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“Yalin-san, this is Cocoa-san who will be staying in our home.”

“Hello, my name is Hoto Cocoa, please take care of me!”

When Chino introduces Hoto Cocoa to Li Yalin, the new members of the Kafuu family who will also become the new employee of Rabbit House. He has stunned expression because he never imagined that Hoto Cocoa would appear now.

Yes, he knew the girl with orange hair in front of him who looked full of vitality. It is better to say that he was very familiar with her!

In the original plot, Hoto Cocoa who should have stay in Kafuu’s house finally appeared!

Looking at the girl in front of him, Li Yalin felt a little emotion in his heart. Chino, Rize and Cocoa, the Rabbit House triangle finally gathered makes him satisfied.

Not to mention, the daily lives of these lovely girls alone seem to be so pleasing to the eye. He always feel something was missing with just Chino and Rize. With the emergence of Cocoa, he finally knew what is missing!

Yes, the missing key is Cocoa, and now the original vacancy is finally filled!

“Excuse me… are you Chino onii-chan?”

Li Yalin’s heart was filled with emotion. At the same time, Cocoa who was standing opposite him, was constantly looking at the boy. She never know there was a boy of the same age in Kafuu’s family and also looks quite handsome.

Is he Chino onii-chan?

“I… “

“Cough… Yalin-san also stays here like Cocoa-san.”

Putting aside of him being deeply moved, Cocoa’s question made Li Yalin’s eyes lit up.

Chino’s onii-chan? Of course he is willing to admit this identity. He wants Chino as his imouto but it does not mean Chino would accept him being her onii-chan.

At least with Chino’s character, it impossible for her to admit.

Because of this, Li Yalin had just spoke a word and Chino on the side already gave an explanation almost choking him to death.

It’s just a lodger, so I am just a lodger in Chino’s heart…

Li Yalin was inexplicably caught in sadness. He found that with each contact with Chino, he seemed to have more tendency to become siscon.

“So it’s like that, then take care of me in the future Yalin senpai!”

Li Yalin was full of sadness but Chino and Cocoa didn’t see it at all. After Chino’s explanation, Cocoa seems to realize something clap her hands and then bowed gently to Li Yalin.

This girl is really easy going, calling others directly with their first name is not something an average person would do.

But… this kind of character is indeed very attractive.

“I am Li Yalin and will soon be transferred to the second grade of Eiryou High School. Hoto-san also take care of me.”

“You are my senpai then, I will transfer to the private Eiryou Academy as a first-year student. Yalin senpai can just call me Cocoa.”

“Well, since we all live under the same roof, I won’t be too reserved to you, Cocoa.”

“Yalin senpai!”

It was quite unexpected. After they become acquaintance, their atmosphere turned out to be very good. Cocoa was originally quite easy going and full of energy. She can chat with others even if it’s their first meeting.

When Li Yalin faced Cocoa, he did not face the pressure of adult women. He treats Cocoa as a little girl so he can remain calm.

It is precisely for this reason the two get along very well, Chino watch at the side was stunned.

They just meet for the first time… and they already this familiar?

The time she met with Yalin-san seems to be no match to Cocoa-san’s three minutes…

I never talked to Yalin-san like this…

Cocoa’s arrival indeed gave Chino a lesson and it also show her what a real interaction is!

Well, about the issue of communication, let’s talk about Cocoa first.

As Chino said before, Cocoa came to the city alone as a new student to the private Eiryou Academy, and the Kafuu family was her choice of homestay.

Although Chino was not clear about this matter, it was her father Kafuu Takahiro who made the decision before his disappearance. Cocoa stayed at Kafuu’s house for free and doing housework on weekdays was counted as a pay back. This is actually not uncommon.

But one more person in the family is undoubtedly an additional burden. Fortunately, there is Li Yalin and with Cat Eye sold at high price so everything can still be sustained.

In fact, even if they can’t sustain it, Chino can’t drive away Cocoa with the same reason as Li Yalin.

Since her father agreed, she will help her father fulfill this promise!

Chino chose to take Cocoa and Cocoa seems to really like Chino. She even hopes to serve as a waitress for Rabbit House to contribute to this family.

Seeing the pale pink uniform she was wearing, Li Yalin knew that everything was on the right track. Starting today, the Rabbit House family has added a new member and the plot has begun to move in the direction he is familiar with.

Even if… this is not a real 2D world.

All in all, we got a new members in our family.

What about eating dinner with everyone?

No, eating at home will be more atmospheric!

As a self-proclaimed otaku who has not had a girlfriend for nearly 30 years, Li Yalin is quite good in cooking. Although it can’t be compared with those of real cooks, but he is quite good in some dishes.

He never had the opportunity to show his craft after coming to this world, so isn’t this a good time to show his skills?

Well, the so-called plan can change quickly. Li Yalin did go to the commercial street, but he didn’t buy the ingredient. Instead, he bought two boxes of pizza, two boxes of sushi and a large box of fried chicken.

No way, he really hasn’t eaten these fast foods in a long time. He was attracted by the smell as he passing by, and subconsciously bought the food he wanted to eat.

By the time he recovered, his hand already full of food and bought everything. Should he return all of this back?

No, use these to celebrate the arrival of Cocoa!

Towards the end, Li Yalin hasn’t forgotten to buy a cake. Girls like sweets the most. This cake is of course the highlight of the celebration.

Oh yeah, left some for Rize too. Brought a lot of things this time so it’s enough to give some to Rize.


Welcome meeting for new members… Let’s go!

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