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“Hirasawa-san, I know that you have only just started playing music, and had a headache reading things like scores, but it doesn’t matter, we can take it slowly, don’t worry.”

Gently nodded towards Amakusa Shino, Li Yalin signaled her to calm down, and then turned his gaze to Hirasawa Yui.

For dumb Yui, who was scared like a hamster, his current behaviour was very approachable, speaking in a very gentle tone, almost instantly softening dumb Yui’s fear.

“I know Hirasawa-san are very talented, and also like music, but talent is not everything. If you want to go further on the road of music, you still need to learn systematically.”

“If you have something you don’t understand, just ask, I will teach you, okay?”

There was an angry students president in front. Dumb Yui thought that Li Yalin would also reprimand her, but she didn’t expect that she’ll got such gentle words.


This is the true meaning of playing the hero and villain. Although it’s their first collaboration, Li Yalin feels that he and Amakusa Shino work seamlessly together.

Take a look at dumb Yui’s obedient appearance with nodding heads, where is her appearance of throwing tantrum before?

“My senpai is amazing.”

Yui-chan can be obedient and practice seriously, Tainaka Ritsu on the side watching was stunned.

Everyone knows Hirasawa Yui’s problems. A novice completely unfamiliar with music theory and has not too much patience. Every time she says she needs to practice, she always drinks tea while practicing.

But now?

Seeing Li Yalin’s hands on guidance of Yui-chan, and Yui-chan is listening carefully, Ritsu feels that her three views has changed.

Something’s not right…

She have used similar methods before, but Yui-chan is still doing her own things, and even pull her into the water before she knows it.

But why can Yui-chan be so obedient when it was senpai?

Is this really the answer to the phrase that pair a man and a woman together and let them split the work, no one will feel tired when doing manual labours?

I’m a female myself, so this trick didn’t work on Yui-chan, who is also a girl?

Unlike the stunned Tainaka Ritsu, Kotobuki ojou-sama saw through it, but she just smiled without pointing it out. After all, she was also happy to see the change of her friends.

As for Akiyama Mio, she is full of admiration for Li Yalin now, he can make that lazy Yui-chan practice hard and still be so gentle.

It’s really great to meet him…

Is it great?

It is estimated that after a while, our MIO will not think so.

“You want me to sing too? No! Never!”

Dumb Yui was easily dealt with. With Li Yalin’s hands-on demonstration, she didn’t need to study the tadpole-like scores, but she quickly entered the state.

Although she can’t read music scores, she is born with a strong sense of music. With the demonstration of precepts and deeds, of course she will no longer resist as before.

But dumb Yui was dealt with, and the situation with Akiyama Mio reappeared.

Yūgure’s song is not a single lead singer, but is performed by all the members of the light music club. Tainaka Ritsu and Kotobuki Tsumugi both accepted the singing and were willing to practice it. But when it came to Akiyama Mio, she was very resistant about it.

Akiyama Mio’s character is timid and shy. She is not good at facing the audience. Even if she likes music and bass, she just wants to hide herself in the shadows.

This is really a daunting issue.

“Well, try to practice first. Akiyama-san should be able to sing if there are no outsiders, right? As for whether to sing in the future, let’s talk about it later, okay?”

Akiyama Mio is not as foolish as dumb Yui. No one can change what she decides. If she doesn’t sing, she doesn’t sing.

Seeing her squatted on the ground with her head in her hands, a look that no one can change her mind, Li Yalin was also a little helpless.

Take a look at Tainaka Ritsu, who was her childhood friend. Ritsu also sighed and shook her head, which already explained the problem.

No other choice, he can only let the light music club practice by themselves. As for how to solve this issue, it still need considerations.

“What to do? Give up the four-person chorus and let three people sing instead?”

In any case, Akiyama Mio finally stopped being stubborn, but that is only limited to practice in the light music club, or there is no outsider present.

So in the following time, Li Yalin didn’t stay too long. After asking the girls to practice hard, he took Kohinata Yukari and the student council trio and left the light music club.

Regarding this situation, Amakusa Shino’s brows were also slightly creased. She did not expect that there are still so many problems in the light music club, problem one after another, which made her worry.

And she also saw that Akiyama Mio is not Hirasawa Yui, she can’t be scared away. If there is really no progress, then can only choose to give up.

“No, it’s too early to give up. Although Akiyama-san resists singing, her singing skills are the best in the light music club. It would be a shame to give up on her.”

Regarding Amakusa Shino’s thoughts, Li Yalin directly shook his head. Not letting MIO sing? How is that possible! His favorite is MIO’s song, alright!

Although dumb Yui’s soft singing voice is also very cute, she has too many limitations. In his opinions, Akiyama Mio is actually the real lead singer!

But how to change Akiyama Mio’s mentality is a problem.

“Then… Li-kun, do you have any suggestions?”

Find a way if it can’t be given up. Amakusa Shino can only pin her expectations on Li Yalin.

“Can only do it one step at a time.”

A good suggestion?

Li Yalin would like to have a good suggestion, but now he really can’t think of a good way.

In the original plot, Akiyama Mio had no choice but to take up the role of lead singer because of dumb Yui’s hoarse voice. Then, after adapting little by little, she gradually dared to sing on the stage.

But in this world, how to repeat that story again to make Akiyama Mio brave?

Obviously impossible.

Sure enough, must find another way.


“Look club president, a folk band recruitment poster for the Hot Holiday Music Festival!”

After bidding farewell to the student council trio, Li Yalin walked side by side with Kohinata Yukari on the way home. Although he was accompanied by beauty, his mind was still on how to persuade Akiyama Mio.

This matter is really difficult to solve.

However, when he was worried about this, Kohinata Yukari suddenly pulled his arm.

Hot Holiday Music Festival?

Turning his head in surprise, Li Yalin saw a huge promotional poster.

Music festival, this can be regarded as one of the grand festivals in Japan district. From July to September, different music festivals will be held in various parts of the district.

This Hot Holiday music festival is one of the more famous ones.

A folk band recruitment poster?

This seems… very interesting.

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