Cafe 227

“Why… why did I agree?”

Akiyama Mio and Tainaka Ritsu joined his band. Li Yalin smiled when he left the light music club. But just as he left, MIO who had been very calm, suddenly seemed to have no bones, collapsed on the chair.

Akiyama Mio’s eyes were dull right now, her face had no emotions whatsoever and her mouth keep whispering those words, which shocked everyone.

“Mio-chan, what’s wrong?”

Dumb Yui was taken aback and shook MIO’s shoulder quickly, but unfortunately, MIO didn’t react at all no matter how she shook her.

“Excessive fright, I guess it will take a while to recover.”

As Akiyama Mio’s childhood friend, Ritsu clearly understands the state of her good friend better. After careful observation, she finally shook her head and sighed.

In her opinion, Mio-chan’s state is actually pretty good, at least she hasn’t fallen into a self-escape mode. Otherwise, it’s estimated that the promise to join senpai band will be ruined.

Fortunately, at least it seems that there is still a chance to ease things up, she can only wait for Mio-chan to return to her senses, and then continue to communicate with her.

“Is she really okay? It looks serious.”

Although Tainaka Ritsu said so, Kotobuki Tsumugi was still a little worried.

“Don’t worry, just leave it to me.”

Ritsu is different from MIO, she have much bigger nerves, since she agreed to Li Yalin, she definitely cannot give up.

As for MIO’s situation at the moment, she also feels that she can handle it, but wasn’t sure about the results.

At least Li Yalin, who has left, is completely unaware of the situation on the light music club. He is still immersed in joy. After all, he roped both MIO and Ritsu, so the line up for the selection event is all here.

Of course, he didn’t plan to split the light music club. Whether it’s Akiyama Mio or Tainaka Ritsu, they can only be regarded as supernumerary staffs. They serve as a prop in various senses. The reason why he come to find them is to give them some stage experience.

It’s their own band that can really make them shine. Only the place where the light music club is located is their real stage!

“Onii-chan seem very happy.”

Back at Rabbit House, Cocoa keenly discovered Li Yalin’s good mood, which also made her very curious.

What happened and why is onii-chan so happy?

“Something good happens.”

He happily shared his participation as regional chosen finalists and also pulling Akiyama Mio and Tainaka Ritsu into joining his band, the girls were also amazed.

After all, being able to participate in the Hot Holiday Music Festival is indeed a great achievement.

However, after the excitement, it was time to open the shop again. Red Queen will came and left like usual. Everyone has become accustomed to this.

And not surprisingly, it seems that today and as always there is only one guest, which is Red Queen.

Uncle Shinmon Tatsugoro seems to be busy fighting against monsters recently, so probably don’t have time to visit.

When will the first task be completed if this continues?

Otherworld gate is difficult to find, but it doesn’t mean that no one will ever find it. If Shinmon Tatsugoro can find one of them, someone will naturally find the second gate.

So with the sound of the copper bell at the door, the store door to otherworld was opened again.

“We have a guest!”

Doing nothing during the opening of the store has become a habit of everyone. Although they was looking forward to the arrival of customers at the beginning, as time passed, everyone did not care much anymore.

After all, their curiosity had limits. It was difficult to maintain enthusiasm when they keep getting no guests.

But today, the new guest finally arrived. Red Queen has just left. Uncle Shinmon Tatsugoro can’t come. Who would it be then if it was not a new guest?

For the first time, the girls all stood up, and then the figure of the new guest came into everyone’s eyes.

“That’s… an elves?”

After seeing the appearance of the visitor clearly, Cocoa couldn’t help but open her mouth wide. With a graceful figure, long golden hair, emerald green eyes and pointed ears, the most important thing is that amazing beauty.

Putting it all together, isn’t it the legendary elves who appeared?

“She is carrying a bow and arrow? That is the exclusive weapon of the elf, right?”

Whether in Western fantasy legends, novels or game settings, elves are basically a race that is good at using magic and bows.

Because of this, Rize also expressed great curiosity about the bow and arrow on the elf’s back.

“The otherworld elves… can she use magecraft or magic?”

If Rize is interested in the weapons of the elves, then the witch Kowata Akane is interested in the magic of others. Is the spell of otherworld magecraft or magic?

This is a question worth discussing for Kowata Akane. If possible, she would like to have a good chat with that elf.


Perhaps Rize and Kowata Akane both too fired up, but their attitude made the blonde elves who had just entered the store wary.

Originally, when she saw a gate filled with magic power, she was full of doubts. After passing through that gate, she saw two human girls with fiery eyes. It would be a strange thing if she was not alert.

“You guys… don’t scare the guest.”

Regarding the fiery eyes of Kowata Akane and Rize, Li Yalin was a little helpless. Didn’t you see that the elf had already picked up the bow and arrow? Can you guys behaved a little bit?

Signaling Chino to pull Rize away, and let Makoto take care of her onee-san, Li Yalin came to the elf.

A new guest showed up after a long time, he can’t let her get scared away.


“Where is this place?”

Perhaps he have to answer such questions every time otherworld visitors come. Li Yalin is also mentally prepared, and what he needs to do now is to ease her wariness.

“As you can see, this place is a restaurant in otherworld, a place where guests can dine out.”

Smiling at the beautiful elves, Li Yalin responded quickly, but when his answer came out, he did not expect that the elves suddenly frowned.

“Otherworld’s restaurant? Where’s humans eat?”

He wasn’t sure if this elf hates humans, although her brows stretched out after the slight frown, but Li Yalin still saw some resistance in her eyes.

Are elves very resistant to humans?

This guest seems not easy to entertain.

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