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It turns out that Li Yalin’s idea was right.

Sword Art Online is still the Sword Art Online, can shine in another world, and can be loved by readers in this world.

On the day of the official release of Sword Art Online, all 300,000 copies of the global version were sold out, and the district version also did not fall behind.

According to the fans who bought the novel, not to mention the content of the book, just those exquisite illustrations are worth the price of the book.

This hot sales really slapped the bad-mouthing guys in the industry.

Unfortunately, Li Yalin didn’t care about it.

After just listening to Mihari’s report on the sales volume, he no longer paid attention to the situation on the tankōbon side. He can just let Minano Matome handle it, so he didn’t need to worry about anything at all.

“Yes, really good, you guys have made a lot of progress.”

A week later, the appointment time with the four K-On members has came. This time, Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari came to Ousai Academy together. Accompanied by the dirty joke student council trio, they inspected the training progress of the light music club.

At the end of the song, Li Yalin is very satisfied with the girls’ progress. Although there are still many flaws and many problems, it’s enough to prove that they have really worked hard.


Playing in front of Li Yalin put a lot of pressure to the four girls in the light music club.

No way, as time goes by, the school idol duet of Eiryou High School has not declined in popularity, on the contrary, it getting more and more popular.

Looking at the comments on the internet, many fans said that they have to repeat three songs every night to fall asleep, and felt like dying when not hearing the songs. This is definitely an achievement that girls can’t even think of.

If they are trainees who have not yet debuted, then Li Yalin opposite them is the big senpai who has officially debuted. How can there be no pressure to play in front of the big senpai?

Especially for Akiyama Mio, she only felt that her back was soaking wet, her spirit dwindle and almost collapsed to the ground.

“Is it really possible? Would it be okay?”

As the students president, Amakusa Shino seldom listens to music, and can’t appreciate the quality of music. Although the girls in the light music club can perform well, she’s not eligible to give her judgments.

Their qualification is up to Li Yalin. If qualified, he will write a song for the girls. A song that all major entertainment companies yearned for but can’t ask for. It can save them many detours, enough to make them official debut works.

But if they fails, all their efforts will be wasted.

“Although it has not yet reached the debut standard, but continue to work hard at this pace, I believe that soon Ousai Academy will have its own school idol.”

Hearing Li Yalin said that they had not reached the debut standard made Amakusa Shino’s heart to sank suddenly. But she didn’t expect that after all the twists, all of a sudden her whole world brighten up.

Which means…

They are qualified?

“According to the previous agreement, I brought the song for you.”

Seeing everyone around him looking expectant, Li Yalin’s corner of mouth raised to a smile.

He knew exactly what everyone was expecting, but didn’t he actually come for this?

“Kohinata senpai, please accompany me to sing.”

The work prepared for the four girls in light music club has already been selected. No matter whether they perform well or bad today, he will give it to them.

Coincidentally, the song he chose was also sung by the four girls, and it was also a song he had heard a long time ago.

Yūgure, this song is from an anime work in the world where Li Yalin transmigrated was – The Rolling Girls. Li Yalin really liked it when he watched that series before, but he didn’t have any musicality at the time, not to mention he ca’t speak japanese at all, so he can’t sing that song.

Now he don’t have to worry about his Japanese and his singing skills are not bad, but he feels that this song is more suited for the four girls in the light music club.

And all he needs to do is to concentrate on setting a good example for these girls.

Kohinata Yukari has also learn about this song Yūgure, and even once sang in ensemble with Li Yalin, so she not unfamiliar to cooperate.

Borrowed the keyboard from Kotobuki ojou-sama, and Li Yalin took out his own guitar. This is the first performance of the Eiryou High School idol group!

“This is…”

Seeing Li Yalin adjusted the guitar’s and Kohinata Yukari’s audio test on the keyboard, Akiyama Mio, whose about to collapse from nervousness, suddenly tightened her body.

They are going to perform?

This is… the moment to witness history?

The true identities of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari have not yet been announced. Although some photos of the two have been circulated on the internet, they are not particularly clear frontal photos, and before the official announcement of Eiryou High School, everything is just speculation, and fans on the internet will not believe it all.

Because of this, Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari have never officially sung in public, except in the Eiryou High School and the recording room. Right now in the Ousai Academy light music club, it was truly their first times.

Thinking of this, how can Akiyama Mio not be nervous and excited?

In fact, everyone has the same ideas as Akiyama Mio.

Except for dumb Yui, who has a slow response, everyone has actually realized this.

“Then… let’s get started.”

Seeing the excited gazes of the girls, Li Yalin turned to look at Kohinata Yukari and nodded slightly.

The tacit understanding of cooperation for a long time made them need not say too much, one look is enough.

The excellence of Yūgure is unquestionable. As the girls who heard this song for the first time, it was also very shocking.

Such an excellent work cannot be owned by even those famous idol stars.

But… is this the song that will soon belong to them?

Akiyama Mio is gradually fascinated while listening, and her thoughts have been integrated into the flying melody along with Li Yalin’s singing.

“Very good! Great! Is this the song for us?”

Until the end of the performance, Akiyama Mio was still immersed in the ocean of music for a long time and reluctant to wake up. But unfortunately, with the excited cheers of dumb Yui’s, she could only wake up.

No way, this song is of great significance to everyone, and it must be admitted that this is really a very nice song, no wonder everyone is so excited.


Despite the excitement, it was not that simple to sing this song well.

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