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What gift should he bring to a girl’s house?

For Li Yalin, it was not the first time he went to the Minami house, but the last time was a special situation, and was not considered an official visit. In every sense, today’s preparations should be adequate.

Speaking of Haruka’s two imouto, it seems that they are both interested in food, right? In this case…

Thanks to the introduction of Uomi student president, Li Yalin easily bought a few boxes of cakes. According to the clerk girl of that cake shop, these are all desserts that girls really like.

Although he didn’t understand it very well, the clerk girl said so sincerely that he bought them all.

Carrying the cake, he came to the door of the Minami house in a familiar way, but Li Yalin suddenly felt a little pressure inexplicably.

How does it feel like going on a blind date?

It’s clearly just coming to a friend’s house to play.

Li Yalin shook his head from this inexplicable thought, quickly cleared the distractions in his mind, and pressed the doorbell of the Minami family.

Ding dong…

With the ringing of the door bell, soon, there was the sound of footsteps from the door.

“It’s really you!”

The footsteps came quickly, and not long after, the door was opened with a creak. But surprisingly, it was neither Haruka nor Chiaki who opened the door, but the silly girl Kana.

And he wasn’t sure why, as soon as the door opened, Kana yelled at him.

What happens?

“You idiot!”

Before Li Yalin could figure out the situation, Kana’s body swooped forward completely out of her control, and directly completed a dog-eating action in front of him. Her face fell on the floor, her butt stick up high. It was really an unsightly scene.

As for the initiator of all this, the figure also appeared after Kana falling.

Chiaki …

Sure enough, the daily life of the Minami family is really joyful.

“Long time no see, Chiaki.”

He saw Chiaki kicking Kana as soon as he arrived in the Minami house. Li Yalin didn’t know whether he should be tsukomi or just watch the scene.

Sure enough, it’s better to ignore it.

Compared to Kana, Li Yalin and Chiaki are more familiar, he smiled at the opposite ahoge loli, and handed over the cake box in his hand.

“Chiaki you… the cake shop in front of the station!”

Since it was written as Kana and pronounced as silly girl, the second sister of the Minami family naturally possessed the vitality of a gorilla. She jumped up from the ground in an instant. She had already planned to teach her a lesson for making a fool of her.

However, just as she was about to lose her temper, the cake box in Li Yalin’s hand attracted all her attention right away.

That is a cake shop box that is very popular among girls recently, but it’s too expensive. Haruka onee-san has never allowed everyone to go extravagant.

Is this a gift?

Regardless, get it first!

She can’t let Chiaki get them, the dumb second sister would naturally have the physical strength of a fool, at least Chiaki can’t match her in this point.

Like the wind, Kana snatched the cake in Li Yalin’s hands, and then ran towards the living room, leaving only the two people at the door looking at each other.

“Really… energetic…”

In this situation, Li Yalin didn’t seem to have much to do besides laughing.

“Because she’s a fool.”

Chiaki also sighed softly for the stupidity of her second sister.

Looking at her flawless Haruka onee-sama, and then look at the silly Kana. Sure enough, she is not a child of the Minami family. She must have been picked up in the garbage dump when she was young.

“Yalin-kun, you are here, please come in.”

At this time, Haruka also came to the hallway after getting the news. She quickly greeted him to come in after she saw him still standing at the door.

Although she didn’t know what was going on, she couldn’t let the hard-won guest just stand at the door.

“Well, excuse me.”

Nodding towards Haruka, Li Yalin also walked in, took off his shoes, and stepped onto the floor of the Minami house.

Although it’s not his first time, he is still quite interested in the Minami house.

“Kana! You are so rude!”

As Haruka and Chiaki walked through the corridor to the living room, Kana had already opened the box and took out the cake inside to feast on.

Facing this scene, Haruka couldn’t help but frowned.

This imouto of her is full of vitality, which is a headache for her. Now she’s so rude in front of the guest, it’s too shameful!

It’s fine if it was an acquaintance, but she don’t want to leave a bad impression in front of Yalin-kun!

How did she raise such a rude imouto!

“Haruka, try it! It’s really delicious!”

Kana has long been accustomed to Haruka’s reprimand, or that she is completely taken by the cake now, and has no idea about the surrounding situation.

While shouting to Haruka, she didn’t forget to put cake into her mouth.

The foodie attribute of this girl… was it this severe?

Or is this cake really popular with girls?

“I’m really sorry Yalin-kun… Kana this kid…”

Haruka want continued to reprimand her own imouto, but she was helpless. After all, it was her own imouto, she knew better than anyone. It would not produce any effect unless she was really angry.

But could she really get angry in front of Yalin-kun?

After sighing, Haruka turned and bowed to Li Yalin.

I’m so sorry to have such a rude imouto.

“It’s okay Haruka, you don’t have to treat me as a guest. I just came here to play, so you can be more casual.”

Kana and Li Yalin have only met several times, and totally stranger with each other. Her actions are indeed very rude.

However, Li Yalin doesn’t really mind this. Rather, he knows Kana’s character very well. If this girl sits politely across from him, he will feel uncomfortable and think it was a fake silly girl.

All in all, this is actually quite good, after all, it belongs to the happy daily life of the Minami family. He would feel like a part of the family if these 3 sisters can be more natural in front of him.

Although… he should be a guest now.

“Um… I… I’m going to make tea.”

Hearing Li Yalin and seeing the faint smile on his face, Haruka suddenly get nervous, and then a faint blush appeared on her face.

Not a guest, so… be more casual?

Then… Yalin-kun is not a guest, so what should it be?

Her friend?

Or… family?

For some reason, such a thought suddenly appeared in Haruka’s mind, which made her feel even more flustered.

In order to cover up the panic, she turned around and walked to the kitchen hurriedly.

But… being family seems to be pretty good too…

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