Cafe 233

“Sorry, I have been very busy recently…”

Although he don’t know why he feel a bit of resentment in Haruka’s words, Li Yalin still expresses his apologies frankly.

Yes, whether it is Haruka or Chiaki, they have invited him to play at their home, but the result? He agreed, but he never took the initiative to mention it again.

“Well, I’m not complaining, I know you are very busy lately, but unfortunately I can’t help you.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s apology, Haruka repeatedly shook her head after being slightly dazed.

Haruka is very clear he has been very busy recently. After all, he is already a popular school idol. Not only has he published works on the internet, but he is also deeply loved by fans.

When chatting with Maki and Atsuko, the three girls also gossiping about this, which is not surprising, after all, Li Yalin was currently very popular.

According to the gossip, there are many girls who have a crush on him. It seems that because of this, many schoolboys in the school have regarded him as a public enemy.

Unfortunately, as the person involved, Li Yalin didn’t pay much attention to it. He went his own way every day. Attend class, then go to the club room during the lunch break. His daily activities is basically the classroom, club room, student council.

In the daily intersection, apart from the three of them, there are only those from the student council and his club members.

In various senses, his friend range is very narrow, and the channels for listening to gossip news are naturally much less.

Because the relationship with Li Yalin is very good, Haruka’s trio also know that he is not an unapproachable person, in fact, he is actually very easy to get along with.

But such a person had not many friends.

In this case, should it be said that he had a low interpersonal skill? Or clumsy?

Regarding this issue, Haruka’s trio have not been able to come up with a result for a long time.

As a friend, Haruka really wants to do something for Li Yalin, after all, she can see his busyness.

But she is just an ordinary high school student. Apart from her good studies and good housework, she seems to have nothing worth mentioning.

This made her feel a little uncomfortable not being able to help her friend.

She always feel that she will be farther and farther away from Li Yalin if this goes on.

Although she don’t know why she had such thought, it was what prompted her to take the initiative to talk to Li Yalin today. Chiaki’s ranting may be one of the reasons, but more of it is due to her own will.

But… Haruka may not have noticed this.

“Busy… you could say that, but not to the point of too busy.”

Scratching the back of his head, Li Yalin was also thinking about the meaning of Haruka’s words.

Can’t help him?

She want to help him?

“By the way, Haruka, tomorrow happens to be a rest day, and I have time. If you don’t go out, I will visit your house tomorrow?”

Although he don’t know what Haruka means, he can’t keep ignore her invitation.

It happens to be a rest day tomorrow. In his original plan, he would find MIO and Ritsu for training, but training requires a combination of work and rest, so a day of rest should be no problem.

The time is right, then go to the Minami house tomorrow. In any case, he is already looking forward to it.

“To-tomorrow? Okay, I understand, that… what time are you coming Yalin-kun?”

Haruka did not expect that her unexpectedly remarks made Li Yalin make a decision.

Come to her home tomorrow?

So fast?

No way!

Clean up immediately after going home today! Mobilize both Kana and Chiaki!

She was panicking in her heart, but on the surface Haruka was acting calmly, but… she didn’t seem to be calm now.

“I… how about 10 am?”

After a little hesitation, Li Yalin gave an approximate time to go to the female classmate’s house. Too early is not good and too late is not good either. 10 am should be a good time.

“10 am, then I’ll wait for Yalin-kun arrival.”

Getting an affirmative answer, Haruka also nodded. But her words made Li Yalin laugh.

“Haruka, you don’t have to reply so formally?”

“Eh? Is this too formal?”

“It’s too formal!”

Minami Haruka-san is in a very good mood today. As for why she is in such a good mood, she herself is not very clear. Anyway, she is smiling and humming unknown tunes on the way home from school. It made her fellow Maki and Atsuko baffled.

“Why are you so happy Haruka?”

Maki was puzzled. It was rare that there were no activities in the club today, so they could leave school together. Haruka said nothing on the way home, but she’s in a good mood.

Could it be that she was so happy because they went home together after a long time?

“Happy? What happy? Am I happy?”

Maki sudden question stunned Haruka. Her expression was a little weird, as if she hadn’t noticed her previous state at all.

“Of course… forget it, it’s finally the day off, so let’s have fun! By the way, Haruka, let’s go shopping together tomorrow!”

Although Haruka was acting a bit weird, Maki didn’t take it too seriously. She stretched up her waist, she was completely relaxed now.

Although the volleyball club is a big club, the daily practice is really hard. She finally had the opportunity to take a holiday. Of course she would not miss it.

After all, she is also a bishoujo who is in the midst of youth.

“No, I can’t go shopping tomorrow.”

Haruka usually won’t refuse Maki’s invitation, but only this time, she turned her down decisively.

“Eh? Haruka, do you have plans for tomorrow?”

It was very surprising for Maki to unexpectedly get rejected by her friend. Tomorrow is a day off so she want to go shopping during the big break. But Haruka has other matters to attend to?

“Yalin-kun is coming to my house… no, nothing…”

It’s probably because of her chatting habits, Haruka blurted this out. But she didn’t know why, she quickly take back her words, as if she didn’t want Maki and Atsuko to hear the news.

But unfortunately, she has already said it, and Maki and Atsuko also heard them.

“Oh? Yalin-kun is going to your house?”

Seeing Haruka’s flushed face, Maki’s face showed a playful expression.

It seems… she heard a very good news.

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