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“As far as I know, the eating habits of elves and humans seem to be somewhat different, but I am not sure about the specific differences. Can guest tell me your preference?”

When chatting with Red Queen before, Li Yalin already had a general understanding of the other world. But it was limited to a general understanding, the details was not something the foodie queen’s care at all.

Especially this kind of elves is neither Familia of Red Queen nor a follower of hers. Of course, she can’t tell more clearly, and just passed it on.

Knowing that elves live in forests all year round and rarely interact with humans, this is already quite difficult.

So, when he met the real elves this time, Li Yalin would certainly not let go of this good opportunity to learn more about them.

“The diet different between elves and humans…”

The elves also showed a dazed expression to Li Yalin sudden question. But she didn’t hesitate for too long, she just thought for a moment and answered quickly.

“Rather than difference, it should be said to be completely different. You savage humans… sorry, the meat you humans like to eat the most is exactly what we elves cannot agree with.”

Barbaric… human?

Well, the concept gap is indeed not small.

Although the elves on the other side quickly noticed her slip of tongue and apologize, Li Yalin also heard clearly that human eating habits are indeed unacceptable to elves.

Like in the legendary settings, the elves are all vegetarians?

In front of the elegant elves, are all human beings barbaric?

Looks like… he have to apologize for being a savage human.

In the descriptions of various novels or anime’s works, the elves are very pure races. To put it bluntly, they didn’t scheme. They speak plainly, it’s their personality traits.

So Li Yalin was only tsukomi in his heart, but he didn’t show any dissatisfaction.

“I see, so you can’t eat meat food.”

Nodding slightly, he had already figured out how to entertain the elf guest.

“No, not only meat, animal meat, fish, eggs, and milk, we didn’t eat all of them.”

Maybe she doesn’t want to be misunderstood, the opposite elves quickly added more things.

Elves can’t even eat eggs and milk, Li Yalin in his heart want to ask, can your body’s nutrition keep up being such picky eaters?

Well, the elves are not humans, and their body structures are definitely different. It’s useless to look at them from humans perspective.

“Understood, dishes with no meat, milk and egg, so… what about elves bud taste? Do you like it to be light, or heavy?”

As far as vegan is concerned, this is not a problem for Li Yalin. Chinese cuisine is extensive and profound. It won’t make much difference even if he was asked to cook a hundred vegetarian dishes.

It’s just that there is no meat, milk, or eggs. Isn’t that a piece of cake?

However, in addition to the ingredients, the taste of the dishes is also very important. Could the vegetarian elves eat more heavy-tasting dishes, such as spicy or greasy dishes?

He wanted to be clear about this.

“The taste… I am not that picky. Of course, most elves still like lighter food. In fact, we don’t seem to have much choice other than light vegetarian food.”

This question of Li Yalin made the elves think for a while, after all, she had never considered this question before.

Isn’t it just some vegetarian dishes?

Is there anything to innovate?

At least in this elf girl eyes, even if this is a restaurant from otherworld, it is absolutely impossible to make vegetarian dishes beyond her knowledge.

“If all tastes are acceptable, there are really two vegan signature dishes in our store.”

The cooking level of otherworld is quite lacking, nothing more than boiled or grilled.

Well, according to the elves’ dislike of vegetarianism, cooking methods such as barbecue are definitely something they rarely try.

So their diet is basically boiled soup or cold vegetables, or… eating the fruit directly?

It seems that a lot of elves in novels really only eat fruit.

However, to satisfy an elf, he can’t just cock-up some fruit platter. Then… let’s see if Chinese cuisine can conquer this elves from otherworld.

“Panlong eggplant… Mapo tofu?”

Looking at the menu presented by Li Yalin, the elf girl somewhat hesitant. She knew the text on it and could see the picture of the dish, but she had never heard of eggplant or tofu. They are all ingredients she never heard of.

This… it wasn’t really meat?

What’s more…

“So expensive…”

Yes, even the vegetable dish of fifty silver coins made the elf frowned subconsciously. How could she have the habit of bringing money if she had no contact with humans.

Not to mention a dish of fifty silver coins, she can’t buy them even if it was a dish of five copper coins.

It seemed really rude to rush to someone’s restaurant and read the menu but couldn’t order.

Thinking of this, a blush immediately appeared on the elf’s cheeks.

“By the way, I heard that the elves are very good at magic. I wonder if this rumor is true?”

Although Li Yalin is not particularly good with observation, he can also detect one or two things from the expressions of the elf girl.

Not enough money?

Or didn’t brough any money at all?

Anyway, today’s guest will leave as it is with the current situation.

What to do?

Li Yalin does not intend to change the pricing on the menu. After all, in his mind, Chinese cuisine is worth the price.

But this shop belongs to him. Whether he sells food or delivers food is entirely up to him. If he wants to, he don’t mind entertain guests for free.

It’s just that it needs a reason for it to be free.

What’s more, Li Yalin did think of an important thing.

This elves girl from otherworld seems to be a good communication partner, in terms of magic.

“Of course it’s true. We elves are the best in term of magic!”

Listening to Li Yalin mentioning magic, the faces of the elf girls immediately showed a proud look, the embarrassed and blushing just now were completely thrown aside.

Her pride is not without reason. In the early years, the elves were really powerful in the otherworld, and even the dragons at that time could not compete with them.

Of course, those so-called dragons are not the 6 pillar Dragon God, they are just the most common dragons. With the passage of time, the glory of the elves gradually disappears.

Passed its zenith are the current situation of the elves.

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