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“Two versions will be released at the same time? Minano chief editor really calculated everything.”

Li Yalin shake his head slightly to Mihari’s statement. With such a simple calculation, he can of course see through it at a glance.

As a fan of Lilin sensei, two versions of his new novel are released together. You don’t wanna buy it?

For the true fans, the answer is of course to buy, buy, buy, which is an obvious thing.

In accordance with the normal publishing sequence of district writers in this world, whether it was a novel or a manga, the district version is generally issued first to test the waters, and then the global version is issued after the results are obtained.

If it was a good work, fans usually buy the district version first, and then the global version. This has become a common practice.

But the problem is that the interval between the normal district version and the national version will remain between half a year or four months, and it is really rare for it to be issued at the same time.

It was rare but not uncommon. Under the premise that the work can definitely be successful, such a situation is also necessary.

In his eyes, this is purely an act of milking the fans’ money, but unfortunately, he is the author and not the publisher, and can’t participate much in this kind of commercial behavior.

What’s more, for a considerable number of fans, they want a few more versions for their collection.

This is what it means for different people to have different ideas.

But in any case, he won’t have to worry about money in the future.

He just don’t know whether the system will provide him with scripts in the future, and what scripts will it provide to him?

It’s better to have a script with a higher force value. It would be better if it’s a fantasy magic system. He… was really lacking in strength!

Through various signs, Li Yalin has discovered that the items or abilities he got in the lottery are all from the script works given to him by the system.

Such as Cat Eye and Generation XTH.

In other words, according to this setting, as long as the work of Sword Art Online appears, he had the opportunity to obtain the abilities, weapon or items in SAO when he draws the lottery.

Although it could not be verified immediately, Li Yalin felt that this idea was not wrong.

So he is looking forward to it, hoping that the system can give him a powerful work, and then use the lottery to gain stronger strength.

With the appearance of the witch and the existence of another world, he has deeply realized his shortcomings.

Not to mention, in the world of Gakkou Gurashi, there are so many girls waiting for him.

He can’t do anything without strength.

And the best shortcut to gain strength is the system!

Unfortunately, without triggering the task, he can’t get script or anything.

Get through daily routine as usual.

As Mihari said, it didn’t take long for Cat Eye’s global tankōbon and the two versions of Sword Art Online to be released as scheduled.

As one of the most popular manga today, Cat Eye’s first print number in the country is as high as one million, and the district has over 200,000 copies.

As for Sword Art Online as a novel, and it was the first to propose the concept of light novel, the number of first prints could not be so exaggerated, but even so, the first volume of Sword Art Online’s global first volume reached an astonishing 300,000 copies, while the district version is 100,000 copies.

Novels are no better than manga. After all, one is text and the other is intuitive pictures. There will definitely be a gap in sales.

Taking the novels of this world as an example, a normal serialized novel whose cumulative sales volume of the first volume can exceed 100,000 can be regarded as a masterpiece, and the total annual sales can exceed 500,000 copies can be regarded as writer masterpiece.

However, the annual total sales of manga of a well-known mangaka start at millions of copies.

Two editions of Sword Art Online were released at the same time, and the first prints totaled 400,000 copies, which has moved closer to the direction of writer masterpiece.

One must know that even for writer masterpiece, the first print of a work is only 50,000 copies. For some unknown writers, the first print of ten thousand copies is the mark. Normally, it’s actually several thousand copies. That’s it.

In such a comparison, the gap is really not small.

In a sense, in Li Yalin’s opinion, the loli chief editor who always doing things safe is actually quite a courageous person. At least in the eyes of many people in the industry, her decision is definitely impulsive.

Yes, they have to admit that Cat Eye is really outstanding. The 300,000 first prints of the district version have been sold out to prove the strength of this manga, and the first print of the global’s million copies is reasonable.

But this Lilin sensei’s first novel, and yet still dare to play like this without knowing the content, isn’t she a bit too bold?

Novels are no better than manga. It will get criticized if it was not recognized by readers and was not sold well.

How good is a novel written by mangaka?

Although from the very beginning, Weekly Young GONGON’s publicity campaign has not fallen, in fact, industry insiders are really not optimistic about this marketing method.

Yes, in the eyes of many people in the industry, this is a marketing tool.

Just because the mangaka rising in popularity, so you are going to fool the fans, and then use all kinds of means to collect money.

This is really ugly.

After all, it was a magazine that has just been established. It has insufficient background and always wants to win by surprise. But was it really that easy for fans to be fooled?

Do you really think that by creating what you called as a light novel will get readers’ approval?

Any novel written by mangaka can be easily sold?

Too naive!

People in the industry are not optimistic about Sword Art Online, and many fans on the internet also share the same views.

Even some true fans of Cat Eye still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the publication of Sword Art Online.

It’s true that Lilin Sensei’s Cat Eye is very beautiful, but manga is not equivalent to a novel. Although they want to support Lilin sensei, it should not be too blind, right?

Li Yalin is actually clear about this issues, because Mihari did mention it to him many times.

She even want to use various methods to counterattack, such as holding a reader meeting, high-profile publicity and the like, at least to suppress those bad news.

She really likes Cat Eye and Sword Art Online, and she is a loyal fan of Li Yalin.

Those negative remarks really made her uncomfortable.

But Li Yalin was rather calm to Mihari’s ideas.

Question SAO?

It doesn’t matter, let them do whatever they want.

No matter what people say, it’s better to use facts to shut them up.

After SAO is officially released, he can use the results to slap those questioning back to their face, right?

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