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In Fardania… no, it should be said that in the eyes of all the elves, cooking is basically the kind that does not use much fire. At most, they just use bonfire, set up a small pot, boiled the water, and then put all the ingredients into the pot.

In this way, a delicious vegetable soup is ready.

And it’s even simpler for the vegetable salad. Combine all the collected fruits and vegetables together, isn’t this already very delicious?

Yes, in the eyes of the elves, this is indeed a delicious meal, but it was a simple to the extreme combination for Li Yalin.

Rather, he doesn’t even think this can be called cooking!

“The first step… let’s start by identifying the ingredients.”

The next day the otherworld restaurant opened, Red Queen took the initiative to leave after eating her delicacy, and soon after the elf apprentice Fardania come in, perfectly missed meeting with the foodie queen.

And just after Fardania arrived, Li Yalin asked her to try the cooking of the elves with the idea of ​​teaching his apprentice when there’s no guests, and was ready to taste the difference between the two worlds.

He originally still had some expectations, but when the elf girl’s cooking was on the table, he give up all hope.

This is Fardania’s proud work?

Okay, the road to discipleship seems to be much longer than expected.

First of all, what Li Yalin needs to do is to make Fardania recognize the ingredients. The cooking methods of otherworld are not only scarce, but the available ingredients are also completely different. At least most of the ingredients in his inventory are unknown to the elf girl, so she can’t cook anything if she can’t even recognize the ingredients.

“Yes! sensei!”

As an apprentice, Fardania’s attitude is very serious. She saw Li Yalin’s disappointed expression and knew that her cooking was indeed not satisfactory.

This made her blush, and also made her more eager to learn cooking that really brings people happiness.

She stand next to Li Yalin very respectfully and seriously, she was listening carefully, identifying carefully, and keeping his words and deeds in mind.

Potatoes… eggplant… cabbage…

She knew some ingredients. Although they were called differently, the taste and appearance were the same.

But there’s still more unfamiliar vegetables. She must remember the names of these vegetables, and how to cook them.

“Next is the seasoning, which is the so-called spice in your world.”

Li Yalin taught carefully, and Fardania studied seriously. The mentor and apprentice duo complements each other.

Soon, Fardania remembered all the vegetables in Li Yalin’s inventory, perhaps because of the talent of the elves, she has a unique advantage in identifying plants.

But identifying the ingredients is only the beginning, and understanding the various seasonings is the real difficulty.

Seasoning, also called spice in otherworld, is extremely precious to ordinary civilians.

Here, we must also talk about the narrow perception of otherworld people.

In the eyes of many otherworld people, because spices are precious, the more spices used in cooking, the more delicious the cooking. Such as desserts, they think that the sweeter the better, they didn’t even mind if it’s too greasy.

For this point of view, Li Yalin is dumbfounded, but this is also understandable. Spices is really rare, and it was already quite difficult for ordinary civilians to even eat salt.

Sugar is a luxury that only nobles can often consume.

Having said that, getting some more seasonings to sell on otherworld seems to be a good way to make money, isn’t it?

Well, put these things aside for the time being. Li Yalin did not intend to immediately explore another world with insufficient strength.

It’s better to focus on Fardania’s study now.

It is true that Fardania has considerable talent in identifying ingredients, but a large number of seasonings still makes her fall into the hell of learning. Each seasoning has a different taste, and the way of matching and using is completely different.

Some seasonings are suitable for cooking certain foods, but some are completely unsuitable.

How to match and use these seasonings and how many seasonings can truly display the deliciousness of the ingredients without concealing the taste of the ingredients are all directions she needs to learn.

She is different from Li Yalin. Li Yalin has a system backing him, making it easy to cook, as if deeply ingrained into his bones.

As for Fardania, she has neither system support nor Li Yalin’s knowledge of cooking since he was young. She has to start everything from scratch, and this is even more difficult than imagined.

It would take quite a while for this apprentice to finish her apprenticeship. After all, she didn’t have much time every day.

As for keeping this elf girl, Li Yalin hadn’t thought about it. He couldn’t really predict what kind of reaction it will cause if an elf stayed in this world for a long time.

It’s not the time to take risks, and Fardania never thought of going out of the restaurant. Maybe in the future, but not now.

“Yalin-kun, your store… has it moved?”

In the next few days, Li Yalin went to class as usual during the day. After school, he went to Ousai Academy light music club with Kohinata Yukari, or the girls from the light music club came to find him, in short, they worked hard for the selection event.

After the practice is over, it’s Red Queen’s feeding time when he return home, and then teach his elves apprentice.

This kind of life is really fulfilling.

But one day, Haruka, who was at his next table, suddenly raised this question to him, which surprised him.


Why she mention this?

“I haven’t moved, what’s the matter?”

He don’t know why Haruka has this question, Li Yalin showed a weird expression.

“That’s weird, Chiaki said she went to your store several times to look for you, but couldn’t find your store.”

Li Yalin’s answer made Haruka feel very weird. Chiaki went to Li Yalin, but couldn’t find the place. The coffee shop seemed to have disappeared out of thin air, Chiaki talked about it many times.

“Chiaki came to see me?”

After Haruka spoke, the expression on Li Yalin’s face was even more weird. Yes, he applied concealment magic in the store. It would be a strange thing if Chiaki could find him.

But hasn’t Chiaki come last time? Why she come to find him again?

In his impression, even if Chiaki’s attitude towards him is good, it still hasn’t reached the point where she comes over and over again.

“Yeah, Chiaki invited you to come to our house to play, but you have never come. Since you didn’t come, she can only go to you.”


When you talk about this, why it feel so resentful?

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