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“Still can’t understand?”

Li Yalin has already sung the song for everyone, and a copy of the score is sent to everyone.

But the problem is, although in a certain sense they are talented, but with the airhead Hirasawa Yui and all kinds of troubles have appeared one after another, even Li Yalin has a headache.

For a newbie who has only just started playing music, it’s reasonable for dumb Yui to not understand music.

But after teaching her three times, the result still fails, which is really awkward.

“I can’t… I really can’t! I really don’t understand those little tadpoles! I want to drink tea! I want to eat cookies!”

Lying on the desk in the club room, dumb Yui hit it while swaying around.

She really couldn’t understand those music scores that were like bible. It couldn’t work at all even with Li Yalin teaching her patiently, absolutely not!

I want to drink black tea!

I want to eat cookies!

Music scores is too difficult!

“How about… we drink tea first, and eat delicious cookies.”

Towards dumb Yui who slumped down, Li Yalin pressed his temples speechlessly. Although he knew the girl’s character very well, and he had been psychologically prepared, she was really difficult to face against.

He would have given up already if she was not dumb Yui.

But the issue is… who made her dumb Yui?

Just when Li Yalin was having a headache, the attentive and considerate Kotobuki ojou-sama had already brought up the brewed black tea. Not only that, she also took out a box of cookies that looked rather expensive at first glance.

Dumb Yui become like this… was are you doing!

Seeing Kotobuki ojou-sama who was holding cookies with a smile on her face, Li Yalin also sighed.

Kotobuki Tsumugi’s pampering is definitely why dumb Yui become like this.

“Stop fooling around! Is this really time to throw a tantrum?”

Li Yalin didn’t speak, Kotobuki ojou-sama took it as tacit approval, but just as dumb Yui was lying on the table, enjoying Kotobuki Tsumugi’s food with a cute face. For Amakusa Shino who could see everything from beginning to end, she finally couldn’t bear it and broke out!

She can’t stand it anymore!

Although the dirty joke student president Amakusa Shino has a terrible personality, and likes to make vulgar jokes in front of acquaintances, but she is very serious about her job. It can be said that she is a conscientious students president.

Amakusa Shino is very concerned about the school idol plan. Otherwise, she would not have left a lot of student council work and went to the light music club to see the whole process.

Li Yalin sent such an excellent song, which made her feel grateful. She was even more touched that he guided everyone with due diligence.

He is clearly the student council vice student president of Eiryou High School, but he helped Ousai Academy with all his heart.

But the result?

How did the people at light music club respond to others?


Not motivated!

I help your club get the approval, finding the adviser sensei for you guys, even grant you guys such a large club room as the privilege and provide you guys with funds.

But you guys are like this!

You guys just want to drink tea and eat cookies, and throwing a tantrum!

Amakusa Shino doesn’t care what other people think, but she is really angry now!

“Ugh …”

Amakusa student president was furious, and her momentum was really overwhelming, at least when she shouted out, Hirasawa Yui immediately contracted her body subconsciously.

Seeing this scene, Li Yalin seemed to see the cyan dragon emerging from behind Amakusa Shino, and behind dumb Yui… was a shivering hamster.

One dragon and one hamster, it’s easy to see who would win!

“But… but…”

Hirasawa Yui didn’t expect that her actions would make the students president so angry. When there were only four people before, only Mio-chan was angry, and her anger was just a complaint.

She had never experienced such a horrible scene.

What to do?

She intend to rationalize, but she couln’t speak up.

Turning her pitiful eyes on her friends, Akiyama Mio didn’t even plan to help, because she wanted to teach dumb Yui a lesson a long time ago, but she didn’t have the courage of student president-sama and couldn’t do that. She can’t do it like her.

Rather, she is now more happy to let Amakusa student president ‘teach’ Yui-chan, so that she won’t be lazy.

Tainaka Ritsu …

Well, Ritsu has always had no integrity. Even if she has the same character as dumb Yui in a sense, she also likes to eat, drink and have fun, but she can see the situation better, knowing that she whould make things worse if she help her at this moment.

So to dumb Yui’s help-seeking gaze, she could only turn her head away with a guilty conscience and whistle to herself.

As for the last Kotobuki ojou-sama, she can only cast a helpless bitter smile on dumb Yui, she can’t do anything other than that.

I am done for!

My friends have abandoned me!

When her help request failed, Hirasawa Yui’s expression was quite distressed. Isn’t she just throwing a tantrum and wanted to drink tea and eat cookies? Why did it become like this?

“Hirasawa-san, you have promised at the beginning. As long as I recognize the club, help you find sensei, give you classrooms and funds, you will become a school idol and help us promote Ousai Academy, right?”

Looking at Amakusa Shino, although she doesn’t like being aggressive, Hirasawa Yui’s performance really disappointed her.

After all, she is really devoted to the light music club, and she also thinks that these four girls can bring hope to this school.

It’s a pity that she didn’t see hope, but a lot of disappointment.

“Uh …”

Hirasawa Yui was totally unable to respond towards Amakusa Shino’s question. Yes, they did so that the club could be officially recognized, and they fully agreed to the students president’s request.

But who would have thought that becoming a school idol would be so harsh…

“Okay, Amakusa student president, please calm down and have a cup of tea.”

Faced with this situation, Li Yalin is also quite a headache. To be fair, he does not think there is anything wrong with Amakusa Shino, but in the same way, he has no plan to treat the girls in light music club seriously.

Especially dumb Yui, if she is really restrained, is she still the dumb Yui he knows?

No, definitely not.

If the current situation was not handled properly, it will soon become a deadlock, which will not only leave a bad impression in Amakusa Shino’s eyes, but will also leave a shadow in Hirasawa Yui’s heart.

Music is a beautiful thing. Liking music is a good thing, but it will become a bad thing if it becomes a burden.

So it’s better to break this awkward situation first.

“Drink… tea?”

Well, Amakusa Shino didn’t expect Li Yalin to come forward and say such a thing.

Drink tea now?

Can she drink in this situation?

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