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The middle-aged uncle’s name is Shinmon Tatsugoro. From his outfit, it can be seen that he is not a resident of the Eastern Continent, but from another relatively distant continent – the Western Continent.

As an exotic swordmaster from the Western Continent, Shinmon Tatsugoro has gained a huge reputation on the Eastern Continent. It can be said that anyone who uses a sword on the Eastern Continent has definitely heard of Shinmon Tatsugoro’s name.

That is to say, inadvertently, Li Yalin’s otherworld restaurant welcomed another incredible guest after the Red Queen.

However, compared to Red Queen, Shinmon Tatsugoro is only quite famous in the human world, at best, only an expert among mortals.

Mortals and gods are not comparable at all.

From Shinmon Tatsugoro’s mouth, Li Yalin has a better understanding of the other world, especially in terms of diet. This exotic swordmaster’s knowledge is much better than Red Queen.

After all, for the aloof foodie queen, the human diet is not something she is bothered to understand.

Of course, except for Li Yalin’s cuisine.

“The business hours of our restaurant are fixed at two hours. If Mr. Shinmon Tatsugoro wants to come again, just wait for the door to open.”

After learning so much from Shinmon Tatsugoro, in return, Li Yalin also informed the other party of the business hours.

After all, he may not be able to find the otherworld restaurant again if he didn’t say anything.

“I will come again.”

After paying two gold coins for the meal, Shinmon Tatsugoro expressed his satisfaction. Even if the price of the meal is really high, he still feels it’s very worthwhile.

Of course he is willing to come again if there is a chance.

Yes, even as a well-known Western Continent swordmaster, a meal with two gold coins is still not a small number for Shinmon Tatsugoro. After all, he is just a swordsman, not a noble merchant.

From his words, it can be inferred that although otherworld has magical magic and strange races, its economic development is relatively inferior.

For ordinary civilians, the salary for a day of work is almost one or two silver coins. For capable people, their salary will be higher.

Experts like Shinmon Tatsugoro can pick up a task at will, hunt down a few monsters, and get paid in gold coins.

It’s just that for Shinmon Tatsugoro who is single and without other family members to provide for, he can’t really spend recklessly even if he have money.

It takes a few gold coins to eat a meal, even he can’t enjoy it every day.


Will come again.

This amazing otherworld restaurant has conquered his taste buds with unparalleled deliciousness!

“Come again.”

After sending off Shinmon Tatsugoro with a smile, Li Yalin’s task is also declared to be completed two-thirds. Then, as long as he conquer a guest with cooking, the otherworld restaurant task is completed.

Li Yalin is not particularly concerned about task reward’s Japanese cooking proficiency. What he really focuses on is the next follow-up task.

Since it’s the otherworld restaurant (1), there will definitely be (2) and (3). What kind of task he will be given and what kind of rewards he will get?

Seriously, he really look forward to it.

But… getting the third guest was not as easy as he thought.

The arrival of Shinmon Tatsugoro is just a coincidence, and the otherworld gate is not so easy to spot.

In fact, in the next few days, apart from Red Queen’s daily patronage, only Shinmon Tatsugoro will visit again.

Without so many customers, Li Yalin’s focus is naturally impossible to continue to focus on restaurants.

He can just wait for guests slowly. Anyways, his task is not just the cuisine save the otherworld.

“Amazing! Yalin sensei is really amazing! In just a few days, all the first prints of 300,000 copies were sold out, we are about to make history!”

The release of Cat Eye tankōbon has already been on the agenda, but Minano Matome, the chief editor, made a formal decision a week ago.

For the first release of tankōbon, Minano Matome is more or less cautious. The first print of 300,000 copies is enough for a week’s sales. Even for a famous mangaka in this world, the first print of tankōbon is only about two hundred thousand copies, very few of them over two hundred and fifty thousand.

After all, this is not a global edition, but a district edition issued only in the district. If it’s really distributed globally, maybe Minano Matome will have to consider printing millions of copies.

It’s just that as the district version cannot be accepted by all citizens, the decision of 300,000 copies of the first printing is indeed not wrong.

But what nobody could think of was that on the day the Cat Eye tankōbon was officially sold, the first volume of Cat Eye in major bookstores was quickly emptied. This situation made many people in the industry dumbfounded.

In a few days, all the 300,000 copies of the first printed Cat Eye tankōbon were sold out, and this is only a physical store sale, not counting online orders.

The enthusiasm of the fans is extremely high. What about the district version? What about minority languages? I support Lilin sensei, can’t I just buy for collection purpose?

Of course, the demand for the distribution of the global version of tankōbon is also increasing on the internet.

With current the situation, it won’t be a problem for Japan district to sell more than one million sales. After it’s released worldwide, with the accumulation of time, it’s not a dream to exceed ten million.

This is why Mihari is so excited, because as she said, it will really creates history!

“Not bad. Sword Art Online’s tankōbon will be released too, right?”

In comparison, Li Yalin is more or less calm. Although all the 300,000 first prints were sold out in a short period of time, it was indeed a bit beyond his expectations, but now he has long since paid no attention to money.

After all, no matter how much money he has, it just number. In contrast, he cherishes every day he spends with his family even more.

Of course, even if he doesn’t care about the money, he will hope to get a good result. After all, it’s a classic from the world in which he lives. He will be more happy if it get more recognition.

The district version of Cat Eye tankōbon is just a test of the waters. He and Minano Matome both know that the real meal will be the future global version.

From the look of it, it seems that there is no need to worry about result anymore.

“Well, the tankōbon of Sword Art Online will be released together with the global version of Cat Eye, and this time Sword Art Online will also be released in two versions at the same time!”

Hearing Li Yalin’s question, Mihari nodded immediately. As Li Yalin’s exclusive editor, she handled both of the upcoming works. This not only made her attach great importance to it, but also made her proud.

Cat Eye is about to create a miracle, Sword Art Online… should not be inferior, is it?

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