Cafe 231

Fardania feels very keenly that being able to come to this otherworld restaurant and taste unprecedented cuisine is indeed an opportunity for her.

Rather than go to the outside world to experience, this foreign restaurant is more like a learning classroom tailored for her.

With such outstanding chefs who can bring happiness to others, why she had to struggle for her lack of judgement?


Would he agree to her request?

Will she be severely rejected?

But anyway, let’s give it a try!

“I have a request…”

Suddenly, Fardania straightened up and faced Li Yalin with a serious face, which surprised him.


What request can this elf girl make from him?

Did she want to have another meal?

“I’ll do what I can, speak out what is on your mind Fardania.”

Although he was surprised, Li Yalin still hinted her to continue. No matter whether he could agree or not, at least he can listen first.

“I… I want to learn otherworld cooking, no… I want to learn your cooking!”


To be honest, Li Yalin was really stunned by what the elf girl said.


An apprentice again?

When did this happen last time?

Oh, right, it was the crossdresser who wanted to learn how to make games from him. But unfortunately, after concealment magic was turned on, he never saw him again.

And now, an elves girl from otherworld took the initiative to learn cooking from him.

What is this?

An elves conquered by Chinese cuisine?

Main task: Cooking save otherworld’s otherworld restaurant (2).
Task content: Successfully recruited a cooking apprentice.
Task reward: Special recipe – Jasper cabbage rolls (luminous version).
Task tips: Free rewards, tasks that can be completed with a nod, nothing is easier than this.

Just as Li Yalin was still thinking about it, the system issued a task. Good heavens, just completed the otherworld restaurant task (1) and unlocked the Japanese cuisine option. Now he got (2) so soon?

Is this really another world restaurant task, not some apprentice capture task?

But still, it’s indeed just like the task tips, the tasks and rewards given out for nothing. As long as he agree to that elf girl, a special luminous recipe will be available to him immediately.

Just look at foodie queen to see how powerful the special recipe is. Although she likes Li Yalin’s dishes very much, it’s clear that braised beef is her favorite, no matter how much she eats, she won’t get bored. She didn’t even mind eating it for a lifetime.


Should he accept her or not?

Speaking of which…

Let alone the beauty of Fardania, with such a stunning elf apprentice, he won’t suffer anyhow.

Isn’t it?

Anyway, it was the system task, the system will not put him in danger.

With this idea, Li Yalin didn’t hesitate either. Isn’t it just accepting a cooking apprentice? There is no problem at all.

“Want to learn my cooking… but meat cooking is still unacceptable to you, right?”

Seeing Li Yalin’s surprised expression, Fardania’s heart sank, he won’t accept her?

After hearing his question, she became more aware that she was not a qualified apprentice.

Yes, she can’t accept meat dishes anyway. All she wants is to learn how to make vegetarian dishes.

Animals are her companions, and letting her cook meat is like letting her kill her own companion.


Although she plucked up her courage, she failed.

“We can’t open up a restaurant to only sell vegetarian dishes. You can learn how to cook with me, but can you accept the scene of me cooking meat after customers order?”

Just as Fardania’s mood was low, Li Yalin’s voice sounded again.

He can accept her as disciple, but he can’t just blindly accommodate to this elf girl.

If because of accepting her as a disciple, the restaurant will no longer sell meat, let alone whether he agrees or not, the foodie queen alone will definitely go crazy!

The anger of that Red Dragon God is not something anyone can bear.

So he must make things clear first.


This time it was the elf girl turn to be in a daze.

The sentence just now means… she can learn cooking, but she was asked if she can accept it.

Elves do not eat meat, nor can they cook meat. In their eyes, humans who live on meat are not only barbaric, but also terrifying.


Since she want to learn cooking that brings people happiness, she shouldn’t hesitate!

If she can’t even accept this test, how can she bring people happiness in the future?

“So… Fardania, can you accept it?”

Seeing that the elf girl was still in a daze, Li Yalin reminded her again. You should give me an answer first whether you accept it or not.

“Huh? Yes! I can accept it!”

Until then, Fardania finally reacted, can she accept it?


Of course she can!

In any case, she can’t miss such a good opportunity!

“In this case, come to me to study if you have time.”

Taking in an elf apprentice, Li Yalin is more than just to complete the task.

One must know, elven magic is not something anyone can learn. With such an elves in front of him, isn’t it too wasteful not to learn a few tricks?

Rather, he was thinking at the beginning to keep the heart of this elf girl, otherwise he would not prepare five dishes so carefully.

So now the elf girl’s heart remained. Not only did she stay, she became his apprentice.

This is really a great surprise for him.

But in any case, this is a good thing. Having a beautiful apprentice and magic consultant was a big profit, right?

“Sensei, please spur me a lot from today.”

Very respectful, Fardania bowed to Li Yalin. It seems that this otherworld elves girl has a deep understanding of etiquette.

It was indeed the most elegant race.

“Let’s learn from each other, please take care of me in the future.”

In this way, Li Yalin’s otherworld restaurant has an elf apprentice in the otherworld restaurant, and how to teach this beautiful apprentice, Li Yalin also took great pains.

For this reason, he rushed to make a vegetarian recipe overnight, which recorded 30 homemade vegetarian dishes in detail, all of which were easy to learn.


The path of teaching is not as easy as he imagined. This is inevitable because before teaching Fardania, the first thing he needs to do is to break her previous cooking experience!

This alone is definitely not a simple matter!

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