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As one of the grand event celebrations in the Japan district, the music festival is very eye-catching. Although there are not many classic works in the world, it still can’t stop people’s enthusiasm for music.

The vast majority of those who can sing at the festival are well-known artist idols. It’s even said that this is not limited to district artists. The entire empire and even foreign artist idols will also be invited to participate in this festival.

During the festival, in addition to the major TV stations in the district, the Empire state television will also do a follow up and report the whole process.

It can be said that the music festival is the famous avenue of stars and idols. Once it was recognized by the audience at the music festival, it is definitely not a dream for one’s fame to spread all over the country.

Hot Holiday Music Festival is one of the top music festivals in the district. With the empire’s increasing promotion of the cultural and entertainment industry, this year’s music festival will be even more spectacular.

“Folk band…”

Looking at the text on the poster, Li Yalin was lost in thought.

In order to promote the concept of entertainment for all, this Hot Holiday Music Festival very unexpected launched a folk band contest. Everyone can sign up as long as they are official artists who have not registered to debut in a formal idol firm or entertainment company.

For example, Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari duo. Although they both debuted as school idol and gained a large number of fans, they did not formally register as an artist, so they are also within the scope of registration for this contest.

As long as you successfully sign up and stand out from a large number of folk bands, you will be eligible for the official stage of the Hot Holiday Music Festival.

Quite an interesting hyped event.

After a while, Li Yalin came up with answer.

It’s reasonable to say that such contest are more or less shady. At least he does not think that those big companies will give up such a good opportunity to make those real folk bands famous for no reason.

Those bands who signed up for this contest are probably trainees from major entertainment companies or idol firms.

So… should he participate in this?

He never appeared in public before because he feels that the time is not yet ripe. It would not be unacceptable to appears in such a large-scale contest.

He just don’t know how long the competing processes will take to completes. It didn’t worth the troubles if it takes too much time.

“Club president want to participate in this contest?”

Seeing Li Yalin pondering in front of the poster for a long time, Kohinata Yukari also guessed his thoughts.

“I have thought of this, but I don’t know how long it will take, it just too much of a hassle if we show up from the beginning.”

Nodded, and then shook his head again. Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari have been partnering for so long, so there is no need to worry too much. He can just say whatever he want to say.

“I see…”

Hearing Li Yalin’s answer, Kohinata Yukari hesitated for a moment, then took out her cell phone and dialed a number.

Li Yalin did not overheard on what Kohinata Yukari said on the phone. Although they are partners, they must leave enough private space for each other. After all, they are only partners, and not in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

But… he was quite curious who Kohinata Yukari called.

Of course, it was limited to curiosity.

“Club president, if we can participate directly as the regional chosen finalists, should we sign up?”


After hanging up, Kohinata Yukari’s first sentence made Li Yalin shocked.

Directly participate as the region chosen finalists?

You can do that?

“Of course I am willing to participates, but this music festival is not operate by your family, we can’t just walk through the back door.”

After a moment of surprise, Li Yalin shook his head a little funny.

The folk band contest competing process was written very clearly. After the participating bands registered, they must go through the official screening test in order to qualify for the regional finalists.

The top three bands as the regional finalists will own an entrance ticket to the Hot Holiday Music Festival.

Even with entrance ticket, you have to have enough strength. Getting on the stage of the Hot Holiday Music Festival is only the first step. You will get eliminated immediately once the audience does not buy it.

The stage of the Hot Holiday Music Festival is reserved for truly capable people.

Although the process seems simple, in fact, only the official initial screening is enough to eliminate most of the contestants. One must know that even if the Japan district is divided into many areas, there are definitely no shortage of talents in each area.

Such a grand event won’t be easy.

That’s why he said, go through the back door? No way it’s possible.

“That… it seems that our family does hold part of the right to speak in the Hot Holiday Music Festival…”

Just when Li Yalin shakes his head, Kohinata Yukari showed an awkward look on her face, and her next sentence also caused Li Yalin to open his mouth wide and couldn’t speak again.

It was really operates by your family?

Although the Kohinata family was born in a small remote town, they are indeed one of the richest in the district today. Of course they would take part in a music festival.

But Li Yalin didn’t know this, and it made him very embarrassed.

“Club president… should we participate in this contest…”

Seeing Li Yalin’s awkward expression, Kohinata Yukari also didn’t know what to say.

She wouldn’t say so much if she know it would become like this…

“Participate! Of course we’ll participate! If we can go through back door, why not use it?”

Kohinata Yukari though that if Li Yalin is very concerned about face issues, and would refuse the assistance of Kohinata family. After all, this back door can be regarded as shady.

But she didn’t expect that Li Yalin would hesitated for a moment, and then nodded his head firmly.

Yes, he doesn’t have so many machismo thoughts, and he doesn’t care about face issues.

Isn’t it just going through the back door? What’s the big deal, it’s just mooching on Kohinata senpai, right?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. One must know that the district finalists will be on TV live broadcast. That kind of public appearance is the real debut of this school idol group.

It’s just that, the peaceful days are going to be gone forever. The road to idols is not that easy!

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