Cafe 230

Elf girl’s name is Fardania. She is an elf who lives in Siena forest and has never leave the forest. She has never witnessed the vastness of the world. All the news about the outside world she learned from her father who had experienced adventures in the human world.

And one day, while walking in the forest, she suddenly felt a huge surge of magic power. Driven by curiosity, she ran in the direction where the magic power appeared, and finally saw a door, a strange door which stood in the forest grass.

Through that door, Fardania came to another world, saw restaurants in another world, and tasted the cuisine of another world.

Before that, Fardania had always believed that only elves’ dishes were the most delicious, because elves’ dishes were not as savage as human’s dishes. They always used animals that are the same as life as ingredients, without the slightest blood or smell.

But this idea of ​​her changed completely after the first mouthful of otherworld cooking.

She had never expected that vegetarian food would have such a rich taste. The sweet golden granular food made her happy, and the fiery red food that stimulated her taste buds also made her unable to stop eating.

Is this the cuisine of otherworld?

This is otherworld’s delicacy?

“So… the elves are also gluttonous…”

Since the opening of the otherworld restaurant, whether Red Queen or Shinmon Tatsugoro, they have left the impression of glutton king in the hearts of the girls. The two can already be described as gluttonous after eating.

Today, however, this elegant and beautiful elves showed the same appearance, which almost collapsed everyone’s faith.

Life in otherworld… how cruel it is, how can even such a beautiful elves be hungry like this?

Regarding the other world, the world full of fantasy races and magic power, it has always been something that everyone looks forward to, and even want to witness that beautiful world with their own eyes.

But in fact, the gluttonous guests who appeared one after another completely shattered their illusions.

Otherworld’s beauty?


Looking at these guests way of eating, it is conceivable that it is definitely a terrible world without food and clothes.

So… is otherworld really as unbearable as everyone thinks?

Nah, not really.

Through the communication with those guests, Li Yalin has a general understanding of the other world. As the guardian Dragon God of that world, Red Queen will not interfere in mortal matters. Only when an enemies that threaten the entire world, the foodie queen will gather her five other companions to work together to eliminate the threats to the world they guard.

For how mortal people live, they will not participate in and care too much, because that does not conform to their concept.

Without the intervention of the Dragon Gods, the life in otherworld is indeed not easy. After demon’s invasion, various civil strife and wars, although it was not full of suffering, life is indeed not easy.

However, in the past two decades, the otherworld as a whole is still progressing forward, which is quite similar to this world, all reborn after the war.

It’s a pity that the development of otherworld is too limited. It’s far less than the highly developed world. After the war, this world has already begun to focus on the development of people’s spiritual entertainment culture. While otherworld has not been able to, to the extent that the people can’t eat fully.

Of course, even if people can’t eat well, there’s no large-scale famine. As elves, as swordmasters, and even Red Queens, these few people didn’t lack of food.

The main reason for leaving everyone with the image of glutton king is that the cuisine is so delicious and an unprecedented gourmet experience. It would be strange if they doesn’t incarnate as a glutton king.

“I’m… sorry for being rude…”

Well, after eating her meal, the blush on elf girl Fardania’s cheek is directly connected to her neck.

How rude of her!

As an elegant elves, what did she just do?

Eat so rudely and even eat so much?

If there is a seam in the ground, she might go in immediately without hesitation.

“For Fardania to eat so happily, this is the greatest appreciation for me as a chef.”

There are not so many twists and turns to communicate with elves. Although you must pay attention to your image, if you are too rigid, it will make each other very uncomfortable.

At least after this meal, Li Yalin could already call the other party’s name directly, and the elves girl did not feel uncomfortable about it.

“Is… Is that so…”

This is the first time Fardania has heard of Li Yalin’s statement.

The greatest appreciation for the chef is for oneself to eat happily?


Yes, when she first ate, she was really happy. The delicious food she had never enjoyed not only made her feel happy from the bottom of her heart, but also produced a feeling of happiness.

Never thought that eating would be such a happy thing.

Is cooking something that can bring people happiness?

Chef is also a profession that brings happiness and joy to people?

Can she bring such happiness to others?

For the first time, such a question occurred in the mind of the elf.

As an underage elves who has never really leave the forest, Fardania’s life is very monotonous.

Hanging out in the forest near her home every day, gathering ingredients gifted by nature, and playing tag with her beast companions is basically all she has.

She has not thought much about her future.

But she thought a lot of things at this moment.

The chef who brings happiness…

I want to be such a person!

Let her father’s face show a happy smile and let the tribe feel the joy of happiness.

Through her own hands!


She can’t do it with just herself.

Yes, before coming to this otherworld restaurant, Fardania was still very confident in her cooking skills. The refreshing salads and delicious soups are her proud work.

But now, this confidence in her has shattered suddenly, because the food she cooked is completely incomparable with the delicious dishes in front of her.

One is in the sky and the other is on the ground, the gap is too big.

What should she do?

Leave the house to witness the vast world and learn how to cook through travel?

Although it sounds very exciting, can she really do this on her own?

Her father had tell her about going out to experience things, but can she really do it?

Is the human world really suitable for one’s own experience?


In addition to experience, isn’t she has another choice?

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