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“That’s a coincidence. It happens that our world also has a magic power system, but it is completely different from the magic in your world. If possible, can we learn from each other on this basis?”

Yes, Li Yalin still values ​​the magic of the otherworld. At first, he wanted to communicate with Red Queen, but found that the power of 6 pillar is all innate, and has never experienced any practice.

As for the way humans practice magic, this kind of thing is not something foodie queen-sama would care about. Another customer in the store, Shinmon Tatsugoro, you can talk to him about swordsmanship. But magic? He also knows nothing.

Now finally have a guest who knows magic, and an elf to boot. How could he let go of such a good opportunity?

“Learn from each other? I don’t mind…”

Although she wasn’t sure why he was so enthusiastic about magic, the elf girl nodded after a little hesitation.

She wouldn’t mind if it was a magic exchange, after all, it was not a secret of the elves.

“That’s great. In that case, I also want to show off my craftsmanship and let guest taste the delicious dishes that belong to our world!”

Li Yalin was overjoyed when the elves agree, but hearing his words made the elves feel anxious.

Don’t forget, she has no money.


“My treat!”

Before the elf girl could finish her words, Li Yalin patted his chest and said a treat, and then walked into the kitchen without turning his head.

As he walked, he did not forget to remind Kowata Akane.

“Akane-ne, trouble you to entertain the elf guest. Talk about the magic of otherworld. It’s very useful for us.”

Although Li Yalin values ​​the magic of otherworld, in the use of magic power, he is actually similar to Makoto, a beginner.

Whether it’s magecraft or magic, the one who can really communicate with the elf girl is Kowata Akane, the real witch.

So from the beginning, he played with this idea, while also help Kowata Akane’s wish.

“I will handle it!”

How could Kowata Akane miss such a good opportunity to learn about the magic of otherworld?

Not only her, but Makoto, who is a trainee witch, was also dragged out. This opportunity to communicate is rare, and her own imouto also needs to study hard.

Seeing Kowata Akane understand what he meant, Li Yalin also nodded.

In his eyes, the arrival of this elf girl is very important, because she is not only related to his understanding of otherworld magic, but also his last guest to complete the task.

He has to treat her well. In this case, he has to show some ability.

Both of the vegetarian dishes on the menu can be made. Logically speaking, these two dishes are enough to satisfy the elf girl.

However, Li Yalin considered whether he should cook more vegetarian dishes to better hold the heart of the elf girl.


Add more vegetables!

Pine kernel corn, the elf would like it, right?

Stir-fried potato chips is also good. And then another mushroom and winter melon soup. These four dishes is a soup, which is standard for a national banquet.

As for the staple food, let’s use white rice. Elves who are vegetarian should not refuse rice.

With the added cooking skills of the system, Li Yalin started working very quickly. Not to mention that vegetarian dishes are easier than meat dishes, it did not take him that long. His carefully prepared four dishes and one soup is hot and fresh.

“How’s the chat?”

He greeted Cocoa and Rize, and asked the two girls to help serve the dishes, while Li Yalin came to Kowata Akane’s side and asked her about the exchange progress.

Although he didn’t spend much time cooking, they could still chat about something after all.

“The completely different magic power system opened my eyes.”

Shaking her head, Kowata Akane took a deep breath. The magic from otherworld does have its own uniqueness. It can be said that it opened another door for her.

The use of magecraft in this world is based on the magic array, which is used through medium and spells.

The magic of the other world is directly used through its own magic power and spells. In contrast, the magecraft of her own world not only takes a long time to cast, but also has a worse effect and a lower frequency.

But it’s not that magecraft in her own world is completely useless.

It’s true that the magic of otherworld is very powerful. With its own magic power and spells, it can indeed cast very powerful spells. But most of the magic of otherworld is used for attack and defense, otherwise it is healing or cursing.

In addition, the magic of otherworld seems to have no effect on other aspects.

On the other hand, although the magecraft in her own world has weak attack power and takes longer to perform, it can produce miraculous effects in relatively off-door areas.

For example, concealment magic, that is not something that elf girl can use.

It’s really hard to say whether magecraft and magic are better or worse in a short time.

Of course, that is just based on the identity of a mortal. If it reaches the level of Red Queen, whether it is magic or magecraft, there is actually no difference.

“That’s good.”

Seeing it was quite rewarding for Kowata Akane, Li Yalin also nodded. As long as there is a reward, this meal is not for nothing.

“This is a small ‘thank you’ from me, eat it slowly.”

While talking, Cocoa and Rize have brought four dishes, one soup, and a bowl of rice to the table. After that, Li Yalin also hinted the elf girl not to be polite.

Kowata Akane has gained something, and now it’s his turn!

“It does not seem to smell like meat…”

After communicating with Kowata Akane, the elf girl also became interested in the magecraft of otherworld. It was another brand-new magic power system for her, an unprecedented method of magic power.

But at the moment, the four dishes and one soup placed in front of her are more attractive to her. Not to mention, the taste alone has opened her taste buds.

She knew what ingredients she had never seen before, except for a soup made of mushrooms. She had no idea what other ingredients were.

However, it is true that it is not meat.

The elves have a very keen sense of smell, and they will immediately notice any trace of meat in the cooking.

But the dishes before the elves, no matter how they look and smell, they are all vegetarian.

Since it’s vegetarian…

Then try to taste it.

What is so special about otherworld’s vegetarian cuisine? Can it be compared with the cooking of the elves?

Before officially eating, the elf girl were still thinking like this in her hearts, and just after she officially started…

With a bang, she opened the door to the new world!

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