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The Minami family is indeed a warm and happy family. The eldest sister is gentle and considerate, the second sister is full of vitality, and the third sister is intelligent with poisonous tongue. Although he’s been here for a short time, Li Yalin still fully feels this.

Although he understand this deeply when he saw the anime, it was a completely different feeling when he came here in person.

Of course, although the atmosphere of Minami family is good, the Kafuu family is not bad either. Chino is very cute, Cocoa is very lively, Makoto is very sensible, Akane-ne is also very easy going, plus Rize who often comes, it was not bad at all.

But… both sides are indeed inseparable, and this point must be admitted.

“Wanna play cards?”

Although Li Yalin and Kana wasn’t familiar with each other, the silly girl easy going attribute made the communication between them had no obstacles whatsoever. So, before Li Yalin could say a few more words to Haruka, Kana who can’t bear her loneliness, put forward the suggestion of playing cards.


Li Yalin certainly would not refuse Kana’s suggestion. Anyway, he came to the Minami house to play, he didn’t mind chatting or playing cards.

“Playing cards? Then count me in.”

Seeing Li Yalin agree to Kana, Haruka also showed some interest. Not only her, Chiaki is already sitting next to Li Yalin.

From her actions, since she didn’t sit in her ‘exclusive’ position, then she want to join too?

Four people playing cards?

“Four people… since all of you participate, it won’t work without a stake!”

Seeing Haruka and Chiaki were both involved, Kana’s eyes suddenly spinning around, making it clear that she was plotting something.

Placing a bet?

What does she want to do?

“Then what do you want to bet?”

Looking at Kana quite amusingly, Li Yalin knew that silly girl always had a lot of spooky ideas, but he couldn’t guess what kind of spooky idea she had.

So… what does she want to do?

“Hehe, since it’s a bet, then choose your schoolboy’s favorite bet!”

Seeing that Li Yalin didn’t object, Kana’s face immediately showed a wretched uncle’s smile. Hearing this, Li Yalin had a bad feeling.

“How about this! Whoever loses will take off a piece of clothes! Today’s game, I will name it Strip Poker Battle! How is it?”


There such benefits when he come to Minami family?

Li Yalin was caught by surprise after Kana said her words.

Although he is not a gentleman, he also has to admit that he was quite tempted with something like strip poker.


He glanced at Haruka subconsciously, and then at Chiaki… No, Chiaki mustn’t be seen, nor can’t think about it, because that is a 100% crime!

Cough …Haruka, forget it, although she has a good figure, now is not the time to fall into delusion.

What a silly girl, it’s not an exaggeration to put the master of suicide title on you.

Are you tired of living?

Why you always seeking death?

“Ka… na!”

Sure enough, just when Li Yalin’s face showed pity, Haruka’s cold voice had reached everyone’s ears.

Li Yalin and Chiaki were okay, it didn’t have much influence on them. But on Kana’s side, she couldn’t help shivering, her whole body trembled.

“Kana, I have something I want to talk to you!”

After saying this to Kana word by word, Haruka turned her gaze to Li Yalin again.

“I’m sorry Yalin-kun, I’m going to talk to my imouto first, can you please wait a moment here?”

Although Haruka’s expression was smiling at the moment, Li Yalin sensed a breath of danger from her smile.

“Of course, please feel free to.”

Without hesitation, Li Yalin gestured her to go ahead. Anyway, it was Kana who died, and it had nothing to do with him.

“Then… Kana, come with me.”

“No! Help! Chiaki, help me! Help me!”

Don’t look for trouble if you don’t wanna die. Silly girl will never understand this truth. Watching Kana head towards the room deep in the hallway with her ear pulled by Haruka, Li Yalin shake his head slightly, silently praying for her.

I wish you peace.


“Chiaki… I heard Haruka said you come to find me?”

Kana was taken away by Haruka, leaving only Li Yalin and Chiaki in the living room. Because of this, the atmosphere felt a little awkward.

Thinking that Chiaki had searched for himself before but could not find him, Li Yalin felt it necessary to mention it, although it might involve some things that Chiaki could not know about.

“Yes, I did, but I can’t find your home. It’s strange.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s question, Chiaki nodded first, and then shook her head, probably thinking of the search process, her face showed some confusion.

She have gone there several times, but can’t find it as if she can’t remember the road. This must be difficult for Chiaki to understand.


Or did she have the no sense of direction attribute?

She obviously can find it before.

“Well, if Chiaki want to look for me next time, how about calling me in advance?”

It’s actually very simple to let Chiaki find the Rabbit House. Just give her the amulet.

But if Chiaki goes to the store to play, and then encountered a Dragon God queen, uncle swordmaster, and apprentice cook elves during the opening of the store, how to explain it?

Break her three views?

Forget it, at least for the time being, Li Yalin didn’t want to break Chiaki’s worldview.

However, to avoid the last incident happening, Li Yalin used one of the safest methods.

Give Chiaki the phone number. Isn’t it a perfect solution?


After getting Li Yalin’s phone number, Chiaki seriously wrote the number in her notebook. It can be seen that she is very happy now.


Does Chiaki have cell phones?

Well, it seems she has none.

Haruka has a mobile phone, but it was rarely used, and her mobile phone looks very old, not the smart phone everyone is used to.

Recalling the story that he knew, and thinking about the current situation, Li Yalin reached a conclusion in his mind.

Sure enough, the economy of the Minami family is still relatively tight. Although it’s not to the point of being poor, they are certainly not rich. At least in the original plot, Haruka had a headache due to family planning, and also restricted the use of heater in order to save electricity.

So… how about helping Haruka within his ability?

He can’t just give her money, since Haruka will not accept it, but through other means…

Maybe he can give it a try?

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