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Well, no matter how awkward, Li Yalin must recognize that he is going to school. By the way, he made a further discovery when he saw the school he was going to attend.

Private Eiryou High School, this is the name of the school that Li Yalin is going to attend. It looks ordinary without anything special, but when he saw the name of this high school, he couldn’t help but have a thought – Seitokai Yakuindomo!

This school name is actually quite generic, it must be a coincidence?

No, this is no accident nor coincidence. Eiryou High School is indeed the Eiryou High School that Li Yalin knows. He even found another school name that he is more familiar with – Ousai Academy!

It does not matter if it’s just an Eiryou High School but when there also Ousai Academy, isn’t this already quite obvious?

With the appearance of Otosuna Mihari and Minano Matome, Li Yalin has also discovered that this a 2D world being put together. Nothing to be surprised about if there are more 2D characters he knows.

In fact, he is more curious of Ousai Academy the real stage of Seitokai Yakuindomo. If he takes the lead role, should he be arranged to join Ousai Academy?

Isn’t he the protagonist?

After a careful investigation, Li Yalin finally realized that it was not about being protagonist or not. Because even if the male lead of Seitokai Yakuindomo really appeared, it was absolutely impossible to join Ousai Academy!

If you ask why, just because Ousai Academy… is a girls’ school!

Yes, Ousai Academy has not yet undergone reforms and still a traditional girls’school. Li Yalin wants to become a student of this school. Unless he changed gender first, there is no other possibility.

Nothing more to say about this, right? Go to Eiryou High School with easy!

It is almost a week away from the start of school. During that time, Li Yalin almost done preparing everything such as the new semester books and various stationery, coupled with new uniforms and bicycles.

The distance between Rabbit House and Eiryou High School is too far to walk and too close with car. So after a bit of thought, Li Yalin bought a bicycle to use as a vehicle to go to school. He is not tight in money anyway, buying an ordinary bicycles are no problem.

Li Yalin have prepared everything. He didn’t need to worry about Chino and Rize. They are more familiar than him.

There is only one problem which troubled Li Yalin and Chino.

They are going to school soon, but what about Rabbit House?

Before Chino’s dad disappeared, Chino was taking care of the store during her school hours. But now Kafuu Takahiro is missing so no one is looking after the store during the day and can only wait until after school to reopen the store.

But how long can the Rabbit House be opened? Even if Chino can come back at 4 PM and open the store until 8 AM, how much they can get from these few hours?

“Otherwise… how about hiring several employees?”

Because of the shortage of manpower, both Li Yalin and Chino fell silent, and even Rize couldn’t help much. After all, even she couldn’t be absent from school because of work.

In this case, Li Yalin feels that there is no choice but to recruit people. After all, we can’t let Tippy watch over the store, right?

“We can recruit new employee, but the salary…”

Li Yalin’s proposal is indeed the only option but the problem is that Rabbit House has no revenue at all. They won’t be able to pay the salary when they hired an employee.

Like Rize who had no problem with money choose to work in this coffee shop is after all an ojou-sama with weak money concept.

So the problem is, how to find a new employee like Rize who does not care about money and has time during the day?

Wake up, that is simply impossible!

“I can help paying the salary… “

“No! There’s no need for Yalin-san to pay with your money. We can just shorten the opening time. Rabbit House didn’t make much money anyway so there is no need to be wasteful.”

Recently, Li Yalin got more confident with the manuscript fee in hand. Although he has to continue to work towards the one hundred million goal, it is no problem to help out paying the clerk salary.

But Chino doesn’t want to accept Li Yalin’s helping hand. Not for anything else, she just thinks it’s wasteful, nothing more.

Chino know pretty well Rabbit House’s revenue. This is the reason why she couldn’t let Li Yalin help her.

She knows her limit. If it doesn’t work, she would rather shorten the time to open the store, there is no need to waste money.

Chino is quite persistence. Otherwise, she has long told Rize about the debt owed by her family. With Rize’s family capability, it just a matter of minutes to help solve the one hundred million debt.

Li Yalin respects Chino’s perseverance, so he is willing to help Chino keep her secret. He will not say anything more if Chino does not want to waste money.

But… is it really okay to close the shop during the day?

“Well, let’s post the recruitment notice, with the work time and salary are also clearly written. Everyone will be happy if someone is willing to apply. It’s all right if no one come to apply. What do you think?”

After thinking it out, Li Yalin can only do this as the last resort. Work from 8 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday with poor salary. Although the chance of someone willing to apply is infinitely close to zero, if there is a miracle?

Anyway, it just recruitment notices, and it does not hinder anything.

“Alright, then we’ll do as Yalin-san say.”

Although Li Yalin asked Chino and Rize opinion, it was Chino who ultimately had the final say.

Seeing this loli thought about it for a moment then looked at Rize and Li Yalin, she finally nodded gently.

So nothing else to say about this, right?

A fresh recruitment notice was posted with the joint efforts of Li Yalin, Chino and Rize. Nothing fancy, just posted the recruitment notice in front of the coffee shop.

Only the coffee shop customers will see the recruitment notice. In fact, in the eyes of everyone, only customer who come to the shop will take this job with that kind of salary.

So… will this recruitment notice succeed in getting them a new employee?

In terms of results, they did recruit a new employee but the new employee of Rabbit House did not come through recruitment notice.

It should be said that the arrival of this new employee is greatly beyond their expectations!

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