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Choosing to participate in the folk band events of the Hot Holiday Music Festival is not Li Yalin’s whim, but he feels that the school idol combination of himself and Kohinata Yukari will embark on a broader path sooner or later, even if he does not participate now, he’ll have to participate later.

He knows exactly what changes it will bring to his life after he really shows up in public and becomes famous.

However, he is not very worried about this.

No one can find the Rabbit House with the concealment magic, so there is no need to worry about disturbing everyone’s life.

As for him, he can also use the power of magecraft. Even the house can be hidden, it should be possible to make himself inconspicuous, right?

For magecraft about hiding oneself, he still need to ask Kowata Akane about it. Although Makoto is also a witch, she is too immature in comparison.

All in all, he has no worries about being famous now, even if there is occasional harassment, it shouldn’t be a problem.

In that case, what are we waiting for?

Participate in the selection event!

Daily task: Save light music club (4).
Task content: Participate in the Hot Holiday Music Festival as the folk band regional chosen finalists and get the most popular score.
Task reward: Selected English songs encyclopaedia (1).
Task tips: The contest shouldn’t be that difficult, no tips are needed.

After deciding to participate in this folk band selection event, the system also issues a new daily task. To be honest, even without this side task, Li Yalin’s goal is also the most popular and never considered the issue of failure.

The only pity is the reward. It was a selected encyclopaedia of English songs. In fact, what he wanted more was a selected encyclopaedia of Chinese songs.

After all, Japanese songs are a niche language in the empire, it’s very popular in the district, but have certain limitations to extended to the entire empire. While English as a foreign language has more limitations than Japanese, not to mention whether it would be received well by the audiences.

But he still get a reward for nothing, so he won’t refuse this task.


“Senpai is going to participate in the Hot Holiday Music Festival as the folk band regional chosen finalists?.”

The next day, in Ousai Academy light music club, the four girls who received the news from Li Yalin were dumbfounded.

They have seen the recruitment posters of folk bands, and they have discussed it in private, wanting to witness the grand event.

Master within the folk is not just a saying. Regardless of the fact that the officially debuted artist idols have many fans, there are many folk bands that have not officially registered artist status, and they are also very popular with fans.

Tickets for the Hot Holiday Music Festival are hard to find. Even if there are tickets for sale, the price makes the four girls can’t even think about it. No… It should be said that if everyone is interested, Kotobuki ojou-sama should be able to help everyone. They can get the tickets, but the issues is, would everyone let Kotobuki ojou-sama spend this much money?

So they could only think about the selection event tickets. Getting the chosen finalists is probably out of their reach, but the tickets for the preliminary games should still be available.

This… is too exaggerated, right?

“Well, thanks to the relationship with the Kohinata senpai family, many steps are omitted.”

Although going through the back door is not something to show off, but they are not really engaged in something shady.

In fact, the Kohinata family welcomes Li Yalin to join. After all, the first public appearance of the Eiryou High School idol group in front of the camera is a very hot topic from any angle.

At that time, the regional chosen finalists will also receive more attention. It will be a win-win situation no matter how one think.

The only thing that makes Li Yalin more awkward is that the family of Kohinata Yukari seems to have paid attention to him very early, and at the same time supports Kohinata Yukari’s idol activities. Even said that Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather also invite him to Kohinata house as a guest.

What is this?

Meet the parents?

He can politely decline them for the first time, but this matters… how many times he can avoid them?

Li Yalin always has a hunch that the old man on the phone must treat him as his granddaughter’s husband.

Don’t ask him how he had such premonition. If it weren’t, the old man’s attitude would definitely not be so amiable!

All in all, let’s put aside the attitude of Kohinata family for the time being. Participating as the district chosen finalist is already a certainty, and he is also prepared.

The reason why he came to talk to everyone in light music club today is mainly for another purpose.

“So amazing…”

Regardless of whether Li Yalin walks through the back door or not and get the qualification as finalists, this is something that a few girls can’t imagine. The most important thing is that they know Li Yalin’s strength very well, so naturally they will not doubt whether he has this qualification.

The only thing they can do now is to sigh with emotion.

“Although I am qualified to participate, there are still many problems that have not been resolved if I want to participate.”

Just as the girls sighed, Li Yalin suddenly shook his head and sighed, which immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“Problem? Senpai, do you have any problems, can I help you?”

For Li Yalin, this gentle senpai, the cute Hirasawa Yui is quite fond of him. Whenever she faces him, she always feels like she is facing onii-chan who spoiled her, making her unconscious brought in the identity of imouto.

So now, onii-chan is in trouble, of course she is willing to help solve them.

If she has that ability.

Not only dumb Yui, but the other girls also showed a worried look after he said this. They were of course willing to help if it was within their scope of ability.

“As you know, my combination with Kohinata senpai only has guitarist and keyboard player. The music quality is still not complete. We still lack a lot of things to officially go on stage.”

“For example, bassist and drummer, these are what a real band lacks, but we haven’t much time, where can I find bassist and drummer?”

Li Yalin deliberately sighed again, and what he said next was also quite meaningful.

Yes, as a band, he and Kohinata Yukari are not enough. There are male and female lead singers, guitarists and keyboardists, but what about drummers? Where’s the bass player?

Eiryou High School cannot find talents in this area for the time being, but Eiryou High School does not have it, but it does not mean that there is no one at hand!

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