hometown.

“Yes, this is rice, please eat it slowly.”

Li Yalin didn’t know how shocked the middle-aged uncle’s heart was. In his eyes, this was just the most ordinary rice.

In other words, this is just a bowl of rice that is slightly different from another world.


Seeing Li Yalin’s indifferent eyes, the shocked expression of the middle-aged uncle finally reduced a little. To be fair, he had participate in the battle of Eastern Continent for decades, not only gained a great reputation, but also many knowledges.

Although he can’t calm down at the beginning, he can still control his mentality well.

The rice of otherworld?

Let me have a taste.

This taste, it was out of this world.

“Please give me another bowl of rice!”

The girls behind the counter looked at each other after hearing his voice.

“This is already the third bowl, right? Isn’t he afraid of bad stomach?”

“Does he think that the price of food is too expensive, so he wants to use free rice to pay back?”

Regarding the middle-aged uncle’s renewal behavior of bowl after bowl, everyone has started to tsukomi quietly.

In fact, even Li Yalin’s expression is a bit stiff.

His current thoughts are very similar to those of Kowata Akane’s tsukomi, and even adding more.

The side dish are free, so you want to try a few bowls of them first?

White rice doesn’t cost money, so you plan to eat all you can with white rice?

“I’m so sorry, I’ve never had such delicious rice… cough cough, I can pay for it.”

The girls’ whisper didn’t escape the middle-aged uncle’s ears, which make him very awkward.

The mellow rice grains really make him didn’t want to stop. In his eyes, this bowl of rice is not inferior to that delicious meat.

Most importantly, this is a staple food given for free.

One can’t be too greedy even if it was given for free, it was the worst behavior.

But after all he has done, he had no choice but to pay at the price now.

“It’s okay, it’s just some rice. You can still keep eating if you are not full.”

Li Yalin shake his head slightly towards the awkward-looking middle-aged uncle.

Although he also tsukomied because of this middle-aged uncle’s three refills. But it was just some rice, nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, he thinks this uncle is quite interesting.

Even if he’s just a diners, he can get some knowledge, right?

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